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  2. True, but it was very little context to begin with. Then the intern at the Big Issue very well knew what he/she was doing when cropping the image. So while the image was absolutely borderline, the real culprit is the end user here. Or the intern. Not the wife. wim
  3. Had an upload problem this week, 7/19 for the first time since the online upload system started? No bid deal. I am also having login problems from the main page? looks like there are some difficulties with the coding? Chuck
  4. +1 Keep agreeing with you Joseph (my middle name) BUT I do not do "Margarine." Chuck
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  6. I don't see how deleting will help but a different pseudonym makes sense to me. Paulette
  7. For postcards... $$$ Polar Bear with cub, Svalbard Archipelago Paulette
  8. Guardian online.. https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2019/jul/20/tell-us-about-your-favourite-canal-boat-shop Canal narrowboat selling cheese, moored on the Grand Union Canal. Photograph: Terence Wright/Alamy
  9. Still, IMO, the photographer hasn't infringed- he's taken an editorial image, in context, in a gallery where photography was permitted, or at least not explicitly forbidden. BI cropped it to remove the context and published it and if Kander doesn't want redress from them it's his business but I still think he's barking up the wrong tree.
  10. Thanks, the problem I do have in uploading just a couple is that I'm often surprised on what photos of mine get published in the national papers, occasionally its a photo I have been close to deleting, but it has suited the publications page design. But do understand it may affect rank, but could lose a sale. Catch 22
  11. Thanks, I have been lazy with the captions with a generic one over an image set. Should have said I chose to upload sets that have mostly already been published in a national paper or news website to see if they were saleable again, obviously not (all direct sales, don't use any agencies). I'll have a think again.
  12. You can opt out of PU anytime. It's the terms of the licence, not a particular scheme like NU or UK newspapers. Ask Alamy to put a restriction on all your images for no Personal Use use.
  13. Marketing use in the construction/property sector. Stratford-upon-Avon railway station, with the passenger footbridge and old style lighting visible. Warwickshire, UK.
  14. I too have had only a couple of sales recently and both for low $ and sales for the year are down on last year. No doubt the marketplace has changed but I am not about to give up. A thorough check of my sales here and at another library I use has shown me one area which does much better for me than the rest. I shall concentrate on that as regards submissions in future so maximising the use of my time both for shooting and submissions. That way my return for time invested should improve. Next April I too will opt out of NU and Personal if the gods allow it by then. I am still considering whether to delete images outside my core area and leave my whole content focussed - or perhaps assign them to a different pseudonym. Does anyone have an opinion on that?
  15. Many thanks once again John !
  16. Potentilla fructicosa. There are a few yellow cultivars so I ca;t narrow it down further.
  17. Struggling once again to identify a shrub / bush ... any help much appreciated ... Thanks !!
  18. View on Mount Rushmore from the Sculptor's Studio. Book mid $$. wim
  19. Yes someone should really check out his contract. And maybe his prenups 😀. wim
  20. When I have this problem I click on sell photos at the top, then click on log in and it usually works to get logged in
  21. Sold for only $ for presentation/newsletter but all sales are welcome. Supporters of the Sudanese Uprising campaign in Piccadilly Gardens, city centre Manchester, uk.
  22. Saturday 0730hrs UK time. Once again can't sign in and I'm sure I'm not the only one!! Need to complete my updating and stuck yet again. Jim
  23. Insufficiently famous to have fallen foul like Wim, but one of my regular selling photos was replicated, probably/possibly innocently, by a more successful contributor (never seen on the forum) and hasn't sold since, while their version prospered! It was never posted here, but of course people do survey the competition when looking at a new location. If I have a photo of marginal worth I often look to see what the competition has to offer and don't bother to upload if it's never going to sell. More recently I posted a successful sale in the Images sold thread and was rewarded with second, albeit not so remunerative, sale. So, on balance, it may be better to show off your wares in public.
  24. Licensed to Germany for a calendar. Blown highlights and all, even with a 3 stops graduated ND filter. Mid $$ Borneo at sunrise.
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