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  2. Telegraph, pictures of the day, 23rd Jan Ian Jones/Live News, Sunset on the Cambrian mountains, 2APC6PG Shaukat Ahmed/Pacific Press/Live News, Voters in Rajasthan, 2APAHKN
  3. I used to work somewhere that did one so the term is familiar to me, I don't think Adobe talk about it when describing Lightroom so you wouldn't necessarily have come across it.
  4. The .lock file isn't hidden by default but this is not a normal situation or Bryan would clearly seethe file. I'm speculating that the .lock file has somehow become corrupt and acquired the 'hidden' status. If so, making sure hidden files can be seen might reveal it. I'm by no means sure this is the problem, but it is one of the steps I woudl take myelf in troubleshooting an issue like this.
  5. Thank you Harry. I should have realised earlier. Having a bad week. Allan
  6. My first 2020 sale... to think I took it on a whim whilst running back to the car park.
  7. Today
  8. This is how they empty the toilets in Tongariro National Park in New Zealand. With a helicopter. Mt Ruapehu volcano behind. Here's said convenience. Taranaki falls Is it just me or are these a bit magenta?
  9. Country: Germany Usage: Editorial Media: Book, print and/or e-book Print run: up to 5,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 01 December 2019 End: 01 December 2024 Germany, Book, print and/or e-book, Bulk Discount, Flat Rate Barely into $$ .......and it's a distro. Oh joy.
  10. Certainly worth finding all instances of .lock files on your computer, might shed some light on it. Edit: Just done a search on mine for lrcat.lock in the Start Search box, the only results are two txt files of directory contents. Did the same search by opening my hard drive as a folder and searching in the search box at top right and it found one, for the Lightroom Catalogue that is open on that machine. There are lots of LR catalogues on that hard drive. I have 'Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives' checked in my Folder View options. I don't have time right now to understand why the Start Search didn't reveal it, I'd like to know really.
  11. Alamy finally gave that young Malaysian fem wrestler a rest from supporting the home page. But there are several other odd details. Maybe it's the weight of 190 million images that's been slowing things down?
  12. I've just tried selecting "don't show hidden folders" and it makes no difference- lock files aren't hidden. So Bryan may be able to rule that out.
  13. The most likely issue would seem to be that the .lock file has somehow become hidden. In which case I don't think a search will show it. If you are on Windows open the Lightroom catalogue folder and go to the View pane. Select the Options button and then View from within the Folder Options dialogue. Check whether 'show hidden files, folders and drives' is marked. If it is, even a hidden .lock file would be visible or found by search.
  14. I've not ever had to think about LR lock files but it seems that they shouldn't exist at all until you have opened the catalogue, and then they are deleted when you close it. They are there to prevent another user attempting to open that catalogue at the same time to prevent corruption. In fact that is the message that you are getting, as if someone already has that catalogue open. Can you log in as different users on that machine. If you close Lightroom is it still running as a process in Task Manager. https://community.adobe.com/t5/lightroom-classic/deleted-lr-lock-files-now-catalogs-images-missing/td-p/8642102 I suspect that it's not a case of hidden files as you can see other .lock files, though that begs the question why do you see those?
  15. Chris Bonnington: Country: Worldwide Usage: Magazine, Editorial print etc.
  16. You could search for *.lock to find the missing one. It only took my machine about 30 seconds to find mine.
  17. I've not come across this. Here are a few thoughts/suggestions. Is it possible that the lock file is hidden? I don't know how you would make it unhidden in Windows but it must be straightforward. Do you have a backup of the catalog ? I guess not or you would not be asking the question. If not, how about just duplicating the catalog that you wish to open, rename it and move it to another folder? If you can't find a solution I would suggest asking on the Lightroom Queen forums - genuinely helpful and very knowledgeable.
  18. I am pleased to still be using Photoshelter today and I think that might have been at risk ( I don't actually recall being particularly hostile to the closure of the stock site). I think it was the weird 'edgy' editing that I found most annoying - man sticking his thumb out of his trouser flies to look like a penis etc.
  19. Thanks for the spot Nigel, glad something is doing well with all the rain we've had!
  20. Hummm... You were as incensed as we were when it happened.
  21. Thanks Craig. I'll need to apply for these myself if the Sun carries on reducing the amount it pays for our photos😀 Pearl
  22. nope that's 2APBB6C Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 22 January, 2020. Alex Salmond leaves the High Court in Edinburgh after a preliminary trial hearing. Iain Masterton/Alamy Live News. 😉
  23. Sarah Moon did well out of Grainy photos. Some years ago! You could get somewhere near her technique with Kodak Recording film but I think she used an Agfa emulsion mostly, I used the recording film rated at about 1,000 ASA shooting for a book back in 1972. That was when Kodachome was 25 ASA. I thought it looked pretty good as full and double page spreads, but most of the book was reduced in scale and so most of the images were reduced in size and just looked muddy.
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