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  1. Hi guys, This thread has run it's course - some great advice in here mixed with some unfriendly comments which is a shame... Time to lock it down. Alamy
  2. Mirco is right. Richie - if you'd have posted the image up that caused the failure you would've received a lot of (free) helpful advice from the community. As you seem unwilling to do that, it seems best to lock this now as it's not doing your forum rep any favours! If you have a change of heart and want to post the image for advice, then please start another thread. We're sure people would still be willing to help you here and give you some experienced advice. Cheers Alamy
  3. So we've got the back story behind this one now. The client purchased the image via the website multiple times as they weren't familiar with downloading and purchasing online. They ended up repeating the purchase a few times and then got in touch with us asking us to cancel the duplicate sales, which we did. Hope this clears things up. Cheers Alamy
  4. Hi Liam, Sorry for the confusion here - we've asked our billing team what the situation is for this and will report back - we appreciate how disappointing it is to see refunds. Alamy
  5. Alamy

    PHP issues

    This issue is now resolved. Thanks for raising it and sorry we couldn't fix it sooner. Alamy
  6. Alamy

    PHP issues

    This is being investigated. Thanks Alamy
  7. Normally we wouldn’t have a problem with someone posting on the forum with 0 images next to their name, but that’s because it means they are a new contributor. As the person already has an account with many images in it, it’s not really in keeping with the spirit of the forum that they're posting against an ‘anonymous’ account. Everyone else is happy to be associated with their work on Alamy through the forum and it builds a better community because photographers compare portfolios and can share advice if they shoot similar things. For this reason, we've removed the forum account in questi
  8. Our video terms have always been the same and the licence terms were all clearly laid out in the online information for contributors. We're sorry if this was not clear enough for you prior to your first video submission.
  9. Sorry the wording here isn't very clear. The wording on the licence details often has to be approved by the customer and sometimes it can get a bit confusing, this is one of those cases. Basically here, we’re granting the customer worldwide rights. Many publishers use co-edition partners to translate and publish in countries outside their own. These are 3rd parties. The book is the same, just translated. You'll also notice that this is a re-use meaning the client has purchased the image before for a previous edition. Alamy
  10. Hi guys - a thread was already started on this so it would be great if you can discuss it there. Cheers. http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/1344-have-you-seen-this-blog-about-payment-fees/
  11. David, I didn't realise that MS would do that, thanks for the info. John. Sorry but our system doesn’t let us delete images during processing or quality control. If they pass QC you can delete images in Manage Images. When you uploaded you would have ticked the box that says: “Please confirm that you have checked images for quality and they are: Able to withstand scrutiny at 100% and conform to our Quality Control (QC) guidelines”. Make sure you check before you tick this for your next submission and hopefully you won’t have this problem again. Alamy
  12. Thanks for these, some nice stuff in here! Looking forward to next month. Cheers James A
  13. Hi We made the decision to lower the payment threshold because it would unlock money from contributor’s accounts and give you the opportunity to be paid more regularly. The balance between how and when to pay contributors and all of the various fees associated with international money transfers has always been a tricky equation. We made the change knowing that for the majority of contributors it is still free to receive money and with Skrill there is a free option for all. We are going to close this thread down now as we feel it’s run its course.
  14. Please read the information on the links provided via email and in this thread. Euros via bank transfer are charged at $3.10. If you do not want to pay this fee, you have a free payment option in Skrill.
  15. Please read our post on the previous page regarding the fees paypal charge. They are capped but are dependent on where you are and what currency your account is in. For example, if your paypal account is in USD and you are in the US, the maximum fee they will charge you is $1. There is a free option for payment in Skrill.
  16. Just to re-iterate: - There is a free payment option for everyone by using Skrill. Alamy will absorb any fees associated with this, as stated in our email to you. - If you are paid USD or GBP via funds transfer into the US or UK this is also free. - If your paypal account is set to USD and you are in the US, the maximum fee you will be charged by paypal is $1. - If your paypal account is set to GBP and you are in the UK, the maximum fee you will be charged by paypal is $7. - If your paypal account is set to EUR and you are in Europe, the maximum fee you will be charged by
  17. A previous mail also stated: We know our payment threshold has been a frustrating subject for you guys, so we’ve decided to lower this from $175 to $100. If you’re based in the UK or US and get paid by bank transfer, or get paid via Skrill we’ll continue to absorb all the transaction fees that go with paying thousands of photographers. If not, unfortunately there’ll be a small charge - we thought the benefit of getting paid quicker outweighs this and there’s an option to avoid paying these regardless of where you live - see the image below; We’ve added this to your Contributor Cont
  18. This is incorrect. Paypal typically charge a 2% fee but depending on where you are and the currency you deal in fees are capped. Alamy do not dictate these fees. Fee information is here: http://www.alamy.com/contributor/help/sales-payment.asp We have also sent an email out regarding this change. If you haven't got it, the wording is here: ------------------------------------------ We’ve made some changes to our Contributor Contract. The key changes are listed here. You can read the full contract here. The reason we’ve changed the contract is because we’ve lowered
  19. Sorry if this isn't clear. Alamy aren't charging you here. The charge is a PayPal charge, which goes to PayPal. You can receive a free bank transfer in the UK or US, and if you're based outside you can get a free payment from Skrill.
  20. For those of you struggling to hear James, we’ve uploaded a version of the video with the sound enhanced. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jspeQ_I_5H4 Also, here’s a pdf of the transcript if you want to take a look: https://alamy.sharefile.com/d/s40e845af7fc4742a
  21. For those of you struggling to hear James, we’ve uploaded a version of the video with the sound enhanced. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jspeQ_I_5H4 Also, here’s a pdf of the transcript if you want to take a look: https://alamy.sharefile.com/d/s40e845af7fc4742a This thread will now be locked as there is a dual thread situation. For any further comments, please use the original thread: http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/1030-ask-james-is-back-your-next-chance-to-ask-the-ceo-a-question-deadline-23rd-sept
  22. In case you've not seen the other thread, answers are here: http://www.alamy.com/Blog/contributor/archive/2013/10/03/5475.aspx
  23. Yes you did. That's why I pointed you in the direction of Alamy's press release form March of this year where they offer this information. There are just over 34,000 photographers on Alamy with images live in the catalog. Cheers James A
  24. Thanks for all your questions - the deadline has now passed and we will be recording the answers this week. Keep your eyes peeled for the video response soon!
  25. We're looking for submissions of .eps vector files. Sorry for not making that clear in my initial post. James A
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