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  1. It works both ways of course - yes it may direct a client away from your image (if they don't think it's right for them) but it can just as easily direct a customer to your images from another... If this makes the customer experience better than that's got to be good for everyone.
  2. Sorry for the lack of communication prior to putting this live today. We've made this change in response to customer feedback, they want as much info as possible about an image and sometimes its hidden in keywords. Also it helps the search engine optimization of the pages and gives customers pointers to other images on Alamy if the one they are on isn't quite right. Thanks Alamy
  3. It's a nice idea and is on our considerations list for future updates but the only way right now to get this is to email. Cheers Alamy
  4. This is on our list for consideration of potential updates already - thanks Mirco.
  5. It's a good point - we'll look to post more picture needs across the forum although Twitter will always be best because it is instant. Picture needs archived on a forum will quickly become outdated. Cheers Alamy
  6. That's right Ed. Often, during this procedure, an image that has failed initial processing is successfully processed during one of the re-attempts. In the long run this saves contributors having to upload again - however if the glitch remains (and this can be down to a whole number of reasons, file name, corrupt jpeg etc) than it can take a week to go through. Cheers Alamy
  7. Thanks for the suggestion - it's not something we would be looking to implement at this point though. Cheers Alamy
  8. It is being considered for the future - no time frames to offer though we're afraid. Cheers Alamy
  9. Hi John, It's not something we're currently considering but we would never totally rule it out. Cheers Alamy
  10. HI Robert, thanks for your suggestion. We already actively seek out and recruit gifted photographers as part of our overall content strategy. Offering a bespoke portfolio review service wouldn't really fit within our current structure at this time. Cheers Alamy
  11. Thanks for the suggestion, we've added it to the list for future update considerations. Cheers Alamy
  12. Thanks for the suggestion, we've added it to the list for future update considerations. Cheers Alamy
  13. Thanks - appreciate it's frustrating but AlamyMeasures improvements are lower down on our to-do list. We've noted your suggestion though and in the meantime it might be worth using the to "export to excel" button where you can download and then sort the data better. Cheers Alamy
  14. A non-flash version of Manage Images is definitely on our considerations list for future updates. Cheers Alamy
  15. The above is correct. Aside from that, although we can see the perceived benefits in having an exclusivity box upon upload, it would require a significant shift in our approach and contract at time where there are other site improvements we are working on that take priority. Cheers Alamy
  16. If you're suggesting that we have a keyword suggestions generator for manage images then yes, it's on our list for considerations with future updates. Cheers Alamy
  17. Alamy

    Adobe Flash

    Upgrades and improvements for Manage Image are on our list for development - we've taken this feedback on board. Cheers Alamy
  18. Alamy

    Drop Down Menus

    This was considered at the time of the redesign but has been purposefully left the way it is for now. We are working on an upgrade for the contributor side of "My Alamy" - watch this space. Cheers Alamy
  19. Hi John, Thanks - we will add it to the considerations log however when improving Manage Images we'll be focusing on streamlining the process rather than adding to it. At the moment you're right, the search engine gets the information from the keywords. Cheers Alamy
  20. Alamy


    We've no plans to update the watermark at this time but that's not to say it won't ever be updated if we feel it would provide a significant benefit.
  21. Thanks Mirco - this has come up before but is not something we can implement. The resources needed to police such a policy are just not available to us at this point. Cheers Alamy
  22. Hi there, Thanks for this suggestion - we agree this could do with updating and have added it to the list of features we will look at upgrading with the next refresh of Manage Images. Alamy
  23. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Photocrowd to create their largest photo contest ever – and there are some great prizes on offer. You could win kit vouchers, a professional portfolio review, photo books and a bespoke contract with Alamy – where you get 100% commission for a year! Photocrowd’s exciting new contest site lets users vote on each other’s work, so anyone taking part can see in real-time how their images are doing in the contest, and which ones are winning. The expert judge – Alex Bortkiewicz, Director of Photography at Alamy – will be choosing her own separate selection of
  24. Hi GiGra - please see http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/1026-do-you-produce-vectors for more info. Cheers Alamy
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