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  2. https://interactive.carbonbrief.org/how-climate-change-could-threaten-worlds-traditional-dishes/ Steve Allen Travel Photography / Alamy Stock Photo Skye Hohmann Food Photography / Alamy Stock Photo yu liang wong / Alamy Stock Photo Westend61 GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo Anna Pustynnikova / Alamy Stock Photo foodfolio / Alamy Stock Photo Artem Mykhailichenko / Alamy Stock Photo Elena Maltenieks / Alamy Stock Photo Zoonar GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo (mine actually, but whatever, got the right credit under the image) Geoff A Howard / Alamy Stock Photo Brent Hofacker / Alamy Stock Photo Sorry about not searching Alamy IDs, but really have to run...
  3. Having gone over all the keywords I must say there were a couple of instances of two or more words put in the same tag when they should have been separate. Definitely better than it was before though. Paulette
  4. It would be great if there was another report that showed views, zooms, downloads and sales on a per image basis. Maybe Alamy could add those fields to the downloadable csv file? Mark
  5. Was delaying my tasks for the day (!) -
  6. Not worth doing, as it will penalise you s far as Live News is concerned, and you risk that your privileges are removed (ie you can no longer submit to LN)
  7. Beadnell beach, Northumberland, England. Miles of beautiful unspoiled coastline.
  8. Entirely possible. There are reports of wallabies living in the wild in Ashdown forest in Sussex, not a million miles from Maidstone, and there are other colonies known in England.
  9. I think they went back to wired remotes after the A55, which could use your remote "plip" type. The A58 specifically mentions having to use the socket.
  10. Lot of Monarch Butterflies in Toronto this year. Counted 30 in a flower patch about 25 X 25 feet in size. They were so busy nectaring they were very approachable. They gather on the North Shore of Lake Ontario, at this time of year, before migrating to Mexico. 200 mm with extension tubes.
  11. You're very welcome Anna. Steve 19/08/2019, Guardian, p7, Turtle Bay in Sheffield, TWT6FT, Richard R Handley 19/08/2019, Guardian, p21, monument to the pan-European picnic at Sopron in Hungary, KD6J88, Arpad Radoczy 19/08/2019, Guardian [Journal section], p8, Peter Fonda in Easy Rider, BP3J5C, AF archive
  12. Mileage in sileage... (24 hours to think of that one...)
  13. Just wondering, are most of those recent sales to the UK? I make very few UK sales and my prices seem to be holding up better overall.
  14. That's not a bad price for Sony. They have a nasty habit of overcharging for accessories. The super cheap one that I mentioned above works fine. However, I prefer using the self-timer most of the time. My trusty old 10MP Sony A100 had a dedicated slot for an electronic "cable" release. I still have the cable release -- which cost about $100 CAN in 2007 -- but I sold the camera. I continue to license images captured with the A100. It was a really good camera.
  15. I had a submission pass today and no doubling of keywords! Hooray. I was pretty minimal about my keywording in Lightroom so I have a lot to do but very happy to not be sorting duplicates. Paulette
  16. Thanks for that folks. And the new remote control is remarkably inexpensive for a piece of photographic equipment. When I read your answers I had visions of having to pay up to £100 or more for some special one off piece of kit. But no! It's £18! I can afford that!
  17. Alamy Photograph found in the Times https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/world/deadly-pesticides-threaten-russias-bees-fgmklgjc7 Photographer DONAT SOROKIN Found by Rob Cook
  18. There's another thread showing most recent ten sales. Looking at that I think this is true (bigly).
  19. It is often possible to improve the sky by using a grad filter (preferably in post for me) to get some detail into even a grey sky if there is some variation in the cloud cover (cumulus clouds against a grey sky). A lot of your pics on page 1 do have some cloud texture so that works I think. What doesn't work for me is a completely bland white or light grey sky with no detail or texture in the clouds. If that is the case, then I try to exclude sky if at all possible. If it is a landscape then I just don't bother as I know I will never use the pics for anything.
  20. Guardian Online 19/08/19 https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/aug/19/pc-suffered-collapsed-lung-portsmouth-stabbing-court-told Peter D Noyce Exterior of Portsmouth Crown Court. - Image ID: D9R5PT https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/aug/19/revenge-of-the-clothes-moths-as-numbers-boom-can-they-be-stopped blickwinkel case-bearing clothes moth, case-making clothes moth (Tinea pellionella), imago. - Image ID: EBH87A Natallia Khlapushyna Dry lavender flowers and sachets on wooden background. Top view. Flat lay. - Image ID: RT3B3Y David J. Green Larva of Tineola bisselliella, common clothes moth - Image ID: FATD7J
  21. Im not sure! I believe Alamy have said that the US office earns more than the UK so if we have fewer contributors I guess we earn more per image. Or are you talking about the forum?
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