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  2. I'm visiting a wildlife park tomorrow for a family meet up, but am always on the lookout for interesting pics. I checked their FAQ and terms and conditions as I would normally do, nothing relating to photography. Other visits I consider often definetely state no commercial photography, If of no other interest to me then I give it a miss.
  3. I received it too. I assumed it went out to all of us left in the 'club' so I wouldn't take it personally Andy.
  4. I sometimes take a shot of my meal when dining out after selecting a table positioned for photography. I do not shoot down, but shoot with a wide angle at 45 degree angle and show part of the restaurant, thereby taking the studio look out of the photograph. Like this 24mm shot of Opah (moonfish).
  5. I don't believe in jinxes, so I'll put this out there: last week marked 10 years since my last QC failure.
  6. I just tell the pizza delivery person to slip it under the front door...
  7. I was a bit miffed when I received this email because I make sure my captions and headlines adhere to the guidelines.
  8. Good luck. Remember to shoot first and ask questions later.
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  10. Me too. I think that TV and billboard ads like these are basically "food porn." There's a reason why so many people in first-world countries are now obese. Being an odd sort, I prefer veggieburgers. However, restaurants here tend to do the same thing with them as they do with traditional meat burgers -- pile them so high that you need a loading crane to lift them off the plate. Plain and simple rules in my book. 😃
  11. 2/08/2019, Waitrose Weekend, p3, Sarawak layer cake, DFHW8K, Chua Wee Kiong/age fotostock [cutout] 22/08/2019, Waitrose Weekend, p5, World Cup, DJ39EM, brunosphoto 22/08/2019, Waitrose Weekend, p31, Notting Hill Carnival, PPPJ95, Dinendra Haria/WENN Rights Ltd 22/08/2019, Waitrose Weekend, p43, turning compost, R50YH6, Deborah Vernon [Circular cutout. Alamy credit only] 22/08/2019, Waitrose Weekend, p43, blackcurrant bush, PB457F, Kathy deWitt [Circular cutout. Alamy credit only]
  12. Good point, thanks. So just adding an "Alamy" specific keyword. Makes sense. Rick
  13. Thanks, that would be a good choice but I use my pick flag for assignment work so I think that's not viable for me. Rick
  14. Thanks Bill. I was beginning to think along those lines too. Allan
  15. Hi all, The team is taking a short break over this weekend with it being a public holiday on Monday. Back in as normal on Tuesday, but please bear with us if response times are slightly longer than usual. Thanks Alamy
  16. Hi all, The team is taking a short break over this weekend with it being a public holiday on Monday. Back in as normal on Tuesday, but please bear with us if response times are slightly longer than usual. Thanks Alamy
  17. I think Google Lens only works on images taken on the phone with the app. No good for us stockers.
  18. I always use keywords as they travel with the files whereas labels are Lightroom specific. I use labels as well for quick visual identification but don't rely on them as they are very easy to change accidentally (number shortcuts) as are flags. I have "Always write metatdata to xmp" on as well so I am not relying on the catalog for raw file metadata as there is potential for corruption (it has never happened but databases can corrupt). I back up all the files and don't worry too much about the catalog.
  19. Meat pie?? Or onion? Strawberry and chocolate mousse? Or pastel de nata. That's a sort of pie.
  20. Daily Mail online : https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7386889/Britain-one-step-National-Emergency-severe-heatwave-roasts-UK-Bank-Holiday-break.html Bournemouth, Dorset UK. 23rd Aug 2019. UK weather: an overcast start turns into a lovely warm sunny day as beachgoers head to the seaside at Bournemouth beaches to enjoy the sunshine, as temperatures are set to get higher for the Bank Holiday weekend. Paul soaks up the sun sunbathing on his scooter. Credit: Carolyn Jenkins/Alamy Live News Contributor: Carolyn Jenkins / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: WB14AN
  21. My tendency, also, is to shoot tighter but then I have been seeing a bunch of cut outs lately, that includes the whole plate. So I will do both from now on.
  22. I just flag as pick (P) images picked for submission, but then I don't have an archive as such and deal with images as they're shot. I also don't do much else with images, so my system may be a bit too simple for you.
  23. I've started submitting on practically a daily basis but going through my old files and I'm trying to come up with a solution for tagging images that I have submitted so I don't accidentally submit the same image twice. I'm wondering if and how others do it...colour label, special catalog, keyword or other metadata entry? Thanks for any advice. Rick Boden
  24. That's interesting, Michael. I used to include the entire dish but have been cropping closer lately. Hmmm. I just had a look and did a count on sale in the past year. I also took a look (no count) of all sales. A third of my sales in the past year had to do with food. 7 were dining, 9 in markets, 11 of dishes. Only one of the 11 was not cropped. And I saw none not cropped in reviewing ALL quickly. Hmmm, indeed. Thanks, Michael.
  25. Wish there were, Edo. Maybe we need to meet in the old Sin Bin (as a visitor only, not as a prisoner) and I’ll bake it there. 😉 Ah, we did used to have some good dinners, didn’t we?
  26. Slightly breezier than usual in Weston-super-Mare
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