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  1. Thanks Julie - we are currently reviewing the upload process and this is already being considered.
  2. Alamy

    Manage Images

    Some great ideas in here, thanks. Anything that we were not aware of has been added to our list and we plan to re-work Manage Images in the future.... ...we know you are going to ask us "when?" ... Well, development is yet to begin so there are no time scales at the moment, as soon as there are we'll let you know. Thanks
  3. Hi - are you still getting this problem? We've tried to replicate it numerous time but have not been able to get the same error.
  4. This issue has been fixed for all new members, however, if you signed up when the bug was there you may have to log out then back in again for your image tally to be corrected. Many thanks.
  5. Signorina Christina just needs to sign out of the forum and sign back in, then she'll get her images instead of yours, Ed. Weird glitch that still hasn't been fixed. Dave It has been fixed for all new signups - those who signed up when the glitch was there will have to log out and in again for the error to be corrected. Thanks
  6. Many of you are asking why there appears to be people who are very experienced Alamy contributors posting on the forum with '0' images next to their name. In short, we're going to see how this pans out. We won't be stopping people with 0 images posting as we want the forum to be a place where brand new members can ask questions. It remains to be seen whether or not the forum community in general takes a 'view' on those experienced Alamy photographers that 'game' the system to post without having their portfolio linked. If this does become a problem, we can look at the possibility of banning the members that do this as really, it's not in keeping with the spirit of the new forum. Thanks James Allsworth Content Executive and Social Media Manager
  7. A blog post was published to introduce the new forum - you can read it here.
  8. I thought there was a special status of "Original" reserved for Chuck? Alan So did I Alan... Fixed that for you...
  9. Hi Alex - if you log out of the forum and then back in, this should update. Can you please try this? Thanks
  10. Alamy

    sign in?

    This will depend on your browser security settings. You will be logged out after a certain amount of time for security.
  11. Alamy

    Best answer button

    We've done this for you and the post is back to 'normal'.
  12. Out of 400 current sign ups, only 2 have been spam. The best method to deal with it is for users to totally ignore it (i.e, don't post replies) and then we will remove it as soon as we can. We won't be blocking the forum off for people with 0 images because it's important that new signups can use it to ask questions.
  13. This issue should be fixed now. Not sure about the date when logged in and out - it may be that the site doesn't know your time zone preferences until you log in.
  14. As stated, the reputation marks are here to stay for now and an erroneous slip or purposeful vote now and again will not effect the grand scheme of things over time. Any other off topic posts from this original thread will be removed from this point as it will be taking away from what would otherwise be a quite useful string of comments. Thanks!
  15. 0-10 posts = Newbie. 10-499 posts = Member. 500+ posts = Advanced Member.
  16. As promised, we said we will read everything but can't reply to everything unfortunately. As far as teething problem bugs go, this is lower down on the priority list but it is being looked at. Many thanks for raising it and many thanks to Mr Flinstone for running through the list.
  17. The whole process is 180 days. 90 where the image is still visible and the final 90 where the image will not come up in searches but we can still sell a licence if required - for example a customer with a long lead time (eg book publisher) comes back to us to request billing after comping with the image when it was available. Many thanks Alamy
  18. Alamy

    Wrong Link

    http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/31-number-of-images-incorrect-topics-merged/ Logging out then back in again will fix this bug.
  19. You can't because you have already voted on that post. With regards to the guest account, this is someone who asked for their profile to be removed so you can no longer vote on that post.
  20. Guest_Richard_* Just wondered how a Guest is able to post. The topic starter has since closed their forum account, hence the original post now showing as Guest.
  21. And the "warning points" on each forum members profile? How does that work? Can other members positive / negative contributions to a members reputation contribute to that member exceeding the requisite number of "warning points" and being taken off this new forum? What are the parameters which would trigger a "warning" and what are the consequences? Warning points are only visible to that user - so you can only see your own number of warning points. They refer to warnings being issued by Alamy. As administrators, if you were to continually breaking rules we *could* enforce a "3 strikes and you're out" type policy, where your warnings would appear in your profile - but only to you. We've not yet decided as to whether or not this would be necessary.
  22. Hi everyone, So the premise is simple - if you like a post and want to give some positive feedback you can do so - and vice versa. The points gathered from your posts contribute to your over-all reputation so over time, you will build up either lots of positive feedback, neutral or negative. This will hopefully promote more constructive discussion. The reputation scores are classed as follows: Forum reputation = poor = -50 Forum reputation = not so good = -25 Forum reputation = neutral = 0 Forum reputation = good = 25 Forum reputation = excellent = 50 There are daily limits placed on how much feedback you can give. There is a maximum of 50 +ve and 25-ve votes you can place per day. As with all new features, we will be monitoring its effectiveness over time and tweaking where required.
  23. Hi Ken, We will be monitoring this feature as time goes on. In due course, an erroneous +ve or -ve from time to time is not going to make a difference overall to a reputation level. Thanks Alamy
  24. Alamy


    Depends what you mean for unsubscribe - if you mean un-following posts you're following then yes. If you'd like to remove your profile from the forum entirely, we can do that for you.
  25. Over time this will hopefully become a more useful feature and promote well thought out posts, so for now, it will stay. However, like all new elements of the forum we will be monitoring it to see how it develops and remove it if it does become a problem. Thanks
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