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  2. https://www.alamy.com/blog/releases-alamy-says-relax Without a release, you are free to upload your images to license editorially. All you need to do is; Make sure you are not breaking any laws by taking the photo in the first place (like whilst trespassing) Annotate that your images contain people and/or property Mark that you don’t have any releases Sit back and relax and let our sales team do the rest If you have annotated the images per the above, customers are notified with the following; “If you want to use the image commercially, you might also need permission from the model, artist, owner, estate, trademark or brand”. This puts the onus on them to ensure that should they wish to use an image commercially, they will need to seek releases themselves. There may be occasions where they risk using and unreleased image commercially e.g. crowd shots of unrecognizable people, but so long as you have correctly annotated your image, it isn’t your responsibility. So, what is the take away from all of this… You don’t need a release to upload and license your images for editorial uses.
  3. Alamy has asked us in an email at some point if we could provide translations of our own keywords in other languages. Not sure what the outcome of that project has been. In this forum people sometimes make fun of the translations into other languages, when they happen upon Alamy.de or Alamy.it. Yesterday I noticed the opposite can be true also: This is the second result for Dessau, a city in Germany where the Bauhaus is located. Caption: Germany, Saxony-Anhalt, Dessau-horse-lukewarm, Bauhaus, Excuse me Dessau-horse-lukewarm? Ahh the proper name of Dessau is Dessau-Roßlau or Rosslau, because in 2007 the city of Rosslau was consolidated with Dessau. And somehow Rosslau gets translated into horse-lukewarm. No idea if this is Alamy or the agency that's the contributor. (Which is also the Alamy distributor in Germany btw.) wim
  4. Indicating a release when you only have a release for one person would not follow Alamy's guidelines, so IMO you're doing it correctly. Also I'm not all that sure what the value is in getting a model release without property releases, which according to Alamy's guidelines would almost certainly be needed, unless it were a nude on a plain background, or in water, on grass etc.
  5. I do too, but only if the people are actually clearly visible. If they are blobs or out of focus bits of people, I don't indicate. They show up as not being released, but buyers won't get p*ssed off when they want to see people but there are no really visible people in the image.
  6. It's never occurred to me that not answering the question would answer the question. I'm of the mind though that if there's anything, however small, that I can to do attract a sale then I'll do it, such as entering the number of people.
  7. I did the exercise and found what you did...at least one photo anyway and I'm wondering if the "tog?" may have gotten a release for the prominent person and not the others and checked model release for that reason. I have a few photos where I have a release only for the main person in the shot and I have indicated so in the caption but checked "no model release" which I think is the best way to do it but I would be interested in other's comments on that.
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions! I will continue to use colour labels when I am working on submissions but as MDM says, labels, ratings and picks are easy to change and knowing myself, probably too easy. Also I use my photos for more than Alamy so I will start using a keyword or two as a more permanent marker. Rick Boden
  9. Alamy advises against it, as they have their own translating software 9I believe). In any event they say it will adversely affect the ability to search your images
  10. The Times - online 24/08/2019 https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/btec-courses-a-level-reforms-trigger-rise-in-private-schools-practical-qualifications-kw7f3wtld EDEEFW Pixel Youth movement Ampleforth Abbey https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/angela-merkel-will-never-ride-to-britains-rescue-warns-dominic-cummings-kvvtg0grc WANXF7 Kay Nietfeld/dpa Berlin, Germany. 21st Aug, 2019. Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Great Britain, are talking to each other at a press conference before their talks in the Federal Chancellery. Credit: Kay Nietfeld/dpa/Alamy Live News https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/my-week-boris-johnson-pfgr2jncj WANNDC Kay Nietfeld/dpa Berlin, Germany. 21st Aug, 2019. Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Great Britain, are talking to each other at a press conference before their talks in the Federal Chancellery. Credit: Kay Nietfeld/dpa/Alamy Live News https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/news-in-pictures-saturday-august-24-2019-0q790rzg6 WB14AN Carolyn Jenkins Bournemouth, Dorset UK. 23rd Aug 2019. UK weather: an overcast start turns into a lovely warm sunny day as beachgoers head to the seaside at Bournemouth beaches to enjoy the sunshine, as temperatures are set to get higher for the Bank Holiday weekend. Paul soaks up the sun sunbathing on his scooter. Credit: Carolyn Jenkins/Alamy Live News WB0CKH or WB0CMJ Celia McMahon Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK. 23rd August 2019. UK Weather: A Glorious sunrise over the historic Cobb Harbour at the coastal resort town of Lyme Regis. Boats moored in the harbour silhouetted as the sun rises on what is forecast to be hot and sunny day at the start of the August Bank Holidy weekend. Credit: Celia McMahon/Alamy Live News. WAXW79 Gavriil Grigorov/TASS Moscow, Russia. 22nd Aug, 2019. MOSCOW, RUSSIA - AUGUST 22, 2019: Servicemen of the Kremlin Regiment take part in a dress rehearsal of the 12th Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival. Gavriil Grigorov/TASS Credit: ITAR-TASS News Agency/Alamy Live News https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/comment/mighty-oaks-are-sentinels-of-passing-centuries-6f7l6t8lk AE7K4C David Robertson The Fortingall Yew beside Fortingall Church, Fortingall, Perth and Kinross, Scotland, UK https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/world/developers-threaten-portuguese-paradise-of-comporta-20cmfwdqp PP9C0T Goncalo Diniz Aerial view of the beaches in Comporta, Portugal. Europe's longest stretch of sand. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/world/mother-told-her-children-to-live-in-wheelchairs-jl5n8c75j WAA2F9 Rainer Jensen/dpa Lubeck, Germany. 19th Aug, 2019. 19 August 2019, Schleswig-Holstein, Lübeck: The files of the public prosecutor's office in the case of the mother of four, who is on trial for mistreatment, are lying on a table in room 315 at the Lübeck Regional Court. The trial against a 49-year-old mother from the district of Ostholstein, who allegedly presented her four healthy children to doctors and authorities as seriously ill in order to collect social benefits, begins at the Lübeck Regional Court. Between 2010 and 2016, she is said to have falsified doctor's reports and described false symptoms to doct https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/business/furniture-stores-have-for-sale-sign-up-2rmxfj398 ECAXGJ UrbanImages Sign over entrance to Harveys and Bensons for Beds store, UK. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/sport/jamiue-vardy-puts-stylish-leicester-on-way-to-victory-at-sheffield-united-tct6k9fjh WB4A7G Allstar Picture Library Sheffield, Uk. 24th August, 2019. Hamza Choudhury, Jamie Vardy, Sheffield United Fc V Leicester City Fc Premier League, 2019 Credit: Allstar Picture Library/Alamy Live News Editorial Use Only, License Required For Commercial Use. No Use In Betting, Games Or A Single Club/League/Player Publications. Credit: Allstar Picture Library/Alamy Live News https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/money/santander-123-customers-struggle-to-close-accounts-tnd5b9wsb K8F4N7 Benjamin John young man standing in front of an ATM on Tottenham Court Road, London, UK https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/weekend/best-coastal-walks-in-the-uk-top-hikes-for-a-bank-holiday-57bfgd7hw AXNX0E Paul Lindsay Magilligan Point, Derry, Northern Ireland https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/travel/happiness-is-a-dordogne-road-trip-in-a-vintage-citroen-2cv-0ntg6jzrn P081HG Carolyn Eaton White 2CV parked in a village in France https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/travel/a-weekend-break-in-st-andrews-fife-scotland-738hdbvls D78WFH Phil Seale East Sands, St Andrews, showing the harbour buildings and cathedral. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/scotland/whole-life-sentences-are-just-a-slow-lingering-death-penalty-mt7ktd2q9 B55P9P Simon Price 'A' Hall in Craiginches prison in Aberdeen city, Scotland, UK https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/scotland/university-of-glasgows-20m-apology-for-slavery-is-branded-self-serving-gd50nwt6k C921FH Douglas Carr City of Glasgow University main building including bell tower and spire in Scotland https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/scotland/carbon-free-glasgow-faces-radical-changes-75xs7p3jg F2RP2K travellinglight Shopping in Buchanan Street, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/ireland/man-who-took-12-000-photos-of-neighbour-has-sentence-set-aside-q7k7n3zjn CR4BMX Dr. Wilfried Bahnmüller/imageBROKER Four Courts high court on the Liffey river, Dublin, Republic of Ireland, Europe https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/ireland/esb-price-for-car-charging-will-be-cheaper-than-fossil-fuels-qgpd0gtgx M55WWB Mielag Maynooth, County Kildare, Ireland. 20 Feb 2018: Electric vehicle Ecar Nissan Note being charged at the ESB charging point. Charging car battery becoming more and more accessible with increasing number of charge stations now easily found on-street, shopping centres and car parks.
  11. Ah ! I'd read through some of the thread, but didn't pick that one up. Yes 'pesky little blighters' is a term of endearment here (or certainly more polite than some phrases bandied about !).
  12. My modus operandi is similar. I usually carry around a small Tamrac bag, which has become my "murse", containing the a6000 with dreaded 16-50 "pancake zoom" and Sony 55-210. This kit is fairly light and compact, so I don't see any point in getting into (more) debt with an RX100. It would be nice to have one of these little gems of course, but recouping the cost would not be easy. My photo shoots are pretty casual. I plan to go out this afternoon on one. The sojourn will probably include a stop in a coffee shop, but that's all I'll spend. Future travel stock shooting shall be combined with vacations. Fortunately, my older images accumulated during years of travel are holding up well. When sales from these images collapse, I'll most likely be toast. C'est la vie...
  13. Because of what I wrote above, I'm far more concerned about the many files of mass group events, like parades or performances where apparently the tog has got releases for every one of hundreds of visible people. Whether an honest mistake or deliberate lying, I couldn't possibly say. For example, search Alamy for "Edinburgh Military Tattoo" with property and model releases, and 'group of people' ticked. (And incidentally, most of these are not the Edinburgh Military Tattoo!) or Try 'Parade', tick model and property released, tick 'group of people' (89 hits): and decide whether you think the tog is to be commended on garnering many model releases and has also carried out a massive research exercise to find the owners of copyright on each little bit of property, and all have agreed to sign releases. Or has made an honest mistake with two misclicks. Or ... ? It's an extra 'insurance' to check inside IM search from time to time to see if you have made any misclicks. I just looked and found I had indicated one file needed releases. That happened once before too, though in both cases I was to a degree protected by not having clicked that I had PRs.
  14. If you don't indicate that you have a release, the file will show as having no model release and no property release. If you have ticked that the file needs releases but you have no releases, the file will still show as having no model release and no property release. After that, there is a link "Do I need a release?" which the prospective purchaser should click, if they don't know about such things. The link takes them to this page: https://www.alamy.com/help/what-is-model-release-property-release.aspx
  15. The funny thing is I have photos here as 'no releases' which need releases on Alamy but wouldn't in my other place, which is itself very tight on releases. As Alamy requires just about everything which might be considered property to need a release, I indicate almost all my images as 'needs release' / 'no release', even though I know they don't actually need one. However, I don't tick 'editorial' on these.
  16. ...but not very well. I had a look at some your images that might perhaps be used in tourist brochures but none gave their location. Have a rethink about what customers might be looking for in a much more physical sense, rather than 'rustic charm', 'peace' and 'zen'.
  17. English is the lingua franca of the 21st century, although sometimes I wonder about that. And there's the Google Translator. I always put in the orginal spelling of a location, like both Seville and Sevilla. How many languages were you planning to include, Lisa? Both Vietnamese and Cambodian? The tags would be five pages thick.
  18. That's been my experience too, unfortunately most of my sales are within the UK. More generally I have a concern that at some point the whole pack of cards is going to collapse, and much of our work rendered useless. We've seen how the contributor share has diminished here, but maybe to stay viable Alamy has to take take drastic action. Motivation is becoming an issue for me, it's pointless spending money in order to shoot stock now, it has to be a by product of some other activity. Once I would always carry a bag of lenses, but these days increasingly it tends to be the camera and one fixed focal length lens. I guess that I should consider downsizing from the Sony A6500 and buy a compact with a built in zoom, but would that stand any chance of covering the cost?
  19. It's been a slow summer but two $$ sales today from my New Orleans photos, including this one.
  20. It seems that photographers who sell mainly to UK publications might be suffering the most from low fees. For instance, I had a $5.10 sale (one page, inside or cover) to a UK magazine with a circulation of 500K show up yesterday. A print publication of that size in the US or Canada would have paid much more.
  21. 23rd August 2019 https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20190821-why-so-many-young-swedes-live-alone Scott Wilson, Image ID: PX8M8M [Alamy credit only] Chad Ehlers, Image ID: EY8BA2 [Alamy credit only] cheers, andre
  22. My average payout so far this year has been US $280 (about CAN $350) per month, which is enough to make Alamy a worthwhile "hobby job", so I'm happy. However, I couldn't see being able to make a livable income from stock photography at this stage of my life (I'm 70). Just treading water is difficult these days, so perhaps it's best to treat stock photography as a possible source of extra income rather than a "real" job. That said, you've done a remarkable job at putting together such a large collection of images. I can understand why you're frustrated. I would be too.
  23. Alamy Photographs in the Times https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/scotland/week-in-pictures-scotland-vhwfltxwh Photographers CHRIS STRICKLAND CHRIS MCNULTY Found by Rob Cook
  24. Publishers in these countries are well aware of the restrictions and by and large follow them. I assume this is why I've never had, for example, a French licence for an unreleased image with people. That I have in Germany, whose law is a bit less restrictive, tends to support my assumption.
  25. You are talking about micro stock sites and RF images. I agree with your comment above about how Alamy allows individuals to make decisions. That is what is happening. There is no 'right or wrong' here. Just different decisions. If it were a practical problem something would have changed.
  26. Ten years is impressive. I think it has been at least three or four years for me. However, I always remind myself that all it takes is one tiny sin like missing a dust spot, and it's back to purgatory.
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