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  2. Some striking images- but some are technically awful and wouldn't get a look-in here! There I go missing the point.
  3. Oh my goodness, that alone is grounds for divorce! Any spiders I see, my GF has to deal with them, I just can't do it and yet I wouldn't want them squashed under a shoe, just released into the wild.🤣
  4. Did not build it myself but I am currently working with a 7 year old Dell, that I had rebuilt for me and have had it upgraded several times over the years. Just spent over 30 hours reconfiguring the OS (64bit Windows 10 Pro) Currently it's running i5 @ 3.2 GHz with two 1TB internal drives, need to get a SSD, and 16 Gigs of RAM. I found the original builder on eBay and he did a really good job on the original rebuild of the machine. Two years ago I also had a new NVIDIA graphic card installed. The new card made a huge difference. Probably the last up grade for this machine, from what I un
  5. I'd like an update on how the Australian office is doing and how is the Australian market in general. Thank you.
  6. It’ll clear almost instantly, but you’ll probably have a shield on for a day or two or few. Any fog might be from the drops you have to put in. Once your good to go, you’ll find things that seemed soft appears overly crisp. Like grass for me..and MY hair!!
  7. As the title states, I got my acceptance into historical / archive today (Friday), however the option is still greyed out on AIM. Is this usual - does it take some time before the option is activated? Cheers, Ryan.
  8. My doc says that I'll just need those cheap drugstore glasses for reading. Luckily, I still have a couple of pairs left over from before I had to switch to glasses with progressive (tri-focal) lenses. Weirdly, I'll kind of miss wearing glasses all the time. I've gotten used to them, and I've been told that the nerdy look suits me. It will be nice not to see the world through dirty windows, though. I get the right eye, which is the worst, done on Tuesday. Shall report back when the fog has cleared.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Some of the problems with the subject being underexposed (the elephants were hard to see as elephants) is that the background is so bright. You have to learn how to increase the exposure on the darker parts without blowing out the background, or you pick a better shooting day. Better to blow out the background than the subject. And Lightroom's sliders can't do it all, and you need to use other tools.
  11. Not completely, but I did surgery on my Dell 5000 series laptop to install more memory and an ssd card. I have priced getting an upgraded display for it. Most computer components are plug and play, so yes, for Windows machines, building your own makes a lot of sense. It's a bit more complicated with the newer Macs. I may switch to Windows in the future because everything Mac seems to be proprietary and in some cases welded in. I've had better luck working on the older Macs that had regular enclosures. Other World Computing has the best information for keeping older Mac go
  12. lol.... my issue is i'm not sure my nomadic days are over yet, so the 100-400 was extravagant weight wise.... but totally worth it mentally.... (of course didn't stop me from getting one of the Viltrox fast prime on sale this week... 😁 )
  13. If we must supply images cheaply for Presentation Use, or other bargain basement uses come to that, do they have to be high resolution? Could you not have a tiered range of sizes and prices? Speaking of sizes, please take a look at the multitude of discussions from potential contributors regarding the '17MB uncompressed' minimum file size. Many find it hard to understand and confuse it with their jpeg size on disc, which is also in MB of course. Mark Chapman's suggestion of instead adopting 6 Megapixels (MP), so 3000 x 2000 pixels in the 35mm' format, and familiar to all with respe
  14. How will the Alamy Live News/PA relationship pan out? I'm wary of bonus or incentive schemes. Be careful of what you ask for. Schemes where people are grandfathered in at the higher tier are rare, they nearly always start with a reset to zero.
  15. It seems the most often things people have an extra shot of fear of is...spiders and snakes. Once when we only had one car, I’d kept it for the day. Took my husband to work, then went back to pick him up. I’d moved over to the passenger seat when he came out with a box with a lid, about 8”x 8”. He sat it down in the middle, and said he forgot something and went back into the building. Little did I know he and his coworkers were peeking through tiny slits of the blinds watching me. I look at the box. Look away. Look at the box, look away. Reach over and pick up the box to see if it
  16. This lady in Bristol was trying cheer up everyone she met. Her reason? Just because!
  17. Heaven forbid I should even attempt building my own. It would probably turn into HAL from “A Space Odyssey” and run me, instead of the other way around. Before I started using iMacs, my last PC was a gaming computer I bought off the shelf on sale and it was blazingly fast. It started occasionally having the gray screen of death and since I worked with images, that terrified me even though I managed to get it going again each time. My daughter took it when I went Mac. When I get a new Mac, I order my own specifications which cost a pretty penny. But they have always done what I nee
  18. You mean Jill and Wim....I paid a young twenty something to build mine. Still trying to tie my shoes 😃
  19. Yes, I have no glasses for driving or watching television, but have some readers that seem to work fine for computer work also. What’s nice is I had astigmatism before. So I had to buy more expensive prescription glasses. That was corrected in the implants, so I can buy inexpensive readers at the drug store. What I buy are about $20-30, with the frame quality as nice as at prescription eyeglass marts. An up version to the cheap ones at Walmart. The ones I have now have lasted 4 years and are still perfect. My husband had about 20 of the Walmart variety. Everywhere I turned, there was a p
  20. I think that one of the problems is that many beginning photographers who have never known anything but digital cameras -- which is not their fault of course -- don't really understand exposure or the need to shoot in good lighting whenever possible. Both of these were crucial in film days. I hesitate to say this, but perhaps Alamy QC shouldn't accept really dark images. It might help new contributors in the long run. Just sayin'...
  21. Not only wall art, but some recent sales were mugs and face masks. It’s a nice place to go for that arty face mask. I have a few of my own work, and have three more coming along with a new phone case to fit my iPhone 12 Pro Max that’s on order.
  22. My only hassle has been that I didn't notice my Radeon gpu only had one hdmi and the rest were display ports. Now have to spend money on another cable or two as I always have 2 or 3 monitors going at the same time. On Lenovo I would use the VGA and DVi ports but my son has told me not to use any of the video on the motherboard, do everything off of the gpu. Looks like more money for Jeff Bezos.
  23. Well, we all have our own obsessions. I guess one would need to be a mountain climber to reach those nether stacks.
  24. Wow, Jill and Michael -- and I can't even tie my shoes.
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