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  2. I can't for the life of me imagine why any library would suddenly exclude itself from accepting images with selective focus. In fact, I'll wager London to a brick on that that will never happen. As long as the main focus of the images you quote is "properly" placed and sharp, of course images like these will continue to be accepted. What automated process are you refering to? May we have a look at a 100% crop of some of the number that were not accepted? DD
  3. Not sure if that's ginger, but I have been to the Macaw Mountain Bird Park in Copan Ruinas -- twice in fact. It's a wonderful place.
  4. Absolutely dead. Nothing. Rubbish returns for the effort. Looks like May is even more depressing than April.
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  6. I searched through a few of these but couldn't quite find my answer. On my dashboard, it says, 78 images not on sale. If I click on that, it brings up my Image Manager with a window showing 17 images. Under that is says, All 20 | Not on sale 15. So first, what is the discrepancy between 78, 20 and 15? Next, if I click on one, I have found in the past, they are usually missing a caption. These are not. In addition, if I click on any image, in the pane on the right it says, On Sale at the top. In every case, I clicked on the caption, which had anywhere from 15-25 characters, put the cursor at the end of the caption and entered a space. They immediately change to On Sale. Easy enough to do that to 15 (or 17 as the case may be) images, but what about the rest of the 60? TIA
  7. Would certainly help, although I have noticed over the years in this place two related situations: many complaints about QC were not followed up with a 100% view, or . . . many complaints about QC were modified a tad after we saw and commented on the 100% view, especially related to noise and dust-bunnies DD
  8. My pleasure Pearl 👍 The Times - Print Edition (Scotland) 20/05/2019 page 5 T9J34H Skully Glasgow, Scotland, UK. 19th May, 2019. Race For Life, which is a charity event and includes a 5k and a 10k run through the streets of the city to raise funds to help Cancer Research UK. Credit: Skully/Alamy Live News F3EH02 Richard Newton Vatersay post office, Outer Hebrides, Scotland, UK page 30 T9J05G Andrew Soong/Xinhua Surrey, Canada. 19th May, 2019. A rider competes in the Bareback riding competition in Surrey, Canada, May, 18, 2019. The annual Cloverdale Rodeo's second day of competition began in Surrey, a suburb of Vancouver. The rodeo is one of the largest in North America and has been held for 73 years. Credit: Andrew Soong/Xinhua/Alamy Live News page36/37 MNW3PR Alan Novelli Time and Motion, Six Public Clocks, Canary Wharf, London, England, UK and https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/business/women-and-the-disabled-benefit-from-jobs-growth-p65q7l0k6
  9. yeah, I wont make any choices till I can make an informed decision on both parts of my question... and to make things even more annoying for me now I'm wondering if mirrorless would be compact enough for me lol I'm using an older canon EOS T4i so mirrorless would be a huge step in the smaller direction in itself. So many choices.... although getting a base model of the rx100 or such just to keep in my car probably wouldn't be a bad idea no matter what I choose in the end
  10. I don't really know if that is accurate Edo but I would imagine it probably is. I keep getting annoying message from that website so have shut it down. Cheap apartments might be questionable as it is a very popular living and tourist destinaton. Galway is a university town so there is a lot of student accommodation - shared housing and the like. County Galway is very big so check that what you are looking at is in the city stretching from the flat milands around the River Shannon out to the Burren and to Connemara. Most areas are served by buses but I think most people outside the city would consider a car essential. The urban or semi-urban area of Galway City stretches out a long way especially on the west side towards Connemara as a long narrow strip on the coast and very little inland where there are large areas of bog that have not been built on. I wouldn't want to put you off as, like I said, I would move there tomorrow if I could as the best place to live in Ireland. It's got just about everything as far as urban life goes I think. As Colblimp says everywhere in Ireland is relatively expensive but some are definitely more expensive than others. Dublin property prices these days are sky high (similar to London) and Galway is probably up there as well. And the green fields of Ireland owe more to nitrate than to nature for their colours. The Emerald Isle for sure.
  11. Big Thanks to Alamy for sorting out my ginormous clanger. Basics for the peanut gallery, new camera, 46 images uploaded, uncompressed 60 megabytes each. Instead of rejection and hit on upload rating, all of them passed. Warmly appreciated Alamy guys 'n gals. Krisken.
  12. IQ magazine sale. An image typical of much of my collection as snapped years ago on a jolly before I'd even thought about the idea of stock photography, trawled from an external hard drive and uploaded recently.
  13. Thanks, fellow Irish people. (Ignore my Brooklyn accent.) Is this wrong, do you think? https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/in/Galway I'm paying 700 a month here in Seville. I found some flats advertised for less than that in Galway. My ancestors are from Sligo. It rains some in Ireland, does it? Hmmm. I was wondering how they get that intensive green in the fields.
  14. Nobody has yet addressed this part of the the question. I would like to as I'm interested in the answer too. Conventionally, video is shot using the 180 degree shutter rule, which usually means (in the UK and other PAL countries) a frame rate of 25fps and 1/50 shutter speed. This would render many still frames with slight motion blur which might fail QC. I don't know if this is the case in actual practice with 4K video and I would be interested in the experience of 4K shooters in this respect. Another aspect to the question is whether a still frame from a video makes a good photo. I shoot both and I usually try to avoid shooting stills and video at the same time. It seems to me like there is a slightly different mindset involved in composing and shooting video compared with shootings stills. I may not be able to explain that, but I do know that if I try to do both stills and video together, I have often ended up disappointed with the results of one or the other, sometimes both.
  15. I had gone years without a failure but recently have had a number for “Soft or lacking definition” when the main part of the image was sharp but part was out of focus as is often the case with close-ups. In the past I thought these would have passed so wondering if the QC methods have changed. The criteria don't really address this well, but I get the impression now images found in search like C6CT1N, T3YG4R or RKBEF5 might fail maybe because of automated processing.
  16. I agree this could be extremely useful in certain cases, like a football match (you previously know the players of each team, presumably), and even in a museum (of which you already know what's in the collection). By and large, it is always useful when you have previous information about what you are going to picture, or when you frequently take photos at the same subject in different contexts (i.e. football stars, showbiz celebrities, politicians, and so on). Unfortunately, this method would be largely useless in my case. As in many special exhibitions of contemporary art, you already know some details (the venue, the city, the name of the artists featured, for example) but most of the artworks on view are totally new, artworks which have never been displayed before; furthermore, the exhibitors always keep their artwork list as secret as they can (I read all their official press release in advance and they never mention a single artwork's title). That's why I always prepare a lot of keywords in advance that many pictures will arguably share and which I can cut and paste in seconds (such as: Venice, Art, Biennale, 2019, Venice Biennale, Biennial, exhibition, Arsenale, Arsenal, exhibition, British Pavilion, and other 40 or 50 of them....). Yet, I still have to check and write a lot of details I can't prepare beforehand such as work's title, year, owner, technique, main color, media, type of artwork (sculpture, sculptural installation, painting, drawing, video-art, photograph. mixed-media, audio-visual, ...), ownership, and so on; moreover I have to check if there are special copyright conditions and /or attributions I have to comply with or which prevent me to sell my picture (and that's a pain in the neck, every time). To do that in a couple of minutes, would mean to make a mess, believe me. Contemporary art is a very specific niche, I know; with its own odd rules.... Nevertheless, thank you for your suggestion; for other subjects, I'll certainly give Photomechanic a look.
  17. I also have found the doubling up of keywords in many of my older images. I haven't downloaded the CSV file yet so not sure what that may show. I have manually gone through some older images and removed the doubling but too many to do this.
  18. Sunday Telegraph (Print, Travel section) 19/05/19 NiceProspects-Prime / Alamy Stock Photo (Nice full page spread) Nitish Waila / Alamy Stock Photo Edward Westmacott / Alamy Stock Photo Rawdon Wyatt / Alamy Stock Photo
  19. I have recently bought a Ricoh GRii (I looked at the Sony RX100 as well - since I use the A7 as my main camera) as I needed a small compact to have on me at all times. The APSC sized sensor and snap focus was what sealed it for me, and I have to say that overall I am pretty impressed. I haven't had any photos captured with the Ricoh get through QC yet (I only posted my first batch a couple of hours ago) but I am not envisaging any problems.
  20. Excellent. Saves a whole lot of time on the day, and much easier to do all this when you aren't stressed about getting the images up quickly. Reduces errors, too.
  21. Hi Marianne For what it's worth, since reading this thread, I've checked some of my older images, and found exactly the same problem of doubling up of tags. Also, the number of tags in AIM doesn't seem to equate with the tags seen when I open one of my images as a potential buyer. But with nearly 9000 images on Alamy, there's no way I can go back and repair the damage. Life's too short! Will
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