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  3. Oh the one hour submission rule bites again. My understanding is that Alamy wants live news within the hour so it has a commercial advantage, but it will reject images which are over 24 hours old; so clearly there is a wider window than one hour. If your submission is for example, after 61 minutes the door is not slammed in your face, you just run the risk of not being the first in the buyers queue. As an aside reportage puts your images straight into the stock collection. Your earlier post implies your dissatisfaction with a lack of sales from live news rather than your interpretation of Alamys rules is one of the sources of your angst. Clearly you are frustrated but I feel self review of your workflow will be more rewarding than suggesting Alamy changes their business plan. May I also suggest that before your next big opportunity you ask for workflow suggestions on this forum. When asked a question you will be amazed at the generosity of the forum contributors, we will all learn something.
  4. He hasn't blogged since 2017, and has kept himself very low in the past couple of years. He hadn't even updated his Fb page since April 2017, but he has one post from March 2019 saying: "We listened! New reduced price on all images. $33 USD - all sizes! Also. 20% bonus this month. If you buy $250 USD to top up your account, you will get $300 USD on your account to spend on images or videos! Hurray!" So he's also having to adjust prices downwards, presumably to match the market.
  5. Doesn't apply to me as a Mackem, rather than a Geordie.
  6. Hello Simon, I've thought on more than one occasion that I would like to live around the Lake District, but on reflection it is a double-edged sword. You have access to the most fantastic landscape in England and a coast which just begs for glorious sunsets. What you don't (easily) have of course is the rich variety of the towns and cities which probably form a large proportion of Alamy's sales. I think if I was in your place I would do more in the way of photographing for the Print on Demand market, rather than focussing on Alamy (you may already do so, of course). For the stuff you put on Alamy I would aim to produce pictures involving more people doing things in the context of this beautiful landscape. I'm sure straight landscapes sell sometimes, but people pictures sell more. A lot of your pictures have a deep and attractive colour range, but by no means all of them. Where a landscape and light naturally looks a little flat, I'd be inclined to give the colours a little more saturation and contrast. Your keywording looks comprehensive and accurate, as far as my knowledge of the area goes. I would avoid using keywords which might give many false positives in searches - e.g. you have Barrow-in-Furness on pictures of the surrounding coast and countryside, when it is almost certain that anyone looking for that search term is looking for a once-prosperous-now-struggling industrial-town scene. You might try to think more widely on your keywording, e.g. your wind farm images are crying out for keywords relating to electricity generation, environment, renewable energy etc. If it were me there I would have lots of shots of the Ravenglass and Eskdale railway, and probably the Cumbrian coast line as well with some unique nuclear traffic and occasional steam excursion. You have access to a lesser known, yet beautiful part of the Lake District. It won't attract as many sales a the central fells and lakes, but it is worthy of wider attention. If you can make even more of your images go 'wow' then, when a wider audience belatedly discovers your part of the world, you will have a head start on desirable imagery. Enjoy the peaceful scenery. I only wish I would be there more often
  7. I remember when I first uploaded to one of those other agencies, it was 10 days before your images were either passed or failed. I believe they are a bit quicker now, but not sure how quicker. Outside of the weekends, I have usually had mine through Alamy's QC in a day, with the odd one taking longer. Jill
  8. Angelo's is owned by some Amici di Amici in Florida, I don't know if they will ever open that place again. Little Italy had a good run, 100 years. Basta!
  9. I just did some online research on Angelo's and they have left their website the same as if they are open but on Facebook a recent post said they will open in August. Such a long time. Paulette
  10. Yes, it will be super hot, John. Cecile, my stepdaughter was in NYC last week and snapped some pics of my building. After 14 months, there are still vacate notices on the entrance. That means nobody is allowed in the building. No work has been done on Angelo's, the restaurant on the ground floor where the fire started. It's 146 Mulberry Street. I sold my rent stabilized lease to the landlord last July. I will not be going back to the city.
  11. Alamy Photograph found in National Geographic https://www.nationalgeographic.com.au/travel/venice-is-flooded-with-touristsvisit-these-floating-cities-instead.aspx Photographer SORIN COLAC Found by Rob Cook
  12. Edo, do you have any recent news of your old place in NYC? If not, and the moon and stars line up properly, I’ll be up there and can try to stop by and take a pic or two.
  13. Guardian online 9th https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2019/may/09/the-art-of-noticing-five-ways-to-experience-a-city-differently CFM2TY Tetra Images / Jamie Grill
  14. your images have really excellent composition. yeah, QC is slow as F, the 1 star, 2 star, 3 star qc rank is just a placebo and really do nothing, they should get rid of it. the last day to upload stock before the people go home on the weekends is thursday morning the latest. anything after thursday morning, you will have to wait until monday for it to pass, or tuesday if it's a "bank holiday"
  15. I took art A-level in Seville (long story), and, thankfully, everything was timed for early starts each morning. Seville is just about the hottest place in Europe, each summer, so you'll be needing a few cold beers...
  16. Thank you, Sultanpepa. That's useful advice, I'll contact the contributor support and explain my case. I'll report their answer here. Just to clarify my point. With the new, shorter time limit, Alamy clearly expressed its vision about what a "Live News" picture actually is. And most of my pictures, IMHO, are simply not that kind of photos (namely, they do not depict sports events, celebrations, political events, and so on). I can't properly prepare 100, or even just 10, images within one hour, because in that hour I am still shooting and moving from one venue to another until midnight and beyond. And the following day it's just the same. Therefore, there is currently a gap between pictures which lose much of their value within a day and should be really considered "Live News", and evergreen photos which I will sell maybe five years from now. There are photos you will sell in 2023, perhaps, but that you'll sell much more probably within a week. They are neither "Live News" nor evergreen, but something in between which would much benefit from a quicker revision process during the weekend or, alternatively, with an "Extended News" category with a different submission deadline. PS. "very special press pass" was ironic, anyway I've just deleted it since that was clearly not obvious to all...
  17. First sale ever for me (actually 2 sales from one buyer), i upload pictures from begining of this year. Low price, distributor sales ... but finally i have sale(s). Hope next one will be not after 5 months.
  18. There is still no reason that I can see that you can't upload to 'Live News'. But first I'd contact 'Contributor Services' and explain the circumstances as to why they can't be uploaded within an hour. They're there to help and I'm sure they will do their best to accommodate or advise on a solution. Drop them an e-mail or better still give them a call. Let us know how you get on.
  19. USA, The New York Times newspaper, May 19th 2019 Sunday Styles section Pg. 6, A vintage Sony Walkman, AKP Photos (Alamy credit only) Pg. 7, Tangled telephone cord, could not find, credit to Alamy only National Section Obituaries Pg. 26, Machiko Kyo, Keystone Press New York Times Style Magazine Pg. 54, Meryl Streep, John Clifford/Orion Pictures (Photo 12)
  20. 19/05/2019, Observer [Review section], p17, Guy Verhofstadt racing Aston Martin, KM444R, CJM Photography [Alamy credit only] 19/05/2019, Observer [Review section], p34, still from Birds of Passage, RGRM7A, AF archive 19/05/2019, Observer [Magazine], p43, arrayán trees, FACER9, Vibrant Pictures [Alamy credit only] 19/05/2019, Observer [Magazine], p46, Cape Clear ferry, PBAYRN, Andy Gibson [Alamy credit only] 19/05/2019, Observer [Magazine], p46, headland at South Harbour on Cape Clear island, J2TXHX, geogphotos [Alamy credit only] 19/05/2019, Observer [Magazine], p47, tiny stone cottage on Cape Clear Island in County Cork, JK1H30, jackie ellis [Alamy credit only] 19/05/2019, Observer, p5, view over Wharfedale from Woodhouse Crag, H03HJC, MSP Travel Images [Alamy credit only] 19/05/2019, Observer, p10, McDonald's milk shake, DT43JX, Lenscap [No credit - poss not via Alamy] 19/05/2019, Observer, p32, man reading Hungarian newspaper, BE6WKX, Karl F. Schöfmann/imageBROKER [Alamy credit only] 19/05/2019, Observer, p33, graffiti in Medellin, DGBAWY, Carlos Mora [Alamy credit only] 19/05/2019, Observer [Sports section], p20, French Tennis Open 1984, RC6JAY, dpa picture alliance
  21. Sorry, but this is a bit offending. I have a Press Pass, not a Press Photographer Pass, because I write from 20 to 40 articles about the Venice Biennale (art and architecture) each year. Furthermore, I have access to the first day of press preview which is restricted to major newspapers and magazines which are covering the Biennale for, at least, five years. (If you have ever been there, you know that shooting decent photos on the third press preview day is almost impossible due to the crowd) I shoot a large number of photos there (usually from 500 to 1,000), but only a small part of them is included in my articles, while the others go to Alamy. Live News is useful for...news, not for contemporary art pictures which have a complex and long keywording process (you have to clearly identify the artist, the artwork's title, the year, check for previous copyright restrictions, and so on). You can't do that in minutes, because no one is interested in "a picture of artwork at the Venice Art Biennale 2019", you must add a lot of details to make it commercially interesting. I try to do my best and, in a day or two, I write five to six articles, select and edit about 100 pictures (discarding 200 more pictures which are repetitive or technically not enough good to be published), both those for my articles and those to be sent to Alamy, and put all that stuff online. Therefore, my first pictures are potentially available for other magazines usually on Friday morning, which is when I begin sending them to Alamy for QC (the Biennale opens to the public on Saturday and all the publishers which haven't sent their photographer to it are looking for pictures from Friday evening to Sunday morning. I am aware that contemporary art and architecture are small niche markets, and I understand Alamy can't change its QC process for what is just a small number of additional sales, compared to their 160-million-picture repository. Yet, at least in my case, a QC running six days a week could be very, very useful. Most online agencies work 7 days a week (for example, outsourcing support and evaluation processes overseas), so I am just suggesting to Alamy to consider such a move seriously.
  22. I don't think you really understand the difference between stock and Live News. Despite your '...very special press pass...' you are uploading via stock which means you have to wait for them to go through a process. If you apply for Live News access and get it your images will be available to potential customers within about 15 mins. If you cannot upload images to Live News within a couple of hours of making them then maybe you need to rethink your approach and workflow. It is not Alamy's fault - it is your basic misunderstanding of the process.
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