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  2. 23rd April - Highland Games coming up here in Scotland... Country: Worldwide Usage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale. Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use
  3. It's live news because yesterday was St. George's Day and it's quirky enough for one of the tabloids to pick it up. So yes, for me it's acceptable Live News. In my opinion, of course.
  4. *You’re welcome Kumar Guardian Online 24.04.2019 https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/apr/24/country-diary-greenfinches-insistent-calls-break-a-roman-reverie CR7F2W Ernie Janes Greenfinch Carduelis chloris in flight from birch scrub
  5. Just wondering about image shape on instagram. So far anything I've posted has ended up square. Horizontal images have been cropped at the sides, and vertical images have been cropped both top and bottom. Is that the norm or are there a way to set image dimensions?
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  7. Yes, thanks Colin, I’ve done similar with a macro lens + ext tube, copy stand & light box for old family slides. I probably won’t be getting into scanning anytime soon—I’m currently two trips behind in my digital processing!
  8. Very nice images indeed. Don't forget that the competition from microstock agencies is now fierce. More then ever, buyers seem to be coming here for images that they probably can't find anywhere else. It's a jungle out there...
  9. I've had a sale this month of an image that I marked exclusive when we were informed of the exclusivity payment policy. Alamy claims that it wasn't marked exclusive on the date of sale, but this is not the case. Anyone else have this happen?
  10. https://www.instagram.com/jamphamphoto/ Here's mine...
  11. You have to remember that this is a professional supplier of images, not Flickr or 500px. The arty type captions will get you nowhere. The Babbling Forest Brook, for example. Where is it (country, state/province, region, national park name). Your photo P6ACN0 is another example. It is near the Annapurnas, but it is separated from them by the Kali Gandaki. Which peak is it (its the gorgeous Dhaulagiri, one of my favourite mountains up there with the elegant Aiguille Verte and les Grandes Jorasses), which face (its the yet-unclimbed south face). You have to get these details in, and you have to get them right. Its very easy to spend ages searching the internet to find these details, but you have to do it. There is an insider's secret though - the forum here is full of very experienced and knowledgable people. If you are not sure of the details of something then post an image here and ask and you will get full and detailed information. You have a good portfolio, don't let it go un-noticed by not putting in the less interesting but nevertheless vitally important work of accurate captioning and keywording. You caption should always be in a complete sentence and describe who, what, where, when, why and how.
  12. Before you spend too much time scanning Bill, reading this forum thread is very informative. In fact, I bought the little Nikon ES-1 slide copier which screws onto my macro (60mm) and take photos of my slides. Its very quick and the results are excellent. So much so that my scanner will be going on sale when I get around to it.
  13. https://www.instagram.com/coolshop/ Mine's definitely a wide mix A lot of iPhone work there.
  14. RF for a bit lower than mid $$. 5 MB1638 x 1092 pixels 258KB compressedBook use. Japanese distribution of up to 2,000 in Japanese.
  15. That is difficult to judge as your account is private. It needs to be public if you are intending to use it for marketing etc.
  16. No except for the ones that are really relevant and already exist on Instagram but it depends I guess on what you want out of Instagram. If using it as a marketing tool, then you want to get your stuff seen by people who might be interested as well as build up a following - the latter is essential to be taken seriously and takes a bit of work. You need to follow other people and like their images to build up a following. Consistency in liking is important to maintain a following. Your images are obviously very good but you will receive very few likes until you build up a following. It is important to appreciate that most people you are mutually following will not be producing professional quality images but you have to give likes to followers or they will desert. You will find that you are getting followed by all sorts of people who only follow you to get you to follow them and then they unfollow you. There are tools to combat this as it is impossible to keep track once you start to gain followers. I would advise you to post a lot less frequently as it can be annoying to get loads of stuff from the same person in one's feed even if the material is good. It is open ended and there is no hurry. I think once a day max is about right although I have been lax lately and only posting about once a week.
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  18. False modesty for sure. You have some really good pics there 😀. You should post more.
  19. At the risk of redsnapper disagreeing with me again, heaven forbid, take a look at T5B4TE . Are staged shots like this really live news material? Saleable yes but Live News?
  20. I just got a mega powerful MacBook Pro 15" with 32GB RAM blazing fast. I'm on the fence about selling my old MacBook Pro 13" (8GB RAM) but thinking of keeping it since the thought of taking this mega expensive laptop on the road scares me a bit ...so, not trying to highjack the thread but I am interested in what you decide. Here's my take on the various models I've used. The 13" does an okay job with LR and PS, even with 8GB RAM, 500GB SSD, even on my very large files, but with 42MP Sony files I found it was just filling up too fast and moving too slowly for me for everyday use (I shoot a lot of photos when I travel and then suddenly have a few thousand to upload and review at once). With the images from my old Nikons (D700 and D5100) and my Olympus (16MP) it was great. I used it with the Sony for a year, but as later versions of PS and LR came along, I noticed too much of a lag with the Sony files, though it is great with the Oly. My 13" MacBook is too new to be upgradable so I can't up the RAM. If I could I would have to 16GB and kept it as my min machine. This new MacBook with 32GB RAM and the fastest processor is noticeably faster, but definitely is too expensive to consider as a second computer. I bought it to replace both my laptop and desktop, so I could use it as a processor attached to my iMac in target display mode. I'm just mentioning it for comparison. I now find myself with a very expensive machine for travel. I have a $1,000 deductible on my insurance, so really any machine I travel with, will cost me the same to replace, unless I keep the old MacBook, but it is a conundrum. I do take the new laptop out a lot because there is construction next door so it's great for working at local coffee houses, but when I started thinking about a cheaper alternative for travel, I realized that keeping my 13" MacBook Pro might be the answer. My daughter has a 13" MacBook Air and loves it. She uses it to compute high level math (she's getting her Ph. D. in some esoteric number theory) but she has a Nikon D3100 with PS5, and mostly uses her iPhone for baby pix. It's light as a feather. When I looked at even the new 13" MacBook Pros, they did not have much more to offer than the older model I already have, and the Airs not at all. I don't think that my old MacBook Pro uses the graphics card at all - but it still works fast. If I am working on images all day long, I'd restart it to clear the RAM. On the new laptop I processed tons of large files, made a bunch of large vector-based illustrations, and kept the machine on for several days before things slowed a bit, so that's the difference I've noticed. It's really a workhorse. I'm in the states so if you are too and are interested in a used MacBook Pro, we could talk. But it only has 8GB RAM. I'm on the fence about keeping it. I went from a 15" MacBook Pro (my first MacBook) to the 13" because it was so much lighter and easier for travel and only moved back to the 15" now because of the power. It meets the minimum requirements and while I wanted something faster for everyday, for travel it's a nice little machine. I wish that there was decent power on an iPad to process photos for travel. That would be ideal. With the new MacBooks it's all thunderbolt 3/USB-C so you'll need a bunch of adapters. No SD card slot and of course no CD/DVD slot. I bought a cheap multi card reader when my CF card reader died ages ago, and with the adapter it goes as fast as the SD card can go. (I was going to buy a better one at B&H and when I discussed it with the sales associate, he told me to try it out since the reader is just a conduit). But all the new MacBooks use the T3/USB-C tech. I use a thunderbolt 3 to thunderbolt 2 to FireWire adapter to access my old hard drives. But it works.
  21. Nora - I'd suggest expanding photo captions to include more relevant keywords. For instance caption on this image reads "Meliquina River in the Lanin National Park, Patagonia, Argentina" Caption with more details would be something along the line "Scenic Landscape View of Wooden Trestle Bridge over Meliquina River in Lanin National Park, Patagonia, Argentina". There are several keywords added here ("landscape", "bridge") that will help discoverability. Like others said, some images appear too dark. By looking in your port I suspect you do very little post-processing. Post-processing is your friend and very important part. Using techniques like selective HDR via layer-masks, split toning etc. you can significantly improve your shots. Second suggestion I have is to follow closely "Images sold" thread in Forum. That tells a lot what customers are looking for. You will notice landscapes in general are not in such high demand. But more than anything -- unusual angles, photos that tell a story, something that will help your image surface between 100's if not 1000's that are available online today. Good luck and persist; photography is fun, if approached the correct way.
  22. Recent threads about scanning prompted me to: update my ancient copy of Vuescan (bless Ed Hamrick); get my Canon FS4000 out of the cabinet where it's been sitting for 15 years; hook it up via USB; and run a couple of random slides through. Darned if it didn't work! Darned if it didn't also remind me of the perils of trying to clean up slides, before and after scanning. And how slow it is. Back in the day, I connected it via SCSI, but I can't say that the USB (2) connection seemed any slower. So: What do you use to clean up slides before scanning? Any tips on maintenance/cleanup for the FS4000?
  23. British Wildlife Magazine, April 2019, Vol 30, No. 4. ISSN: 0958-0956 Front cover: Nature Picture Library/ Wild Wonders of Europe/Cairns, Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) male displaying, Cairngorms NP, Scotland, March 2009. Image ID: F0N11N P166: DP Wildlife Vertebrates, Goosander (Mergus merganser) adult male swimming on the River Skell near Ripon, North Yorkshire. March. Image ID: M2K1P7 P187: Stephen Kelly, Devil's Ditch (also called Devil's Dyke) an Anglo-Saxon earthwork. Image ID: C4WJEY P188: Kevin Maskell, Lizard orchid (Himantoglossum hircinum) pair on the Devils Dyke in Cambridgeshire. Image ID: BEJWFP P199: Peter Lane, Red Squirrel, Sciurus Vulgaris. Image ID: G9K01T P204: David Whitaker, Red-billed Chough, Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax. Image ID: AYBBXP P218: David Shale, Pram bug (Phronima sedentaria) in barrel of salp, caught between 74m/243ft and 188m/617ft, at night, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, North Atlantic Ocean. Image ID: E45J9T
  24. A few Alamy contributors here: https://heytutor.com/blog/the-most-expensive-public-schools-for-out-of-state-residents/ Mindy Fawver Glenn Nagel Charles Knowles Ken Wolter Marcus Baker Jon Bilous (twice) Eric Franks Images-USA Gregg Schieve Stephanie Sellers Sean Pavone Nadia Yong Maciej Bledowski AztecBlue michelmond Walter Arce Radius Images Nick Fox lukas bischoff Andrei Stanescu AlessandraRCstock Claudine Klodien John D. Ivanko
  25. I don't actually know for sure. I'm having a lot of repeat sales, so I reckon it's probably 60% News/40% Stock, or thereabouts.
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