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  2. Too bad about Ireland. It sounds like it might be a solution to the healthcare issue. I imagine that you've looked into private medical insurance in Spain.
  3. Good choice. I love Mexico and have spent a lot of time in the country. I'd probably move there myself if it didn't mean disqualifying myself for Canadian healthcare. As it is, I have to spend six months -- not necessarily consecutive -- per year in Canada in order to keep my medical coverage, something I don't want to lose at the tender age of 70. Lots of places to choose from. I prefer the highland regions of Mexico, where the year-round climate is more temperate. Lake Chapala certainly qualifies in that department.
  4. In case the OP is still not convinced, there's this. When I worked as an analytical chemist we were involved in a big study in fish lifecycles. It was studying the effect of chemical pollutants on the sex of fish, and it was a study that lasted 450 days. It was a big deal as it was the first time that this type of study had been carried out over several generations of fish. At the end of those 450 days the fish taken at different stages of the study and frozen were histologically analysed. The lab that carried out the histology was not fully used to working in a highly regulated environment and despite many entreaties to follow the required standards, they did not. When the file (when I say file I mean of course a small van full of folders) was QC'd they found a few errors in the paper trail of the histology samples. Out went the study. Rejected in its entirety. When QC find one error they are properly entitled to assume that the rest of the unchecked product/data will also contain errors. To say that the clients were annoyed is to miss their emotions by a country mile. Luckily our lab was in the clear as all my chemistry data and all the biologists data were accepted - because we were used to being QC'd. Without inspection standards inevitably deteriorate.
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  6. Thats what I'm looking for somewhere less inundated where I can live out my last 20yrs . I don't think Southern California is a good place to live when you get older. Mexico will work for me, I just need a place like Ajijic was 20yrs ago I have another 8yrs to find it. I spent 30yrs in the UK and I remember the winters, so I won't be heading that way.
  7. I had a brother-in-law that loved nothing else but to stir up trouble for his own entertainment. He’d pretty much ruin a holiday gathering for everyone with his against-the-grain remarks, (and that’s me being kind describing what he said) and leave with a smug look upon his face after starting many arguments. We finally learned to ignore him. I'm thinking we’re being had. Betty
  8. Thank you so much LSP This is what I concluded by examining various Internet photos -- early stage so it hasn't "bloomed" yet. It is a pretty flower though and your shot is fantastic. Out of curiosity - did it ever sell?
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  10. Good to hear you get some regular sales from Copan. I wondered around the place 3-4 hours, but didn't have particularly good light. Uploaded a few, still have 10-15 photos I plan to upload. This one is probably favorite Reminds me of H.R. Giger alien art ;=) Re Travel experiences, this is separate topic throughout Central America, isn't it. I took a tour, wishing to eliminate logistics, but still had experiences similar to yours. In addition to being hot and humid throughout. It is fascinating world though.
  11. Legally, I can't move to Mexico. I found that out while I in San Miguel de Allende for two months. And I can't get healthcare in Spain. And . . . Ireland is looking less and less likely.
  12. That's no doubt true. However, I know someone who used to go to Ajijic every year but stopped visiting because the town has changed so much. He also didn't like the disrespectful attitude some new expats have towards the locals. It's an area of Mexico that I haven't visited, but it does look like an attractive place to live, close to Guadalajara too, which is a plus. If I were to move to Mexico, though, I think I'd look for a less inundated spot. There is no shortage of them.
  13. One of the zooms was an image of an artifact in the sculpture museum next to the ruins, and the other was taken at the ruins themselves (see below). My Copan images haven't been especially big sellers. However, two or three license every year, often for good prices. My first trip to Copan was in 1996. I took three buses from Guatemala City. It was quite an adventure back then as most of the road to the Honduran border wasn't paved. I remember spending the last leg the journey sitting next to a Maya lady with a rooster on her lap. She also had a heavy sack of potatoes that sat on my left foot. They don't call them chicken buses for nothing.
  14. Hi John I have heard and read the same and have read that most of the rumors have been started by residents themselves to try and put people off moving there . Whatever the truth is as far as I can see it stacks up a lot better than most US citys when it comes to "e.g. increasing crime, crowding, higher costs, etc"
  15. I got 3 views for "Maya Site of Copan" search term, but no zooms. It says 100 views, 2 zooms total. Now we know who got the zooms ;=) Hope it translates to a sale, but in my limited Alamy experience it doesn't happen very often.
  16. From what I've heard and read, the Lake Chapala area may not be the retirement paradise that it once was. More and more expats from the North have been settling there in recent years, which has changed things considerably -- e.g. increasing crime, crowding, higher costs, etc.
  17. They do good work at Macaw Mountain, giving a home to lots of rescued beautiful birds. I've met the American owner a couple of times and even wrote an article about the reserve for a US magazine. Coincidentally, two of my Copan ruins images were zoomed yesterday, which doesn't happen very often. Hmmm...
  18. Monet's water garden at Giverny, Direct mail and brochures. Came out okay considering it was a rainy day!
  19. Too funny, Michael. I have the same rug, blue denim furniture, and a dog that could be related to the one in your picture.
  20. Thanks John, true to be told i've always felt that the San vito lo capo picture, herebelow, have too much strong and saturated colours, so if you all thinks that the colours are right i definitely need to recalibrate my standard about colour saturation 😀 https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-sicily-san-vito-lo-capo-beach-italy-104165939.html thank you all
  21. the photo of San Vito lo Capo beach looks good it has good colors when am looking at my photos now and then I see some that are two flat thats more to do with the overall lighting for that day then any post prossening try shooting only on days with good light am living in scotland the light can be all over the place in one day sometimes it would be better to shoot after 15.00 in the summer in Scotland
  22. Just to say, Paulette -- I was two nights in Nashville a long time ago. It was very expensive and I hated it. 🤨 Knoxville I don't know. My wife was from Bristol.
  23. 22/05/2019, Guardian, p1, Jamie Oliver, DAHJEY, Chris Bull 22/05/2019, Guardian, p2, Theresa May, TA1C9D, Mark Kerrison [via Live News] 22/05/2019, Guardian, p21, goldfinches on feeder, D2DH6Y, ian west 22/05/2019, Guardian, p21, long-tailed tit on feeder, D53R24, Richard Bedford 22/05/2019, Guardian, p31, sand dunes at Tottori in Japan, AMH5TD, Hackenberg-Photo-Cologne 22/05/2019, Guardian G2, p2, Hadrian's Wall, CP5P4K, Steve Vidler [Alamy credit only] 22/05/2019, Guardian G2, p2, model railway, DF4NPT, chris brignell [Alamy credit only]
  24. All the discussions about QC's sampling methodology and "the point of QC", including in this very thread (see Joseph's posts above), and you still think every submission is looked at? Someone's having a lend, surely? DD
  25. You could use the 24 fps with full continous af,, if it's not about the video, but the stills. Otherwise if it is about the video, but you would like to have a better quality still than a frame: https://helpguide.sony.net/dsc/1750/v1/en/contents/TP0001138325.html I have never tried this myself, but it looks as it's jpg only at 17 megapixel & XFine. (This is how I read the 17M from the menu.) Both the buffer and the AF in the M6 have improved over the M5: AFAIK the AF is not continuous in burst on the M5. wim
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