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  2. Alamy gets better fees but only 20% of the sales. This month's bank payment is less than 50% compared to my most recent from XXXX Images which I do not even supply direct so suffer further commission loss. Unfortunately, Alamy seems on a downward path for me and although it is convenient and easy I feel that apathy has set in and I need to rethink.
  3. If you go with the NIkon you will have a wide array of new and used lenses to chose from, not so much with the Sony. The Nikon will handle faster for wildlife also.
  4. I was expecting worse than this.................. 5 item(s) totalling $148.22. Don't do NU, PU, UKNS. Had a Covid 19/5G image licenced. Zooms/views better than April. Onwards and upwards downwards sideways.
  5. CELIA MCMAHON and TERRY MATTHEWS https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/spring-2020-was-sunnier-than-almost-every-british-summer-w8cpc2n3s?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1591027965
  6. The reason for encouraging fellow protesters to photograph is because their images will likely be posted on social media. In most cases photojournalists have no control over how or where their images are used, so it's not their fault if they are used in a critical way. The exception are the few staff photographers left when they are working for a publisher with a known editorial policy. Personally, the only groups I have found critical of my presence at protests are the far right, you have to be very observant and tread carefully there.
  7. If its too loud you are too old. My last pit was Machine Head in February, where there was some marked effervescence. I got pitched onto the floor and banged my knee up royally. Never had cracked ribs though. I did get knocked over at Anthrax when I took a direct hit in the chest from a stage diver. I saw stars for a bit there. My last busted pair of glasses was Grimskunk back in December. If you don't know Grimskunk and you like you music with a bit of punch they are well worth checking out. Their last two records are superb, Set Fire! and Unreason in the Age of Madness. If you want two songs to try quickly then Set Fire! itself and the blazing opener Lets Start a War from Unreason, which is rage incarnate.
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  9. Very hot oven and preheated baking tray. Base rolled out very thin and not too much passata!
  10. No perhaps then. The after effects can be very powerful and exhaustion is a main symptom. This is being very widely recognised now. The idea of two weeks and off you go is out the window for many. The other thing is that it is unpredictable. I start to think I am better and then splat. However, it does seem to be improving overall and this fabulous weather is really helping. Best of luck with it.
  11. I found a Lumix brand 46mm lens cap while on a walk in the woods yesterday and it does not fit any lens I have and would be happy to send it to anyone in the U.S. or Canada who can use it. I hate to just toss it out. It is like this one. It should fit any 46mm lens front.
  12. I think so. That was my lens when shooting Nikon. The color rendition from it is beautiful.
  13. There is a lot in the Lightroom menu that is relevant these days....for example: 1) Distortion (how much should be permitted?) 2) Saturation (when is too much?) 3) Highlights (or should they be called lowlights?) 4) White Balance (no doubt one of Agent Orange's favourite controls) 5) Detail/masking (need I say more? Anyone fancy a trip to a castle up North?) 😉
  14. Yes I'm not a fan of the subscription model either but I am far too embedded in Photoshop and Lightroom to even think of changing. For what you get they are exceptionally good value anyway. I am a heavy duty Photoshop user so do take advantage of a lot of features that are not available in the last perpetual version I own (CS6) which no longer installs anyway on the latest MacOS. Since I started learning video seriously during the lockdown, I've invested in Apple's Final Cut Pro rather than even think about subscribing to the full Adobe package. Not a chance of that at the price.
  15. Wonderful choices. I could vote for any of them... all of them. I suppose that's not allowed. Paulette
  16. Your son makes me think of Alan Rabinowitz. He had a terrible stutter as a child and could only speak to animals. His disability and the relationship he formed with a lone jaguar in the zoo led him to become an advocate for the big cats, especially for jaguars.... https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/2018/08/alan-rabinowitz-big-cat-champion-news/ Paulette
  17. i also don't get a monthly bill, nor a system that has issue with the RAW conversion from my camera ;-) (for my PS needs i have an old element license). i actually think both systems are fine, just had issue with the pricing model of one.
  18. But you don't get Photoshop with Capture 1. I could live without Lightroom at a push but if i had to have only one app it would have to be Photoshop. All that funky conversion stuff can be done organically anyway.
  19. Maybe you need a dose of Covid-19 (if you haven't already had it). It does wonders to focus the mind on what is important in life 😃. Only problem is it can bring on some serious fatigue which can counteract the ability to do all those things that have been brought into focus in the first place. You could say it's a Catch 22 situation but I'm calling it Catch-19 😎.
  20. Last sale in mid February. I´ll get the same results by doing nothing. I´ll go elsewhere.
  21. They try to stop me too. I recently started working as a photojournalist for a paper and this question has come up often. You are well within your right to document what is happening at a newsworthy event. I always find it odd that fellow protesters are ENCOURAGED to film and take pics but anyone marked as media is bad. Just move on and keep doing what you're doing.
  22. I stopped visiting my local park due to the crowding being too bad for birds on top of the obvious health concerns, but am finding work shooting protests/editorials for a paper if that counts. I shot that stuff anyway, but it's a far higher proportion now since at least outings for genuine work are justifiable vs just going out to see what I get.
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