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  2. Yes images of this flower have sold at least once - maybe the pink version rather than the red. They are colloquially known as "porcelain roses" in southeast asia. The flowers are also edible in their early stages (like in your photograph). Quite nicely gingery when sliced up.
  3. Magazine in Germany...not through a distributor... Lioness carrying her cub in the Masai Mara, Kenya, East Africa Paulette
  4. Forgive me for posting two, but they are a pair. Afew more pennies from Heaven, I mean Slovenia...... Gijón, Asturias, model of the Roman baths Revillagigedo Palace OH is the blonde in the pink trousers.
  5. VW's response seems to be a "substantial part" defence, or would be under English law. I don't know how far this would get them under moral rights, which is what AWW really seems to mind about- he doesn't want people to think he's associated with VW. Denmark doesn't have freedom of panorama for public art.
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  7. Worth keeping an eye on how this goes, it seems that VW used his installation in Copenhagen as a backdrop to an advert. Considering the poignant subject matter it's quite surprising that VW are defending it but of course I'm not casting any aspersions or second-guessing the outcome. Their defence will be interesting though: Guardian article Artnet article
  8. Letaba Rest Camp, Kruger National Park, South Africa Industry Sector: Media, design & publishing UK Mid $$
  9. If you know the name of the 'picture need', there's a search box so you can just type the description of the need (or a few key words) to find what you selected straight away. This does need you to note the picture need descriptions that interest you somewhere else.
  10. Thanks for the clarification, and actually though I'm no lawyer perhaps the standalone versions couldn't be affected by this, if you've bought it outright then I can't see how they could easily go back and stop you from using it, it's the subscription model that introduces this possibility. I'm not normally one for quoting the Daily MailI but I see that they say that "In 2017, thanks to the new subscription structure, Adobe reported a record $2 billion in revenue." Adobe don't confirm what prompted this letter but if the reason behind this action is a disagreement with Dolby then certainly Lightroom wouldn't directly be affected anyway, is it Premiere and Media Director that use Dolby?
  11. Hi I was wondering what timescale contributors applying to the reportage scheme are receiving their "yay or ney" from Alamy. I recently applied and received an email requesting some photos to review within two hours. I immediately sent a small sample of 5 photos and I have not heard anything since. I realise it was only two days ago but with the request for a sample coming so quickly I thought the decision would be quick too. Is this timing delay normal - in your experience? Do I take it this means my application has been unsuccessful? TIA
  12. A very thoughtful, informative post, MizBrown. Thanks. My basic problem with Central and South America is the unstable element. I did several photo shoots in Venezuela, including 3 for PanAm and one for AmEx. Back then, V was the most stable place. ??? I'm not looking for Shangri La. I'm ready to compromise. Portland, Oregon was a good idea 10 to 15 years ago. Too expensive now, almost as bad as Seattle. This allergy-asthma I have is the worst for me in 30 years. I can't think straight.
  13. This only refers to CC apps and not standalone ones so the sky is not really falling on most heads just yet. It would only really be of much importance if the newer version of an app would not run on current hardware as Photoshop and Lightroom only improve with each update. One thing that used to be the case for standalone apps though was that one was supposed to uninstall older versions after upgrading to a new version. Probably nobody ever paid much attention to this but it used to be in the Photoshop license agreement back in the day. I think most people would wait until they were sure the upgrade was working properly before removing the older version.
  14. GEO.de https://www.geo.de/reisen/top-ten/17309-bstr-die-schoensten-altstadtkerne-deutschen-grossstaedten Die schönsten Altstadtkerne in deutschen Großstädten The most beautiful old town centers in German cities Zum Arabishchen Coffe Baum, purportedly Europe's oldest coffee shop (1711), Leine Fleischergasse, Leipzig, Saxony, Germany H2TK94 Mauritius Images / Ian Dagnall Commercial Collection / Alamy RM
  15. Guardian online.. https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2019/may/23/wildlife-sites-bird-reserves-walks-marsh-islands-uk-readers-tips Essex’s Rainham marshes RSPB reserve is on the north bank of the Thames. Photograph: MS Bretherton/Alamy A mountain hare amid heather, high on the moors. Photograph: Karen Miller Photography/Alamy South Walney nature reserve. Photograph: greenburn/Alamy A golden eagle soars above cliffs on the Isle of Canna. Photograph: Andy Sutton/Alamy Cemetries, such as Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, often make good habitats for wildlife. Photograph: Guy Corbishley/Alamy Red squirrels have been introduced on Caldey Island. Photograph: Philip Kieran/Alamy
  16. thanks mate for the reply.. the photo got published in mid April... So i'm hoping to get it reflect in my dashboard on last few days of this month i.e. May.... Thanks for the compliment too.. This if reported, will be the 3rd sale... but in 8 months lol..
  17. Slightly alarming recent news item about a warning/threat from Adobe to users of earlier versions of their products, and not just standalone, older versions of Creative Cloud also. Apple Insider I was surprised to see that it was covered by the Daily Mail in the UK: Daily Mail article
  18. Sunrise over the Lake Lucerne, Switzerland.
  19. When there is no competition for big player like Adobe, price surge.
  20. I recently failed a QC for too much noise in one photo. The submission were all older photos that I'd decided to submit.. Any future photos in lower light situations will be going through one of my full frame Sony cameras, not the a6000 without a stronger flash (pop-up flash died so using that in the future simply is a non-starter, but it was what I'd used in the original photo with one of the little plastic flash modifiers for bouncing). There is a rock band whose contract said that the dressing rooms would be supplied with M&Ms with no brown M&Ms included. The average comments on it said what a peculiar and prima donnaish request this was. Then someone explained that the bank uses pyrotechnics and other high energy special effects in their shows. If the brown M&Ms were in the dressing room dishes, they knew that they should do all the safety checks over with their own crew rather than trust the venue because if they couldn't get the brown M&Ms out, they might not have done all the contract-specified safety checks either. Know what a given camera can and can't do. Don't use it for things another camera can do better.
  21. The best health deal I've heard of was Ecuador where getting residency and paying into the system for three months would be enough to get national health coverage. But a lot of sicker Americans coming down seems to have caused financial problems with that system and it didn't sound like Ecuador was one of the countries you wanted to live in. Nicaragua will cover us retiree residents in emergencies, but we don't qualify for INSS (local national health care and pension program), and the country is rather crazy at the moment, but not as crazy as it was last year. Have you considered moving back to one of the saner US states and getting public assistance and housing. But my impression is that the sanest affordable states don't have warm climates, but Oregon and Washington State might be possibilities. One expat who was in Venezuela until things went bad moved to Nicaragua, had health problems and moved to. Washington State for surgery and chemo and survived her cancer last time I emailed her. I didn't get the impression she had much of a pension, but was able to get on Washington States health insurance program. What's the situation in Italy? There's a huge amount of genuinely deceptive "information" out there on non-US retirement places. If you don't have reasonable command of Spanish, but do have fluency in Italian, that's going to be a better fit than Spain. My Spanish still is pretty minimal but I can get around and I have some bilingual friends. Some writer acquaintances have done extended house sitting or house caretaking, and I considered doing it before I left for Nicaragua in 2010. Finding a place where you can live without a car is problematic, though. You might look into Savannah, Georgia, or Charleston, SC. I know that Charleston is fairly walkable and has some public transportation. But I don't know if they have decent health care for people on Medicaid or Medicare. What the US appears to be doing is out-sourcing a certain percent of its elder care and the real estate hustlers are promoting places where they can contract to sell or rent at one lower price and charge more than local rents to people from the US or Europe. The countries are continually raising the minimum monthly income. You have an Irish passport, but if you didn't, the annual minimum there is 50,000 Euros per person with a savings account on top of that equivalent to the cost of an Irish house (probably 250K Euros or more these days). All places that have relocation services you pay for will lie. International Living tries to hustle lower income people into investing any equity they had in a US house into a house here, and the Nicaraguan expat community and probably others beat on them enough that they're now advising renting for at least six months before buying. Most people leave after three years. Don't know what you get per month, but anything that's heavily promoted as a paradise for retirees is likely to be over priced and with higher crime and often nastier crime than stable communities with more nationals with some money. Some of these con artists will lie about the income requirements, or the need to get legal residency (one such character did finally get legal residency himself after telling new comers that they didn't really need it). My guess is that you can find a place in Italy where crime is manageable (about how I describe Nicaragua -- don't go out at nigh alone, have a dog, watch what the locals are doing) and where people don't automatically assume this new rich American is their personal walking ATM. Look at places that are neither high tourist or high expat residents already and have a way of making a living that isn't just agriculture for less expensive but stable places to live. They're not going to be the heavily promoted places, but some of them are amazing.
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