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  2. I have some magazines from 1990, 'The Los Angeles Times' Sunday magazine. I was wondering what are the copyright issues if I photographed the covers and put them through as stock images? Can anyone give any advice. Thanks in advance.
  3. I used your image ID to search for it: https://www.alamy.com/marfret-guyane-container-ship-at-port-of-spain-trinidad-tobago-image228713192.html In that page I just drag and drop the image to a new tab. Then copy the obtained URL and paste it in "Insert image from URL" in my post. This is the URL: https://c7.alamy.com/comp/R82P08/marfret-guyane-container-ship-at-port-of-spain-trinidad-tobago-R82P08.jpg I'm using Safari 11 in MacOS El Capitan. Cheers!
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  5. Personally I would be reluctant to post image details for use on a banknote - security, forgery etc Might be better to delete?
  6. It's the marmalade hoverfly, Episyrphus balteatus. This one: Lots of those in my garden at the moment. Just come back from the local nature reserve (it's only a few hundred yards from my house so an easy walk) with a fair few insect images. A quick browse through suggests I've got about 2 worth keeping. Field macro is hard work for little reward. πŸ˜€
  7. Thanks, I had not thought of this. Found a couple of sales yet to appear in my list by using it.
  8. Hoverfly on a white nettle-leaved bellflower this morning. A lovely bit of dappled shade......and a Lastolite gold reflector. I've got campanula trachelium, thanks John, but any chance of an ID on the hoverfly..........? I was so pleased to get the oil-film dichroism (made-up description) on the wings. Zoom in to see.
  9. +1 in many cases. Not to say you shouldn't try your best, but it's not my job to decide on the best image- it's the buyer's. If it's competently executed and can do a job of illustration, it goes up.
  10. It's likely the only way to cease selling via Alamy will be to delete images. Even then they remain on sale for 6 months.
  11. Well spotted Wim, it's very over priced according to our moggy, who said they are nothing special πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  12. I emailed Alamy today about something separate and got their automated response, seems like they are still out for COVID-19. Here are some snippets from the mail Temporarily, we’re unlikely to be able to answer your email due to a reduction in team size whilst we respond to the global Covid-19 pandemic. Quality Control wait times will be much longer than normal. Please bear with us and we will review your submission as soon as we can. Wait time for initial submissions will take around 3 to 4 weeks.
  13. Affiliate Sale; Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Marketing package - Small business ; Start: 10-July-2020 ; End: 10-July-2025 ; Additional Details: Use in marketing materials, worldwide for 5 years (excludes advertising). This package is for marketing campaigns promoting businesses which have up to 10 employees. Mid $$
  14. I like the photo, it's true that some photos we don't consider the better ones are the ones that sell on here sometimes, my experience so far... I have some photos similar to yours taken in Cadiz but not on here as I did something more artistic with it and black and white, there's definitely something about cranes!
  15. Thank you so much Shearwater and Gareth, how did you get it larger Shearwater please? Gareth thank you also and I am sorry your sale got refunded, I have everything crossed mine won't be but who knows, I know it's the way things go but at the moment it's certainly made my day😁 My cheeky other half said after I'd got up off the floor, well it's an ok image but not one of your best, probably quite true but hoping it may turn out to beπŸ˜‰ Being an optimist I shall now look forward to getting a banknote sometime πŸ˜„. Carol
  16. Well I've just picked myself up off the floor, this one came in today, my biggest sale to date very high $$$ very happy, here's hoping it doesn't get refunded! Why did I take this picture? I quite liked the reflections and the sky, there you go....... 99 MB7798 x 4430 pixels 3 MB compressedUsage: Use within the design of a bank note. License Period: 15 years active printing plus archive (life of product);Print run: Unlimited;Includes in context marketing use of the image, in digital and print; Up to 1/2 area Not sure how to make it larger on here, using iMac/Catalina. Image Ref: R82P08 Carol
  17. Wow! To be used within the design of a bank note, I mean that's iconic and unsurprisingly would pay well. Fingers crossed it doesn't get refunded. My sale this month did, today
  18. Lockdown has, of course, been a depressing pain for everyone but for those of us who need to get about for our self-employed work, more difficult. While, in theory, I could have been out and about a bit in the landscape, the five mile restriction in Wales has only just been lifted. I live in a very rural area so meeting folks on my excursions into the wider landscape for the bulk of my non-library and non-urban photography is quite rare. However, I have been a good boyo and kept strictly to the Welsh guidelines until they were relaxed on Monday. In the meantime I have used the enforced studio time wisely by producing three books. The top three on this page: https://www.pete-davis-photography.com/newpage Apart from 'Silentium' which contains some new work made during the lockdown period in the studio, the other two are of existing work. I spent the time editing and sequencing and putting these together. They will be launched when my postponed one-person exhibition opens finally in August. It was originally planned to open in May. That was a disappointment of course but I have compensated with these books. For someone who is as photographically and physically active as me it's been hard but these projects have sustained me and given me a fillip. 'Silentium II' is in progress too. I can't wait to get out there again and pick up projects that have been on hold. I use my work to help get me out of the blues even though it's hard at the time. Producing new work is good. Pete Davis https://www.pete-davis-photography.com/ http://peteslandscape.blogspot.com/ https://www.instagram.com/petedavisphoto/.
  19. USA, The New York Times, July 10th 2020 Article on Carl Reiner https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/09/movies/steve-martin-carl-reiner.html?searchResultPosition=1 Photo: Ronald Grant Archive
  20. I'm finding all kinds of enjoyment difficult these days. I cheered up a little yesterday when things were more normal... but that was because of passing loud construction noise on my street. I didn't know I missed it. I do so love the activity in this city so its just too odd when it is quiet. I did pass someone speaking French into his phone and that felt good. Paulette
  21. Wonderful cartoon for these times. I couldn't figure out how to copy and paste it so here's a link.. https://laughingsquid.com/its-for-your-own-good/ Paulette
  22. I keep forgetting that there are threads outside of "contributor experience". And now that I am no longer contributing on Shutterstock, I need to get more active on here. One of my recently re-processed images. I'd love to get back to Costa Rica next year (or my bday in December), but not sure how realistic that is these days
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