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  3. sooth, I have no idea what you are saying. Are we supposed to recognize who CT might be?
  4. CT are ** with an exploitative business model.
  5. Well, two weeks in and only two sales. I'm officially in the doldrums. Or the cliff got a lot steeper. Even my two other MS efforts have each yielded more than twice the revenue so far this month compared to here.
  6. I couldn't find you on facebook but followed you on Twitter. Thanks for suggesting it.
  7. NYT is the mother of all newspapers. I had a photo in the travel section many years ago and that made my day/week/month!
  8. Country: Brazil Usage: Editorial Media: Book, print and/or e-book Print run: up to 5,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 01 June 2020 End: 01 June 2025 Brazil, Book, print and/or e-book,Bulk discount flat rate Low $$
  9. This potato disease poster might help, Bryan. I don't think it's blight from what I remember from my allotment days.
  10. Sorry, can't really help, but "Potato disease identification" has to be the best subject title I've seen for a while
  11. Ha, don't apologise, I could look at that all day! Thanks for the spot. 👍
  12. One of my potato plants looked a tad distressed so I dug it up fearing blight. Surprisingly only one tuber appeared to be affected, the subject of the photo. Do any of you gardening gurus know what the problem is? I suspect blight but it has been suggested that it might be potato gangrene. The remainder of the crop turned out to be clean and the variety is Charlotte.
  13. Freelance work is almost always a trade-off. You are forfeiting secure income for the opportunity to do something you enjoy and the freedom to set your own hours. As far as the low earnings from stock go, it's all relative. My regular monthly Alamy payouts (usually in the US $200 - $500 range) are a really helpful boost to my pensions. However, as discussed in other threads, anyone younger who is hoping to make a livable income from stock photography these days is out of luck. But, yes, it can be a fun game to play, as long as you don't keep track of all the hours you spend on it. 🙃
  14. Hi Rob - Are you working in Alamy Image Manager, or Lightroom, or what?
  15. Hi folks, when I try to add keywords to my images I click the box as usual, but now I get a drop down box appear showing keywords from some of my other images, then when I type in the box they disappear, is there a problem or am I being stupid...(probably)
  16. Thanks Pekka. Those swear words worked for me too! All back to normal now.
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