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  2. The Irish pipes are called Uilleann Pipes, the national pipes of Ireland and are not blown. Thats enough History for one morning.🙂
  3. Perhaps they thought they were buying the tree! 😁 John.
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  5. I checked with a police piper I know in Brooklyn. he says Irish bagpipes are not blown from the mouth. and kilts are worn in both nations. so that piper is a Scott. here's a snap I got last year in Galway. he was playing.
  6. oh yeah I parel eh voo pretty good. in a bakery, for example, I'm semi-fluent. I point at bun of some kind and say the name . . . but usually in Italian.
  7. I'm enjoying my retirement and being a Grey Nomad! LOL!! No hassles, no deadlines, no stress, just endless holidays and travel. Bliss!! Seriously, you are right. There is currently a huge fire on a nearby World-Heritage island which has been going on for several weeks. Quite a bit of smoke has drifted to the mainland. This would be news. I was actually in town yesterday where it was quite choking, my eyes were smarting. Then I saw a guy appearing to measure smoke levels in town centre with some weird instruments. I put my editorial cap on and took a shot. Then went to him an
  8. Weather related live news (Specially dramatic) has a worldwide audience. I think you are in an ideal position to do news.
  9. Ah, OK, makes sense, although worth an email to Alamy to see if you can get access?
  10. You're fluent in French Edo! I first wondered if you had trouble typing with one hand but then got it. LOL!!
  11. Yeah, most of us have been producing news-worthy snaps in the lockdowns. say laa V
  12. BBC News online https://www.bbc.com/culture/article/20201203-the-most-striking-images-of-2020 2AMDK0A A lightning strike over the province of Batangas during the eruption of the Taal volcano in Philippines, January 2020 (Credit: Domcar C Lagto/Pacific Press via Alamy) Stunning!
  13. Thank you for your wise guidance. As most other contributors, I've been kicked out of live news. If I lived in a static place, I might be interested in giving it another go but being permanently on the road, it would be quite a challenge. As an example, tonight the Internet signal is 2 bars out of 4. And we are on an unpowered site. Not a complete no-no with solar but it gives you an idea. Also the Australian market is very small. I could be wrong.
  14. Cheers Ian and Sally ! Times online 4th Business Justin Kase B&M Retail home store shopping business at the Lakeside retail park West Thurrock Essex Image ID: EEG2D6 London, UK. 18th Mar, 2020. Early morning queue at Waitrose Clapham Junction, JOHNNY ARMSTEAD/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2B7TM15 London, UK. 5th March, 2018. Thames water engineers consider how to repair one of the many leaks that have emerged since the end of the spell of freezing weather. In this case at South Kensington. Credit: Guy Bell/Alamy Live News - Image ID: M6NAJG
  15. All of those shots could be news pics, but culling, a quick edit, headlines and captions would have to be done as quickly as possible. As a press photographer I’ve learnt to only take a handful of pics so I’ve less to go through when selecting which to send. Do news!
  16. Wow, what a photo-filled exotic place! 🙂
  17. I’d say Irish as it was shot in an Irish village, Edo. That said, I know absolutely nothing about the pipes. 😂
  18. No because I won’t let her join Alamy as she’ll be genuine competition lol
  19. To give you an example Edo of what I just shot and my future culling nightmare. I am camped at the seaside, the tide is ebbing, sand bars are appearing, someone is silhouetted catching pippies and carrying a bucket, pelicans are hanging around. I am trying to get the perfect combination of all actors: 5 shots. There will be only 1 keeper. A pair of dolphins appeared, interacting with each other, coming to me and looking at me. Some close-up shots, some including the mangrove habitat in the background: 147 shots. Keepers? A handful. The scenic fish and chips restau
  20. rooting for the underdog!!! 😅 Remember. The tortoise did beat the hare.
  21. Probably. 🙂 I guess I'm on a complete different wavelength than the rest. That's fine.
  22. https://www.thesun.co.uk/travel/11729277/best-british-pubs-gardens-open-tier-social-distance/ 03/12 The attractive Victoria Arms pub,Marston nr Oxford. Used in the Inspector Morse Remourceful Day TV episode. - Image ID: D0BCBB / Richard Donovan The Pump House Liverpool UK - Image ID: B364HP / Ed Rhodes --- https://www.bbc.com/culture/article/20201203-the-most-striking-images-of-2020 Philippines. 12th Jan, 2020. Lightning streak over Batangas as Taal Volcano continue its eruption on Sunday evening. Phivolcs reminded the public that the volcano's main crater was "stric
  23. FAA (Fine Art America) is an art marketplace and print-on-demand technology company. They print the images on different products. [Portuguese] FAA (Fine Art America) é uma empresa de tecnologia de impressão sob demanda y mercado de arte. Eles imprimem as imagens em diferentes produtos. andre
  24. There is a bookstore similar to that in Vancouver. Talk about being buried alive by your inventory. 😱
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  26. I shoot Christmas trees every year, this shot was a bit different to usual, with a large board beside the tree with a price on it. £40 for a tree 0.8 - 1.0 metres high. That might be a bit out for next year. Still, the end date for the license was "in perpetuity" so the buyer saw some life in it. . . .
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