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  2. United Kingdom, Editorial, Newspaper - national up to 2 million, Inside and online, 1/4 page, 1 day, Single editorial or advertorial article used within print and /or web versions, $
  3. This image sold 3 times last month and twice in May. Worldwide, Editorial website, Any size, Single editorial article used within the digital versions of a single publication, 1 day, $
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  5. Cheers Iain, Joe and Penelope ! Times online 27th Business Holger Burmeister soap shelf in a supermarket - Image ID: RBTMN3 Register INTERFOTO events, Second World War / WWII, France, Dunkirk, evacuation of Allied troops 26.5.1940 - 4.6.1940, arrival of a boat with French soldiers in an English port, - Image ID: A71MJX Times2 Raymond Wijngaard Soccer shoes on soccer field, Veendam, The Netherlands. Logo of Umbro is visable. - Image ID: AP13R4 News London, UK. 23rd July 2019. Jeremy Hunt MP PC, Foreign Secretary, leaves Theresa's May last cabinet at 10 Downing Street, London Credit Ian Davidson/Alamy Live News - Image ID: W4FTHR Terry Whittaker Wildlife Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) West and central Africa. Captive - Image ID: BFBEG5 Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain. 25th May, 2020. Locals bask on the city beach in Las Palmas on Gran Canaria Alan Dawson/Alamy Live News. - Image ID: 2BTF46R Hangzhou, China's Zhejiang Province. 13th Apr, 2020. Students line up for body temperature screening at Chunhui High School in Shaoxing, Weng Xinyang/Xinhua/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2BEBXGC incamerastock Catherine of Aragon (1485-1536), portrait painting, 1530 - Image ID: RT390C - ? a few of these Timothy Smith The Rising Sun Catches Colourful Heather on Dunwich Cliffs with Coastguard Cottages in the Background - Image ID: JKNW59 Scotland Derek Allan view of ninewells hospital Dundee - Image ID: B49PBJ Rebecca Cole Ben Vane with views overlooking Loch Lomond and Ben Lomond, Scottish Highlands, UK - Image ID: DYPXN0 Angus Matheson Culloden Battlefield, Scotland - Image ID: K6E3PP John Michaels The mills at the New Lanark World Heritage site, built by the industrialist David Dale, Scotland, showing the Clyde River - Image ID: F0M8PH Ireland Harbin, China's Heilongjiang Province. 24th Apr, 2018. Visitors view the models of carrier rockets during an event marking China's Space Day Wang Jianwei/Xinhua/Alamy Live News - Image ID: MF8WHR Radharc Images convention centre Dublin Republic of Ireland - Image ID: HW2TTD Radharc Images garda irish police squad car patrol vehicle lights in a street in ballina county mayo republic of ireland - Image ID: C830F2 Andrew Michael Criminal Courts of Justice, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. - Image ID: CW2644 Radharc Images pint of beamish stout in The Long Hall victorian pub one of the oldest pubs in Dublin republic of Ireland
  6. There were three hunters bellied up to the bar drinking. One man had on a coonskin hat, tail hanging down. One man had a skunk hat, tail hanging down. The third was a bear, with a human bottom perched on his head.
  7. Sometimes when I go shopping with one of my daughters, I take pictures of them browsing. Nobody will say a thing to me. During the process, I can get merchandise images.
  8. It was a necessary job. Diseased teeth/gums can infect the bloodstream, potentially the heart. You probably extended her life by doing the hard thing. I had poodles and a Yorkie prone to unhealthy teeth. I bought a tooth scraper Instrument from a friend who is a veterinarian and began cleaning my Yorkie’s teeth myself. She allowed it because she loved me, so no anesthesia involved. It wasn’t a fun thing to do, though, for either of us. Your dog is a beauty.
  9. And you've gotten to see them, I would imagine. The only place out of the US I’ve been is to St. Croix twice. And I couldn’t find any wildlife other than mourning doves that hung around, and one heron. There were lots of chickens roaming the island, though. A bird is a bird, and watching the chickens made me happy.
  10. My first sale since the 15th. Encouraging to see that others are making some as well. I uploaded this image not long ago -- magazine use, mid $$, exclusive.
  11. Sure, sure, Johnnie!! 😄😄 I’ve taken pictures of the Great Egret myself, and it was very dangerous. Especially if I got between it and the fish. 😉 Gen, those are gorgeous birds! But that pink robin is stunning. If I got to see one in person, I could go to my grave happy. Especially if it would linger long enough for me to feast my eyes on it. I need to paint it. I need to paint it. I need to paint it......
  12. Third licence of this image by Alamy, but 6th overall. Image now exclusive. Direct sale barely above $. Country: WorldwideUsage: Presentation or newsletters, Verwendung in einer Präsentation/einem Vortrag (z. B. Powerpoint und Keynote) oder in einem Newsletter.Start: 25 May 2020End: 25 May 2025
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  14. The dangerous and wily snapping egret photographed from a great distance to avoid a potentially fatal confrontation.🙃
  15. Aw. She looks like a real sweetie. Congratulations on a successful day.
  16. Bing thinks this is Manuel Cortes. General Secretary of the Transport Salaried Staffs' Association (TSSA). wim (who has never heard of the man, but uses this quite a bit)
  17. I live in a hyper urban area near lots of highways. I can't express the joy I felt at finding a herd of goats grazing here on my daily coronavirus walks. A local non profit organization hires them around to clear out bramble and weeds.
  18. My little long haired Jack Russell came through a rough session to extract a number of teeth today. At nearly 15, with a heart problem she's had since 18 months it was always risky to put her under anaesthetic but she survived and seems totally unconcerned. Tough little bitch. Long may she paddle on:
  19. That's good to hear. I just checked my sales report for the umpteenth time and saw that a mid $$ sale has been invoiced today. Whew! I was starting to get a bit worried there. 😂
  20. Hopefully I'll be able to afford at least the MkII by then. 😊 It is unusual these days to see a camera manufacturer keeping older models on the market. It's probably a smart move on Sony's part.
  21. Thanks for this. I lived in London for awhile a kid, and I remember my parents mentioning "bank holidays". In Canada, Banks are too greedy to take a holiday. 😉
  22. I guess you might already know this, but a tip I learned a while back when photographing around people (whether or not they are necessarily the subject) is to take your shot, hesitate a moment, take the camera away from your face and then quite obviously gaze past them at something in the distance. On the odd occasion someone has paid attention, that has always thrown them off. I spent a week in NYC with a camera glued to my face and didn't receive any kind of attention. Took photos down in the subway too, no-one batted an eyelid. Much to the (not so) amusement of my companion I opted to travel to Brooklyn one night after sundown to take photos of the skyline and bridge in the darkness. It was pitch black, bloody freezing and he was convinced we were going to be murdered to death. In retrospect it probably wasn't the most risk averse thing I've ever done, but I got some keepers for life, didn't get stabbed or robbed and again no person batted an eyelid at the camera on my face. Maybe I was lucky or you were unlucky?!
  23. I normally sell three a year over the last three years with just a bit over 900 photos in my portfolio.
  24. Otherwise known as ‘public holidays’ but everyone refers to them as ‘bank holidays’. Liberal politician and banker Sir John Lubbock introduced the Bank Holidays Act in 1871 which set out the days banks were closed for trading. Banks still close on these days but nowadays most shops (excepting at the moment!) stay open.
  25. Ink, whadda ya mean, ink? I thought that’s how left hands were supposed to be. And all reports were smeared. I did learn how to put a blank piece of paper under my hand and it solved both problems. Lefties are good problem solvers. 😁 we have to be.
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