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  2. I was thinking South pole but it has been done. Allan
  3. Appologies that was the computer spell correction and I did not see it.🙁 Wastwater. Thats told it.😀 Allan
  4. No... but it was a regular port of call... and a great view to wake up to. I seldom spent two consecutive nights in the same place. Wastewater??
  5. Just booked a one-way ticket to Iqaluit.
  6. So you are living permanently by Wastewater are you? Allan
  7. Love your art images. I wish I was as arty as you. Allan
  8. I suppose Adobe think that people using PSE need more help than the "Experts" who use PSCC. Allan
  9. This gentleman has some very interesting solutions spanning several videos. His original unheated version is much simpler but looks very practical. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAj7O3LCDbkIR54hAn6Zz7A Tons of information on this channel as well.
  10. Regarding winter payment also check this out in your case. https://www.gov.uk/winter-fuel-payment/eligibility Allan
  11. don't only trust your tastes, let the customers decide. I just sold an image last week that i thought was a failure, but because the subject was not well covered, i uploaded
  12. I also prefer the result after your suggested adjustment, plus I also set an overall WB off the rim of the bowl. I also tried using PSE which conveniently has an "adjust for natural skin tone" eyedropper which produces a result somewhere in the middle (to my eyes anyway). Why hasn't PS CC also got this feature - or maybe it has but I haven't found it. Mark
  13. These are the questions I asked too, before I ht the road. Only on two occasions did anyone knock on my van: 1) in Kendal to say that if I didn't vacate the car-park sharpish, I'd become part of a fun-fair, and 2) that if I didn't move asap, I'd become part of Bakewell market. I looked for quiet places to park up at night, but not too quiet. People walking by would not have been aware that there was anyone inside, curled up inside a sleeping bag. I avoided street parking, and I was careful not to be in anyone's way. So... no industrial areas... and if I saw half a dozen kids, wearing hoodies and riding bikes, I'd drive somewhere else. My rule was always to get parked up, off-road, for the night, before I had a drink (most car-parks are free after 6pm). The police have better things to do than bother an old guy in a van! Hygiene? Not a problem (unless you really want to shower twice a day). The satnav lady would direct me to local swimming baths, when I needed a shower (there's a leisure centre on the outskirts of all but the smallest towns). Toilets, washing facilities and free wifi: that's what Wetherspoons are for! I carried about six changes of clothes, so I'd stop at a campsite once every three weeks... to wash clothes, shave, edit/upload pix and recharge batteries, etc. While it's not a lifestyle that would suit everyone, I wish I had a pound for everyone who said they'd love to do what I did (including a lot of married women!)...
  14. Well, it suited me. I lived in this miniature motorhome for five years: travelling, writing, taking pictures, getting lost. I only quiit the nomadic life six months ago, but kept the van. As Michel de Montaigne suggested: “One should always have one’s boots on and be ready to leave”... So cool to see that others here have done or are doing this. I'm currently researching the nomadic lifestyle here in the U.S. primarily through Youtube. With some luck and a lot of effort I could be exploring the country by this time next year. I cant think of a better way to enjoy life and find pictures.
  15. Wow, you folks are so creative and practical. Most impressive. My personal project outside of stock? Lunch. Edo
  16. Today
  17. Country: WorldwideUsage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale.Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use22 MB3200 x 2400 pixels853KB compressedStart: 09 November 2019End: 09 November 2024 2nd sale ever. $19.99 😊
  18. Appearances can be deceptive... That photo was another example of bad lighting - an office environment. I'm afraid to disappoint, I'm a very pale skinned Englishman! Not particularly red either!! Here's a more realistic profile picture then, I guess I better show myself
  19. That'll be glühwein here! It's 8C, and the Lake District where that was taken is one of a few places in England where it can be brilliantly sunny and raining out of the same sky at the same time, in the same place. Looking forward to NZ next month.
  20. With neither, thanks. Just my opinion. You're entitled to yours. As I said, and you said, plus on the temp and minus on the tint. Different figures from yours of course on the screenshot jpeg in LR. I also dropped the exposure a bit..
  21. Thanks for the advise. When I looked closer, I only liked one photo enough to upload it. I need more practice.
  22. Found one of mine on the Culture Trip site. Lots and lots of Alamy images. At least they are using Alamy rather than a competitor - Alamy offers more in depth and variety I should think.
  23. From your profile pic you look more southern European or maybe just well-tanned so you could probably add more yellow and bring back some saturation in the adjustment brush than I was suggesting. I speak as a ruddy one with fair celtic complexion that goes red at the mere thought of sunshine, wind or cold. People don't like to look red so I tend to desaturate ruddy skin tones a bit as it is a lot more flattering. If I take pics of a couple and one is ruddy and the other has a nice tan or just normal white skin, then I will tend to use a local adjustment with desaturation on the ruddy one - not so much that it is noticeable but just a touch can be good.
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