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  2. A weekend PU sale (high $) This lovely lady is apparently the Roman goddess of plenty ... a touch of irony there perhaps. 😉
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  4. I would suggest Calling the citizens advice in Sligo as a place to start in regards to obtaining a pps. I couldn't get a straight answer for a works visa for my American wife when we called the embassy from the usa , so she flew over on a travel visa waiver , went to the local guard station and they sorted it there and then. Ireland can be funny like that sometimes. Not like when I got my us green card. Good luck Ed, Sligo is a bit on the small side but I like it a lot. Shame you are probably priced out of cork city as unlike Dublin it is such a walk friendly city with so much to see and do.
  5. Woman wearing traditional Guatemalan clothing carrying shoulder bag with merchandise for sale on Thursday Market Day in Chichicastenango, Guatemala
  6. 26/05/2019, Observer [Review section], p4, Drottningholms Slottsteater in Sweden, A8JT0Y, Anna Yu [No credit - poss not via Alamy] 26/05/2019, Observer [Review section], p27, hand holding iphone, HDM20D, Oleksiy Maksymenko Photography [No credit - poss not via Alamy] 26/05/2019, Observer [Review section], p35, Rose Theatre in Kingston, BRADY1, Kevin Wheal [No credit - poss not via Alamy] 26/05/2019, Observer [Review section], p44, rear view of man looking out to sea, F0ADA9, Cultura Creative (RF) [Alamy credit only] 26/05/2019, Observer [Review section], p47, Jacob Rees-Mogg at Thatcher's funeral, D6R643, dominic dibbs [Alamy credit only] 26/05/2019, Observer [Review section], p47, Sir Robert Peel, ERGEG7, Lebrecht Music & Arts [Circular crop. Alamy credit only] 26/05/2019, Observer, p10, Christchurch in Dorset, C7MW46, Ian Dagnall 26/05/2019, Observer, p23, still from The Blue Angel, FFTJDB, Granger Historical Picture Archive [Alamy credit only] 26/05/2019, Observer, p32, Seville, R0G02E, Ian Dagnall [Alamy credit only] 26/05/2019, Observer, p33, House where Velázquez was born in Seville, DEBP8B, J.D. Dallet/age fotostock [Alamy credit only]
  7. Andy, you're a treasure. I slipped up badly about the language problem here. Didn't even list it alongside Cost, Climate, Cuisine, Culture, Walkability, and Stock Subjects. It has turned out to be the bane of my existence. In the past, I traveled a great deal. Seville could be the most attractive city overall that I've seen. But as I hope we all know, pretty postcard images are not the only things to shoot for stock. Here there are too many churchs and tapas bars, and too few English speakers in places that need them.
  8. That's what these forums are for - nailed it in 6 minutes Thanks a lot. Steve
  9. Not one of my photos, just something I saw in The Guardian the other day - but does anyone know what this guy has on the front of his camera? Looks like a torch to me! Not important, just curious. Steve
  10. Its all free advice Edo. 😊 Actualy I just like to know about stuff if its an entitlement does no harm to look into it. Plus my partner is born Irish and used to work for the Irish civil service before moving to UK. We looked into everything before moving back to Ireland to retire.
  11. 25/05/2019, Guardian, p27, Ivy Chelsea Garden restaurant, TA653X, Guy Bell 25/05/2019, Guardian, p42, Pizza Express restaurant in London, F0MYN1, Justin Kase z12z 25/05/2019, Guardian, p54, BA Executive Club card, C4W8GY, Carolyn Jenkins [Alamy credit only] 25/05/2019, Guardian [Review section], p10, Anne Frank with father & sister, ENPH4G, United Archives GmbH 25/05/2019, Guardian [Review section], p18, activity tracker, G99GPH, Olekcii Mach 25/05/2019, Guardian [Review section], p36, top part of iphone, credited to Aleksey Boldin/Alamy but I'm not sure which one 25/05/2019, Guardian [Magazine], p57, courgette seedling, BK8B22, Tim Gainey [Alamy credit only] 25/05/2019, Guardian [Magazine], p57, growing courgettes, B739H1, Roger Phillips [Alamy credit only] 25/05/2019, Guardian [Travel section], p4, summit of Parkhouse Hill in Peak District, M95RAP, Steve Taylor ARPS 25/05/2019, Guardian [Travel section], p5, sign and stone marker for top of the Watkin path on Mount Snowdon, E3WHKR, Realimage 25/05/2019, Guardian [Travel section], p5, hiker walking down Long Stile in Lake District, D0BG5G, Izel Photography - RF2 25/05/2019, Guardian [Travel section], p6, beach at Elie in Fife, PKP3FX, Porridge Picture Library 25/05/2019, Guardian [Travel section], p7, Anstruther Fish Bar in Fife, GM15HM, Kevin George 25/05/2019, Guardian [Travel section], p11, colourful houses in Portland, CP0FPM, Nikreates [No credit - poss not via Alamy] 25/05/2019, Guardian [Travel section], p11, St John's Bridge in Portland, D9NRMN, Jit Lim [RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy] 25/05/2019, Guardian [Travel section], p11, Bagdad Theatre & Pub in Portland, R40BX1, Jaynes Gallery/DanitaDelimont [No credit - poss not via Alamy] 25/05/2019, Guardian [Travel section], p12, grey seal on Canna, M6PDFH, Jeff Hassell 25/05/2019, Guardian [Travel section], p12, Rainham Marsh RSPB reserve, CN0EMX, MS Bretherton [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
  12. I'm from NYC, Duncan. We're familiar with winter. I'd like to spend a week in Morocco. Don't want to live there.
  13. Ed You could end up paying a lot less than 700 Euro a month here if you get on the HAP scheme. All landlords have to allow a tenant to be in it. Basically you get together with your local HAP officer and agree your weekly income (You have to provide proof bank statements etc. The you then get an agreed amount you can afford for rent, lets say 400 Euro month. The landlord is paid the 700 Euro every month by the HAP scheme, you pay the HAP scheme 400. The landlord has no idea what rent you are paying to the HAP scheme he just gets his 700 from them. Hope that all makes sense. Andy
  14. Winters in the UK are generally getting warmer. Of course there is always the possibility of a BEAST from the EAST again. Allan
  15. That would be about £530. It is possible to rent 2 bed terrace houses for less than that in parts of the UK. Whether you would want to live there is another matter. I did see a 1 bed flat for £368/month but do not have details except it was in Burnley. So it is possible. Allan
  16. You are going to be stuck in your home for weeks during the UK winter, have to deal with icy wet streets while freezing your nuts off and your heating bills will screw you. How about Morocco Ed. Its on my list.
  17. I'm paying 700 euros a month rent in Seville. I would like to pay 550 to 600. I would be content in a furnished studio or 1 bedroom. Don't want to share a bathroom. My present lifestyle is a bit odd. I don't eat dinner. I have been doing 16/8 intermittent fasting for some time. I lost 70 lbs. and reversed diabetes 2. My age will work against me when trying to rent a place. I'm not secretive with you or most people in the forum, but the forum is open to anyone, so I don't like giving specific numbers.
  18. Apart from zero, and if you don't mind me asking, what is the maximum rent you would like to pay per month in GBP£? If this is too personal please just ignore it. Allan
  19. Please ignore the Discoverability bar. This subject has been addressed over and over, and trying to go “green” for fairly simple images will cause you to add tags that aren’t really concise and relevant. Those will cause your images to come up in searches where they shouldn’t, and will ultimately cause your images to fall back to more distant pages in the searches. Just use tags that are clearly relevant to the image. There are collections on Alamy that have no or very low percentages of images in the green, yet those people are selling well. Betty edited to add:The tags in your woman/water vector for example: “Illustrator cc 2019” “photography” and”fashion magazine” should not be there. If I searched “photography” I would expect to see someone shooting a camera, or a camera on a tripod, or something similar. If I searched “fashion magazine”, I would expect to see an image of a true fashion magazine, or a person reading a fashion magazine. And never use your program you create with as a tag. Not Alamy, not Photoshop, nor Lightroom, not Illustrator, not Adobe, not CC. If you shoot pictures, not the name of your camera, specs of your camera, or anything related like “photography, photographer, etc. Use literal tags, and concepts like happiness, anger, peaceful, love, companionship, etc.
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