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  1. As mentioned in one of my previous posts on this, we're gathering all the information to pick up all affected licences of this issue. With the initial 20 we found being on the same refunded / rebilled invoice, I wanted to do a thorough job on making sure we found all affected cases across other invoices. The checks involved in pulling these reports can be time consuming to collate but I can confirm this will be corrected as soon as we can do it, hopefully within the next week or so. As far as guardrailing so this shouldn't happen again, needless to say it shouldn't have happened in
  2. Hi All We are currently experiencing some ongoing technical issues with Alamy Measures due to a large amount of data processing on our servers. Our IT team are working on fixing this as soon as possible but we apologise for the inconvenience caused. In addition to this, from the 30th of Sept, there will be some technical backend changes to the site which means we're expecting the recorded zooms in measures to be reduced by about 20% - this will be across the board. We anticipate this reduction in the recording of data to be in place for no longer than 3 months, after wh
  3. That is a different situation and we have to go by time of billing rather than time of use. The case you refer to is complex in nature and I’m sorry you have had a prolonged time in trying to get a resolution. I’ll look into it personally to see if we can improve things for you with the outcome. James
  4. I didn’t post the original response. No policy U-Turn, just a genuine misunderstanding of the issue at hand which is now clear. We’re working to correct it as soon as possible. James A
  5. Also, if you're gold/platinum at 1st of July that doesn't get reviewed again until the following year. If you drop to silver you go straight to gold once you hit $250 regardless of when in the year.
  6. It gets corrected to the original sale date because the refund/rebill is according to the orginal sale. I hate to sound like I'm repeating myself but my previous answer detailed exactly that
  7. As previously stated: We're just confirming how many sales this has affected but with this particular set it's looking like around 20 or so. You can expect to see the difference returned into your accounts shortly.
  8. I'm not quite following you, sorry - I'm trying to answer both your posts here in one as simply as possible. If a refund and rebilling situation causes you to be: - Out of pocket or - Dropped to a lower rate due to it dipping you under $25k or $250 in the revenue year ....then we will correct it. You'll get the commission rate due to you at the time of billing and you'll be placed in the appropriate commission tier as if the sale was made within the revenue year. Frustrations about the standard drop in commission aside (which I fully u
  9. It could well be the same invoice/customer issue. We're gathering together the details to correct it. Best James
  10. Yes - a contributor should never be out of pocket due to a change in commission rate that then affects a refund/rebilling situation where the rate has changed during that time.
  11. There is a difference between the billing time coming into effect at a new commission rate and something that was previously billed at one rate, cancelled and then rebilled at another. The response given earlier this week wasn't appropriate to cover both situations - we'll correct any amounts that have meant a contributor has lost out due to an invoice needing to be re-processed (rebilled). Best, James A
  12. Hi everyone, Sincere apologies for this - clearly an admin error on our part where some invoices have had to be re-issued. We'll make sure that anyone who has had an image billed at one rate but then cancelled and rebilled at a different rate will not end up out of pocket. We're just confirming how many sales this has affected but with this particular set it's looking like around 20 or so. You can expect to see the difference returned into your accounts shortly. As always if you spot anything that doesn't look right, please drop us an email via contributors
  13. Of course I remember! It was actually in response to you saying you don’t need to bother asking as the answer will be “waffle” - not in response to the selling of an RM image as RF. The conversation is public on my Twitter feed where I eventually ducked out of the conversation (after saying so) due to the fact that I felt you were being increasingly hostile to each one of my replies. The limited, single electronic editorial use licence of the RM image you raised in that conversation claiming to be RF was far from being so, as detailed in the licence itself. “Perpetuity”
  14. (Last post from me in this thread) You're right - uploads, registrations and (significantly for this discussion) uploads from existing (not new) contributors are up. Of course our intention is not to “endlessly syphon revenue from contributors” and we feel that we are building towards an end goal that will ultimately be advantageous to our contributors as well as our customers. Best, James A
  15. I was merely listing the remaining reasons why I personally believe it’s worthwhile marking images as exclusive to alamy. To be clear, despite exclusivity being an advantage when it comes to some negotiations, for the majority it doesn’t have an impact and with only 7% of images marked as exclusive (with many incorrectly marked as such) it was not a commercially significant element to our overall offering. As previously mentioned though, we have not seen a significant drop in the % of images marked as exclusive to Alamy since the change has come into place and for the pla
  16. The reality is that the data does not reflect your guess - a minuscule % of images were removed or taken to non-exclusive status as a result of this commission change.
  17. Hi Ian, I agree there is less incentive now to remain exclusive to Alamy compared to previously, and everyone within the business is aware of this, however the benefits as I see them are: You won’t be “competing” with yourself across other agents. In many cases, the main competition for Alamy are with sites that have a far lower average sale price than us. Placing portfolios there which will average out at a significantly lower average price means it can impact the rate of sales here where our average price is much closer to $30 and can often go much higher. Many buyer
  18. Not a figure we can make public I'm afraid as it would give too much insight into commercially sensitive sales information. I understand this response will be disappointing / not the answer you were looking for but it's the reality. James A
  19. That's true - and I should clarify, it would be more accurate for me to have said 7% of images rather than photographers because as has been pointed out, many contributors had a mix.
  20. Please do not to take my conversation with Phil out of context - my point was that ultimately the change in commission structure was a business decision to balance the needs of shareholders, customers, staff, contributors etc that allows us to get us where we need to be for future success. The commission structure change affected roughly 7% of the contributor base (EDIT: I should clarify it was 7% of IMAGES) so for the vast majority, the 60/40 deal was already in place for those who don't qualify for platinum. I enjoyed catching up with lots of Alamy contributors - some who post he
  21. Hi Commission is calculated at date of invoice, not date of download. Taking distribution as an example, we take download date into consideration if a distributor has used an image after you have opted out of the scheme. In this case if the distributor downloaded the image before you opted out, they are still able to use the image. However the commission wouldn't be calculated until they invoiced the use. We understand the frustration here but as we report images to you when they happen rather than when we have received money unfortunately images do sometimes get refund
  22. Hi all, The stock industry is very competitive and we do have to compete with our competitors or we risk loosing customers, and therefore sales. In order to do this we have to offer discounts, but also image packs. We aren't the only company to offer image packs, and our average licence fee has maintained over the last few years. Our sales teams work extremely hard to negotiate on deals with all forms of customers and always try to get the best market value possible for each license. Thanks, Alamy
  23. Hi All We have spoken to our technical team about the drop in views and zooms you have reported and they have identified an issue with the log processing for zooms, search and views in Alamy Measures. They are working on fixing this and processing the backlogs as soon as possible. Unfortunately this means that Alamy measures will not be updating until the backlogs are processed. Just to clarify, this issue is with Alamy Measures and not with the actual search. Your images are still searchable for customers. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  24. You're not told "go do it yourself". For the UUQ type infringements there is a queue, which means delays for you. You are therefore given the option for us not to pursue it, and then you pursue directly yourself. You can choose to do that or not. For your previous question, we can't share that data publicly for obvious reasons (no business would) and this is a newly formed team. Broadly speaking though, we are currently processing several thousand cases, expect this to grow significantly and typically have a starting point fee of around 5x the regular licence (as per o
  25. I posted this in another thread but in case that gets missed: For clarity, there are two strands to our approach for image infringements - the proactive process and the reactive process. Image use infringements are a reality of our industry. Sometimes the infringement will be down to a mistake an existing customer has made and sometimes it will be a literal image theft and use, often stolen from an existing legitimate use. In Q1 of this year, Alamy put together a dedicated team to proactively tackle this. We are working with multiple external infringement servi
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