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  2. Shooting family and kids and having releases, all the better. But for editorial purposes, you don't need releases, that was exactly what I meant, yes. And again, good luck.
  3. Thank you so much for this detailed feedback, Helen! I definitely need to upload way more. Shooting of people mainly relates to my family, my kids in particular. And if it is of others, I don't have releases. So is that what you mean for editorial purposes? The reason I have them on micro sites is to see what type sells where. I will most likely leave some of the abstract/object stuff on the micro sites, and the more editorial stuff on here.
  4. Thank you Paulette and John! Both of you are over 1000 images, so makes sense that I need to keep adding. Does adding new images also bring traffic to earlier ones? Thanks for the many good words of advice, Paulette. I will make sure to try and add more keywords. That's the part I struggle with most.
  5. Hello Alex, Took a quick look. I'll be honest I also have checked to see what you have elsewhere and I see you lean towards the creative, very nice images. For Alamy as far as content, it is mentioned so often in the threads, shoot more images of daily life, including people doing everyday things; those sell well, you know a bit more editorial. You'll need to upload quite a few more images and preferably not all the same ones you have on other sites (the micros), you'll just be competing against yourself. You also have good captioning on your images. Everything else will depend on your determination, persistence, perseverance. If you are willing to stick around, and not just passing through (I only mention this because of your 'I shoot for hobby...' intro), then you'll very quickly get a feel for what type of content is sought after and what you need to do by browsing the forum and reading threads like 'images sold' to give you an even better idea. Best of luck! Helen
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  7. I like your images a lot but you will need more, more, more. You have an imaginative way of looking at things so I think you will eventually be making sales. You need to put the latin names of plants and flowers in your keywords. I think your smiley face needs some keywords like "funny" "humorous" ,etc. Also the British spelling of "humour". If you watch the threads that show what images have sold you'll learn a lot about what sells. Generally, we are advised to shoot people doing things, but lots of subjects sell. Anything that has to do with current news is good. Try to think like a buyer when you do your keywords. What words are likely to bring up your images. The images themselves are really good and it just takes time and numbers. Don't upload just to get numbers though. Our best people here have a very high quality of images and a great variety. Paulette
  8. Thanks, i'll try also the vibrance slider - thank you all very much all the best fred
  9. hello Alex your photos have a good feel to them good color as well keep adding photos
  10. It's threads like this one that have made me weary of this forum. It was a great help to me in the past, for which I am thankful.
  11. Thank you for your feedback. I am traveling a lot so perhaps the Alamy server has had some maintenance at the time of my upload. I noticed the upload to the server was quicker when I was in the UK. One other agency I use has servers dedicated for the regions you are in and it is quicker. It all works fine now so thank you for looking into this and for the email for the future.
  12. Coachella Music Festival photo from Alamy Live News but sold later as Stock to BBC for $$.
  13. No one here interested to take a quick look? =(
  14. Discovered an unreported sale of mine from 19th Feb, 2018. Alamy are chasing it up but say it's through a distributor so I'm not expecting too much, there were some other Alamy images in the article so maybe the others might want to chase these up as well! https://www.traveler.es/viajes-urbanos/articulos/escapada-chamonix-francia/11988 D0BK34 Didier ZYLBERYNG Railway station roofs, Chamonix, France. PA9BKY History and Art Collection 181 Narve Bonna en 1924 à Chamonix DYANJ8 Ryan Carter A tourist stands in the 'Step into the Void' glass box on the Aiguille Du Midi (3842m) mountain top above Chamonix Mont-Blanc E4M6BG Alan Wilson A selection of cheeses on a market stall at the Saturday market in Chamonix, Haute Savoie, France. CEK2W5 David Buzzard Cheese fondue plate with bread at a restaurant.
  15. They are as low! But if you wait until it happens to you it will be too late. As we have found out images that were downloaded up to a year ago, before we opted out, can still be licensed for ridiculously low fees.
  16. Hard one this as I don't normally do sport, but Running through snow Racing model yachts Rowing on the river in Durham, England
  17. This might help. https://ebird.org/news/id-tips-for-tricky-finches/?__hstc=75100365.1c823bae0642a9d961864cdfb3ebfc1f.1554944032020.1556669144208.1558641656801.6&__hssc=75100365.15.1558641656801&__hsfp=2593295752#_ga=2.237251779.256949819.1558641657-1167594855.1554944030
  18. Which iteration of the RX100 do you (and others) have? I'm having trouble hiding my Canon 5D4 when shopping in Home Depot. --Michael
  19. Interior of Bar Luce in Milan, a wonderful Wes Anderson-inspired cafe in the very fancy design district. Italian newspaper is all I know.
  20. I had trouble using FTP, but then uploaded via the website and it worked well but slowly. Maybe I got too used to the speed of FTP. I've been exchanging emails with Alamy about it. The QC process went without a hitch.
  21. A walk up a local hill and a long drive to South Cornwall to visit family.
  22. Beachfront Bar and Grill on Playa Sirena Tropical Paradise, Cayo Largo Del Sur Cuba
  23. for what it's worth, I noticed upload time considerably slows down sometimes. Image(s) seem to be stuck & progress bar moves very slowly - but it eventually goes through if you wait long enough. It might be related to some change in upload checksum algorithm, or how busy server is i.e. how many people uploading at the same time. I never experience this on other agencies so it can't be on my side.
  24. It sounds as if in you're in a classic "Catch 22" situation. Canada also offers free emergency healthcare services, but I'm undoubtedly not telling you anything new at this point. "All provinces and territories will provide free emergency medical services, even if you don’t have a government health card." https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/new-immigrants/new-life-canada/health-care-card.html
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