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  1. Hi everyone All work has been completed and the forum has finally updated. The image count is still showing, but will unfortunately not update from now on. We will replace it with a link called "my portfolio". Otherwise the platform should be working as normal, but please let us know if you spot anything strange. All the best Alamy
  2. Forum update: Hello everyone, Some work was required for the platform to function with the latest update. This work is nearly ready and we're planning on running the update in the early hours of next week. The update should not take more than 30 minutes, but you may not be able to sign in during this time. Once it's done, you'll also notice a few changes: 1. Your image count will disappear, but the link to your collection will still be there. We tried keeping this feature, but we're afraid this is down to the forum providers and changes they've made to the platform. 2. There might be a few changes to the general design of the forum, but we're aiming to keep things as similar as possible. 3. You can expect to see new categories added after the update has been completed. This is a good opportunity to improve the platform in general and we hope that by adding more specific categories it will be easier for you all to navigate the forum. Thanks, Alamy
  3. Hi Sally A fix was released for measures this morning and the tool should now be working as normal. The forum is still being worked on, but it is our priority to get this fixed too so please bear with us. Thanks Alamy
  4. Hi Mark, We'll pass on the feedback! Thanks, Alamy
  5. Hi It looks like the metadata report includes failed QC and deleted images which is causing issues with the image ID's. It should not take our IT team too long to fix! All the best Alamy
  6. Hi Alex, Do you mean the online users function here at the forum? That has been a known issue for a while, and will hopefully be fixed as part of the undergoing work that is currently being carried out. Just to clarify, the issues with measures and the forum are not connected. Our forum is provided by a third party and separate to the Alamy platform. Just unlucky timing that both platforms needed updates at the same time! Thanks Alamy
  7. Hi Kumar Yes, Measures are being worked on too. We're just waiting for our IT team to confirm what the time frame is. Thanks Alamy
  8. Hi everyone As many of you have noticed, we are currently experiencing some issues with the forum. We've investigated this with our platform providers and some work is currently being done to fix the platform. We're expecting to finish the work next week, but some inaccuracies are likely to occur until then. Many thanks Alamy
  9. We hope to see you back soon. A bit of work is required on our side and our forum hosts side - should hopefully be fixed next week. Cheers Alamy
  10. Another little update for you today: > You no longer have to select an image (or images) in order to be able to request a metadata CSV report from AIM. Cheers Alamy
  11. Hi there, The issue is more complex than it appears and involves lots of complexity due to the single sign on credentials that you use for Alamy and the Forum, as well as other things like the links to your portfolio and the number of images you have which are all custom tweaks. We're hoping for a fix soon. Alamy
  12. Hi Sally, The issue is with our forum providers / hosts. We have an ongoing support ticket running with them. Thanks Alamy
  13. Although it may be time consuming in your case, as mentioned at the meet up the other day, you should absolutely not mark anything as exclusive if it isn’t. Aside from the commission change not coming in yet, there may be sales staff in negotiations with customers on the basis that you’ve marked an image as exclusive. We feel it’s reasonable to expect the situation where contributors know which of their own images they’ve placed where and in these cases the file names can be provided to us and marked exclusive / non exclusive accordingly. Thanks, James A
  14. Yes we've got a bigger stand this year so hopefully it won't be as crowded on our corner as 2018. There will be a rotation of Alamy staff there over the whole event, happy to meet and chat with any of you. Thanks Alamy
  15. We may well update contract wording at a later date but will probably just add more clarification via the help pages in the interim. Cheers James A
  16. Hi there, It was great to attend, catch up with you face to face and answer all your questions. I'll try and get down to another one in the not too distant future. Cheers James A
  17. Hi everyone We've removed the option to make sure we don't store unnecessary personal data our systems as well as having more control of how the data is processed when needed. The document itself is not the issue as a release is considered a legal document. Hope that helps explaining it! Best Alamy
  18. Hi there, We have removed the option to upload any new releases, due to GDPR. Customers will no longer have the ability to download the releases either. This is to better protect individuals personal data. All you need to do is to mark your image as released, and we'll get in touch if a customer would ask us for a copy. Thanks Alamy
  19. If you could keep to the thread topic that would be appreciated. Discussion of the (unofficial) lightroom plugin can go into it's own thread though! Thanks James A
  20. Hi Richard - hard to gauge what the exact problem is from your description, but two options: - Send an email to contributors@alamy.com with the details and the team can look into this - If all your images are to be marked as exclusive, confirm via email and refer to the issues you're having and we should be able to set them all behind the scenes Thanks James A
  21. Hi everyone We are still working on a fix with our platform providers, we will send an update once we know more. Many thanks Alamy
  22. We've logged into your account through the public alamy.com site (not our internal one) and can see it there. Please send contributors@alamy.com a screengrab of what you're seeing along with browser details etc so we can investigate further. Thanks James A
  23. It's in there - maybe the rollout hasn't quite hit your account yet (but it should've..)
  24. If you haven't done so already, please drop CR an email with some details of the problems you're facing. As far as I'm aware, we've got no problems on the site today in terms of being able to log in... Thanks James A
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