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  2. Plus, I could have uploaded about several more from the shoot. Oh well.
  3. Ed,don't wish to reopen a discussion on homelessness so no need to respond, but.... I don't know Liverpool but I do know housing insecurity. The problem is acute in the uk at the moment. I pay attention to the news on this subject and have seen reports on regeneration projects inthe Toxteth area which centre around affordable housing. It might be worth visiting the area on foot and talking to people. A google search for flat to rent toxteth and clicking the link to rightmove showed ( not necessarily in Toxteth) on page 1 of 6 several 1 bed flats or small houses for under 500 a month, some under 400, cheaper than round here (Aberystwyth). Remember you are a working professional and a desireable tenant between houses, not a homeless person or a problem. Good luck.
  4. Bill, that looks almost perfect for my use. Thanks, I'll keep my eye open for one. Rick Boden
  5. Thanks Peter, I'm not sure if that model would handle being dropped in the water though...
  6. Aren't they whatever you ordered? 😀
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  8. I get you, but I think you might have lucked out last summer. Check this out.
  9. I'm a bit hesitant to broach this subject. However, it's something that intrigues me. How prevalent is copycatting on Alamy, and how ethical is it? By "copycatting" I don't mean looking at other contributors' images in order to get ideas. Most of us do that now and then, and it strikes me as being perfectly legit. We learn a lot from each other, and I'm all for sharing knowledge and expertise. Rather I'm thinking about situations where contributors go out of their way to create (or try to) almost exactly the same image as someone else. In the past, I've seen what I believe was evidence of intentional copycatting, not by regular forum contributors of course: we're all too upstanding for that. 😏
  10. Nikon AW 14 megapixel 1 inch sensor underwater camera only good to 49 feet underwater. Only used it around water, not underwater, for stuff like this. Like being inside a washing machine full of sandy water. Over and over until you are washed ashore. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
  11. Personally I'd stick with the rhubarb crumble. I love rhubarb. In fact I was planning to make one this week but the rhubarb was too expensive. Alan
  12. I spent last summer (2018) in Montreal. The weather was perfect. For the natives, I think warm is considered "really hot."
  13. I have a couple of Olympus cameras with waterproof lenses, but a cheaper option, which I also have, is a Sony RX10 (Mk1) IQ is like an RX100 M2. Handling is very good, it is laid out like a proper camera used to be. Only downside, from switching on to getting the zoom extended is slower than I would like. ..
  14. You would have needed AC in Montreal this year. Friends there say that it has been really hot. Vancouver is normally very comfortable in the summer, with average temps in the 70's F. However, people still leave their cars idling with the AC on, usually while they play with their electronic devices. I guess it's all relative.
  15. The context thing can be confusing. For instance, I thought that including people in a street mural image would give enough context. However, I had one with two people walking by a mural painted on the side of a building removed from the database not long ago due to lack of context.
  16. It does indeed. Thanks again. Always impressed by your botanical knowledge.
  17. Thanks, Kumar! If anyone will find themself in Paris during September, and wants to meet up for a coffee, I’d be happy to try to coordinate a gathering.
  18. Thats a shame Cecile, - have a great trip! Cheers Kumar
  19. Guardian Online 19.07.2019 https://www.theguardian.com/environment/gallery/2019/jul/19/the-week-in-wildlife-in-pictures W11420 David Forster Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui) butterfly D9R0CT Leo Francini Brazilian Guitarfish Rhinobatos horkelii entangled in lost fishing net underwater Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil T7J9GH jack perks Common eider underwater https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2019/jul/19/sri-lanka-bombings-three-months-on-tourism-workers-tell-their-stories G56TG9 Neil McAllister Unawatuna beach, Galle province, Sri Lanka J754X5 Ramon Portelli An open topped jeep carries tourists into the national park of Udawalawe, Sri Lanka EYJYDC Tuul and Bruno Morandi Sri Lanka, Colombo, Galle Face Beach
  20. This machine is a replica of the type of aircraft in which Alcock and Brown flew the Atlantic 100 years ago in June just gone. Fourth different image sale of flying shots of this aircraft sold this year. It didn't fly very often and is now grounded on display at Brooklands so I'm lucky to have a selection of flying images available. Country: Germany ; Usage: Consumer goods ; Media: Puzzles ; Print run: up to 1,000 ; Start: 01-June-2019 ; End: 01-June-2022. Sadly a distro.
  21. Hmm, looks like I'm on a roll. Two sales of the same building (The National Music Centre in Calgary). One horizontal one vertical. Travel brochure in Germany
  22. Alamy Photograph found in the Express https://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/1155322/meghan-markle-prince-harry-privacy-frogmore-cottage-garden-plans-national-security Photographer Graham Prentice Found by Rob Cook
  23. GEO.de https://www.geo.de/reisen/reise-inspiration/21680-bstr-die-spektakulaersten-treppen-der-welt Die spektakulärsten Treppen der Welt The most spectacular staircases in the world The 649 steps of La Piedra de Peñol rock that looks over the man-made lake, Laguna de Guatapé, a popular tourist day trip from Medellín P536GR Mauritius Images / Lozzy Squire / Alamy RF Vatican Museum Stairs M50G3Y Mauritius Images / Zoonar GmbH (Insung Choi) / Alamy RM New York, NY - March 15 2019: The Vessel Building in Hudson Yards Manhattan Opened to vistors to see the inside of it's abstract shapes. There are end RYX147 Mauritius Images / Devajyoti Chatterjee / Alamy RF https://www.geo.de/reisen/reise-inspiration/21649-bstr-diese-facettenreichen-orte-europa-sind-jetzt-welterbe Diese facettenreichen Orte in Europa sind jetzt Welterbe These diverse places in Europe are now World Heritage Sites Outdoor staircase of sanctuary Bom Jesus do Monte in Braga R623FK Mauritius Images / Cro Magnon / Alamy RM
  24. Who knows indeed? You might hope there would be some sort of new file boost, else these would never be seen in large searches.
  25. The image order is supposedly determined by past sales and zooms too. Or maybe mostly. Or maybe totally in Creative. Who knows? Maybe not even the creator of the algorithm. wim
  26. ??? No zooms, far less sales were recorded from yesterday's search, i.e. the sitewide search, not just my little subset. I've had sales (that I can remember) of two of these images in the past, but I didn't note what might have been searched for. BTW, I realised after I posted the above that Scottish Gaelic like that is in the caption, strenghthening my long term assertion that caption rates higher than supertags (and tags) and was amending my post as you were typing. BTW (2) I have a particular file (totally different subject) which always shows in the top 100 of at least four searches. I stand by the file, it has specific uses, but I wish some of my other files of the subject with more general interest would show higher in the search. Anyway, a couple of months back, a deep searcher found one of my other files of that subject way down in the hundreds and bought it, but that file didn't jump any higher in the particular reported search that I assume lead to the sale.
  27. Did you count the sales and zooms of those images for those specific keywords? wim
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