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  2. Live news here, 4 of mine plus more https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11743919/uk-weather-forecast-brits-beach-28c-scorcher-warning-groups/ and 2 of mine here, possibly more alamy https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8372029/Sun-seekers-ignore-warnings-theyll-fined-breaking-lockdown-rules-head-beaches.html Sorry, too busy to look further
  3. The above is all good advice. IMHO aps-c is a sweet spot for quality, adaptability, lens range. and price. Bodies can be picked up second hand at reasonable prices and you can add what you need as you go along. More important than the body or brand is lens and I would advise to buy the best and fastest you can. The RX100 series you mention is used by many here including myself (Mk 2) in specific environments but would not be my first choice for macro or wildlife; the new Z-V, I think, looks interesting with ND filter. Some here use the RX10 which may be a better choice for wildlife but I'm doubtful of it's macro capabilities. For lightness I have recently been using the micro 4/3 system with mixed results, it allows me to carry two bodies (Panasonic GX85 with 45-175 (90-350) and GX9 with Leica/Pana 12-60 (24- 120) in a small bag. My keeper rate with M4/3 is less than with the Canon aps-c system but that could be down to user error. When deciding on a system it is probably wise to decide which lenses are available and at what cost. I would rather have gone down the Sony alpha 6xxx route than M4/3 but lens range and price put me off. Also bear in mind that most kit lenses are not that great (I buy most cameras body only) and the 12-32 that comes with the Panasonic is IMO simply crap. There are also other considerations for stock such as software, monitor, monitor calibration etc. Hope this has helped and not confused you more.
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  5. i would add subject matter and number of subjects even more. 25 images, even quality from a same subject or over covered matter will not have the same impact as the 3 images of something with appeal, even of lesser quality. in addition i would add that you have no idea that you have had no sales. The reporting lag for individually licensed images vs part of subscription packs is extremely longer. For example i licensed my first image within a month here, but didn't have any sales report for over 2.5 months....
  6. sorry, but the font it so small i'm having problems reading it, just to make sure i'm adding more images than the initial 3 allowed
  7. That guy on the right looks a bit like my doctor in NYC.
  8. A sale in April for a self-published book for quite low $$ was refunded a week ago. Today it was re-sold for the same usage for three times the amount. Makes a pleasant change! Kumar
  9. Sales for the month totalling exactly $999 as of last night, which is satisfying - one tiny further sale to break the four-figure bar would be nice Alex
  10. Guardian online UK 29th May 2020 https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/may/29/iopc-launches-investigation-into-alleged-police-brutality-in-birmingham There has been a significant rollout in police use of stun guns in recent years. Photograph: GRANT ROONEY PREMIUM / Alamy (only Alamy credit) 30th May There's mention of Alamy in this article: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2020/may/30/microsoft-sacks-journalists-to-replace-them-with-robots From July, the MSN homepage will no longer feature news stories produced by journalists at PA Media, formerly the Press Association. Photograph: curved light /Alamy https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/may/30/nature-on-uk-doorsteps-thousands-sign-up-for-daily-random-acts-of-wildness Bees on a dandelion. With lockdown, people have become more aware of the ‘simple joy’ of the outdoors. Photograph: Petrica Rizea/Alamy A ladybird on a tomato plant. Photograph: Andrew Shorey/Alamy A male house sparrow feeds its young. Photograph: Arterra Picture Library / Alamy https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2020/may/30/trekking-the-sabine-hills-rome-italy-summer-freedom Casperia, one of the many hilltop towns in the Sabine Hills. Photograph: Stefano Valeri/Alamy Poggio Mirteto. Photograph: Valerio Mei/Alamy The undulating terrain. Photograph: Victor Harris/Alamy https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/may/30/music-venues-british-culture-taskforce Around the decks at London’s now defunct nightclub Plastic People. Photograph: Everynight Images / Alamy Stock Photo
  11. Hey Mark, Your Death Valley pictures remind me of Dubai, guess deserts often look similar! Are you new to stock? Wow, LA, do you walk anywhere? 6 kids, oh my gosh.... Photography must be a good escape! Lots of stock opportunities though. Welcome! I'm not sure London is how you remember it at the moment, but the weather's been great here in Blighty since lockdown! Steve
  12. Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Television (editorial)
  13. thats great John thank you. I will see if I can find an image of the top one in flower, (I think I had one that I was not happy to upload), and will get out an take a photo of the bottom one.
  14. Alamy Photograph in the Guardian, interesting story about Press Association (PA) Journalists being replace with AI https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2020/may/30/microsoft-sacks-journalists-to-replace-them-with-robots Photographer curved-light Found by Rob Cook
  15. When buyers search for an image, they are invited to choose in what order they wish their selected images to appear: newest first (even I understand that), creative or relevant. I'm not at all clear how the images are ordered in these latter two versions (especially creative: does the software have some sort of aesthetic criteria built in?). But that's not my main issue currently: instead, "new" seems to have developed gremlins, and for the last two or three days has been offering images in random, not newest first, order. I know because I use my name as a tag (though I believe this is frowned upon) in order to check my images' visibility: they are there all right, but definitely not in "newest first: order. Anyone else noticed this phenomenon?
  16. Useful to have a free source of water Betty, our supply is metered so we try to be economical with it. I don't normally water grass, the one benefit of the drought is that the lawn grows more slowly and requires less mowing. I have found that even if it all turns brown, green will be restored as soon as we get significant rain, although I appreciate you are living with a very different climate and that might not work for you. Our long term weather forecast is for showers, but another dry week lies ahead. Last year June was both cold and very wet.
  17. Those two I can't help you with unless you have shots of them flowering but I can help with 2B02FW4 - that's a Brugmansia.
  18. Nice to read the thoughts, I had considered putting some content on Microstock but the rates were so low... we really do need to value our work as photographers. I was starting to become disillusioned with stock agencies in general when seeing a move to subscription, a race to the bottom, as mentioned by a few people. Strangely, May has been my best month on here and I've made 3 sales, possibly because people can't travel to take photos. Silver linings. Stay strong and stay safe everyone!
  19. Yes, Phacelia tanacetifolia. Often used as green manure.
  20. Guardian Online 29.05.20 https://www.theguardian.com/environment/gallery/2020/may/29/the-week-in-wildlife-in-pictures 2BTD804 Wildpix productions Arctic fox in Spitzbergen in arctic summer 2BTBNNH Chris Strickland A Roe Deer grazes in a field of set aside BWW15N FLPA Far Eastern Curlew (Numenius madagascariensis) 2BT47KY Anton Sorokin A herd of tule elk (Cervus canadensis nannodes)
  21. 7 sales this month, which is good, for $164 (too many cheapo web sales in there) but still a better average than 2019. Onwards and upwards. Keep well everyone.
  22. One sale ($370 gross) remains uncleared from December but otherwise no issues with payments clearing.
  23. Cheers Iain ! Times online 30th Weekend Terry Mathews Denham Bridge over the River Tavy is popular with thrill seekers who jump into the deep pool below which is reported to be forty seven feet deep. The - Image ID: TRP5TF Adam Burton Clifftop vista of Blegberry Bay and Hartland Quay from Damehole Point, Hartland, Devon, England. Summer (September) 2010. - Image ID: CX2M47 ian woolcock The shingle Pagham beach West Sussex England UK Europe - Image ID: HAHP0X Neil Holmes Kirby le Soken Essex The Quay marshes - Image ID: AJFYX7 Steve Taylor ARPS The boat house at Chapman's Pool on the Dorset coast near St Aldhelm's Head UK with beached rowing boats - Image ID: EXFJ49 Heather Athey Beach at Druridge Bay Northumberland - Image ID: DCH328 David Hatfield Monsal Weir on The River Wye - Image ID: KETADM jon gibbs Holme Dunes Nature Reserve on the North Norfolk Coast - Image ID: B5GKKK Colin Leslie Forests reflected in the still waters of Loch Beinn a mheadhoin, Glen Affric, Highland, Scotland - Image ID: EG3X2X Nigel Crump View of The Great Ouse in Olney, Bucks - Image ID: CEJCMF FreespiritLandscapes The Teifi Pools tucked away in the Cambrian Hills, or Mountains, in Cardiganshire, or in welsh, Ceredigion, West Wales - Image ID: 2AAE55X ams images The Beach at Sandwich Bay, Kent, England, UK - Image ID: BBA0JE Jim Monk New Pool Hollow reservoir in Carding Mill Valley on the Long Mynd near Church Stretton in the Shropshire Hills, England, UK - Image ID: 2AYMTPD bullfinches at Carr House Meadows - can't find it Sabena Jane Blackbird Silver-washed Fritillary Argynnis paphia - Image ID: E4HRG0 Brian Hoffman PAPAVER SOMNIFERUM BLACK SWAN. OPIUM POPPY. - Image ID: C5D31N Tim Gainey Papaver commutatum . Ladybird poppy. Selective focus - Image ID: EYGHG1 CHRIS BOSWORTH Papaver rhoeas 'Mother Of Pearl' - Image ID: W8RXY0 Travel Anna Stowe Travel View towards the medieval Ville Haute from the River Alzette in the Grund district of Luxembourg City. - Image ID: DD3T9K JLBvdWOLF Huis Bergh Castle on a sunny Autumn day in 's Heerenberg, The Netherlands - Image ID: JRMGWG RnDmS Magellanic Penguin in Valdes peninsula, Argentina - Image ID: H5A3CR Mark Waugh BBC Music day 'for the love of music' Hadrian's Wall of Sound 2015 at Bowness on Solway marshes in Cumbria sun rise set orange - Image ID: FB7JT5 Justin Kase Steam tank engine locomotive 4141 & passenger train at platform on Epping and Ongar preserved heritage railway at North Weald station Essex England UK - Image ID: DNR141 Michael Runkel Cruise ship passing on the River Danube, Passau, Bavaria, Germany - Image ID: D9FTPX Money Paul Springett 02 A row of typical 3 bed semi detached Victorian/Edwardian houses in suburbia. - Image ID: B142T5 PSL Images St James's Place Wealth Asset Management - Image ID: AP8GNN Robert Evans Smith & Williamson Accountancy Firm and Financial Advisers, London Offices on Moorgate in the City of London Financial District - Image ID: TWPEEK Rosemary Roberts HM REVENUE AND CUSTOMS LETTER HEAD WITH BRITISH MONEY RE HMRC TAX TAXES INCOME WAGES YEAR SELF ASSESSMENT FORM AVOIDANCE UK - Image ID: HKAMXG Neil Woodford has moved to Oakley Capital where he has launched his own fund called Woodford Investment Management. Photo by Michael Walter/Troika - Image ID: KG3K2W Paul Maguire House for sale sign outside a typical UK semi-detached house in London - Image ID: TAXFC1 Register Christopher Barnard Benson Oxfordshire - Image ID: E989WY Business Glasgow, UK. 19th Apr, 2020. Pictured: Long lines of people wait in queues outside of B&M stores Colin Fisher/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2BFKA01 eye35.pix meadowhall shopping centre mall sheffield south yorkshire england uk gb eu europe - Image ID: CR01J2 Mark Waugh SIG Roofing in Denton, Audenshaw part of the Sheffield Insulations Group forklift in the work yard - Image ID: MXW4HY Łukasz Szczepanski Couple working from home during coronavirus pandemic. - Image ID: 2BATKWY Ascannio STARLING Bank app on the smartphone screen and a finger ready to touch it. Photo that illustrates a digital bank. - Image ID: W4KE9G News WATERLOO LONDON, UK. 26th May, 2020. Signs at Waterloo Station concourse as part of the government public awareness campaign amer ghazzal/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2BTJ5XW Zoonar/Mikhail Olykaynen close-up of a copper doorknob - Image ID: PHC763 MS Bretherton Lullingstone Castle, entrance, between Eynesford and Otford, Kent, UK - Image ID: F087BT Pep Masip European Parliament building Paul-Henri Spaak. Brussels stock travel photographs by Pep Masip / Alamy Stock Photography. - Image ID: 2BHA924 Benjamin John Police (Bobbies) wearing high vis jackets on the beat in Parliament Square, Westminster, London, UK - Image ID: PXAK01 Scotland Doctor Who Docteur Who Serie TV Saison 3 2007 David Tennant Collection Christophel © BBC / DR Photo Adrian Rogers - Image ID: FJBK6E Angela Hampton close up of young woman's hand holding hand of elderly lady - Image ID: BCAGFD Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 1 May 2020. Views of Edinburgh as coronavirus lockdown continues in Scotland. Iain Masterton/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2BK31N5 Simon Price 'A' Hall in Craiginches prison in Aberdeen city, Scotland, UK - Image ID: B55P9P Glasgow, Scotland, UK 18th May, 2020: Celtic were awarded the scottish title Gerard Ferry/ Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2BPBEHP Ireland Richard Wayman Cyclists on O'Connell Street in Dublin, Ireland - Image ID: F33M7J Shane Phelan Inside the science building in Dublin City University DCU. - Image ID: B316HG Andrew Michael Criminal Courts of Justice, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. - Image ID: CW2644 Radharc Images interior checkin hall of belfast international airport northern ireland uk. - Image ID: CMR7NW
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