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  1. Thanks for the feedback Jason - we're not aware of a widespread problem but please email memberservices@alamy.com if this remains an issue for you.
  2. Thanks - we are collating all feedback on manage images in order to help shape future updates.
  3. Alamy

    Unidentifiable people

    We've taken professional legal advice on this now and in the past and 'Doc' (above) sums the situation up rather nicely. However, we should point out that we ask the question regarding whether there are people in the picture as much to determine whether there are '0 people' for search purposes as to cover any legal implications. For example, if a customer searches for a beach with '0 people' they want no people at all regardless of whether they are identifiable or not. Asking photographers to decide if someone is 'identifiable' or not would lead to massive inconsistencies which would
  4. Good news Allan - you'll see this change implemented very soon.
  5. Thanks - we're aware this is something we can make use of and we are certainly considering implementing this in the future.
  6. Are we missing something here? It's pretty busy...
  7. Hi Richard, You've probably accidentally chosen to "ignore" your own signature - you can ignore signatures by hovering over them and clicking the "X" on the right hand side of the screen. Now, the big question is how to un-ignore them. I don't seem to be able to do this right now, so I'll find out and get back to you. Cheers James A
  8. Thanks for your suggestion. As the old version of manage images is no longer supported it's unlikely we will be able to commit to fixing niggles such as this. Only a tiny percentage of contributors use the old version of Manage Images so other areas of the site have to take priority I'm afraid. We've added it to our issues list, but can't promise when it will be fixed if it all - the old version of Manage Images will eventually be removed.
  9. Do you specialise in transportation or aviation? If so you may be interested in this competition launched by PrivateFly.com which we have sponsored. For full details see the blog post below. http://www.alamy.com/Blog/contributor/archive/2013/05/17/5341.aspx
  10. Thanks Phil for posting the examples above. We have passed this information on to our Billing team to get a more accurate description future licenses.
  11. Yes, thanks I got it and forwarded on to our tech guys for investigation. Cheers
  12. World Press Photo winner Paul Hansen defends use of software that led to dramatically lit shot What are your thoughts on this one?
  13. The classic typo - I'm not even going to go back and edit it. I hang my head in shame. The news guys will be best to answer your question, so if you've emailed them, they will be getting back to you shortly. Cheers James Allsworth
  14. Alamy

    sign in?

    This suggestions thread has been completely derailed. A whole thread about the reputation/voting system can be read here. We've made numerous comments about it there and have nothing to add to it for now, including what was said in this thread. Regarding the issue that this thread is actually about, the sign in requirement, this is very likely due to be browser specific to each user, however we are going over the code to make sure there are no errors our side. If there are, we will notify you of changes. This topic will now be locked due to the off-topic comments. Thanks,
  15. Hi Malcolm, We have a full dairy of events for news shooters and can provide accreditation to many of them. Our live news team work round the clock and ping images directly to news desks. If you want to discuss upcoming events further, it would be best for you to contact our news team via news@alamy.com Many thanks
  16. Hi, Yep, I can still reproduce it. It's only affecting the HuffPost RM sales data in our report. Every other RM sale (and all RF sales ) are unaffected. We haven't had any HuffPost RM sales data in our account for May yet so can't see if it's still there but if you look at data for 9/4, 10/4 & 12/4 (when last month's HuffPost RM's were reported) you should see the licence data text take up three columns instead of one. To see this I'm just going into Net Revenue and setting a Date of Invoice report from 1/04/13 to 15/04/13 and leaving all options checked. Downloading and then openi
  17. This topic has run it's course. Thanks for all the comments. Alamy
  18. Exactly. This thread has run it's course now, thanks for your comments. Alamy
  19. ...over on the Alamy Facebook page. Get to it! http://on.fb.me/13mnxx3
  20. Yes, we do think it's a good idea, otherwise we wouldn't have implemented it. Lots of people (yourself included) are using the vote buttons regularly to show approval or disapproval of posts. We hope that the system will promote people to think carefully about their posts before commenting which in turn will lead to a more constructive and friendly environment than what we had on the old forum. Lots of people are already saying that this seems to be a friendlier place so perhaps it's already working. You say that we "obviously want to encourage young blood to the forum" - Yes, you are
  21. The vote/reputation system will remain in place unless we feel it is not working. It's too early to say right now how effective / ineffective it is. For the record, as admins, we can view who is giving reputation to who so if there is any 'abuse' of the system, we can tackle it as required. Thanks
  22. Thanks - we're looking at this and considering a method where pseudonyms will not be part of a 'normal' search but there will be an option to search via pseudonym if a user wishes to do so.
  23. Thanks Julie - we are currently reviewing the upload process and this is already being considered.
  24. Alamy

    Manage Images

    Some great ideas in here, thanks. Anything that we were not aware of has been added to our list and we plan to re-work Manage Images in the future.... ...we know you are going to ask us "when?" ... Well, development is yet to begin so there are no time scales at the moment, as soon as there are we'll let you know. Thanks
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