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  2. Search ignores diacritics so I only put them in captions, out of courtesy to the language. But I try to remember to add the "e"s. Edit: I evidently don't try very hard. I have 212 images of Köln but only 28 with koeln in the tags. How popular a search do you think it would be?
  3. Irish Sun online HCERDM Andor Bujdoso Pregnant woman holding little newborn shoes
  4. I'm not an expert, but could it be a species of Milk Cap? Might give you a start point. Rufous Milk Cap fits the coloration. One of those not to be eaten! Jim.
  5. National Geographic / Travel https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/destinations/north-america/explore-best-river-trips-in-parks-united-states-canada/ Explore 10 amazing river trips in North American parks Raft floating down a river in Alaska, United States. BR3R85 Whit Richardson / Alamy RM Bull Sluice rapids on the Chattooga RIver. EMNJAA Mic Smith Photography / Alamy RM Namekagon River Sunrise PGBYNM Tommy Nigbor / Alamy RF
  6. Translation software isn't guaranteed to know the local common names for plants and animals, so it doesn't hurt to add them. As for the diacritic marks, I tend to use several variations: Düsseldorf, Dusseldorf, Duesseldorf. When Germans drop the umlaut, they add an 'e'.
  7. Thanks for that! Good to know about the trouble with diacritic marks. I have added Japanese language tags to a few items just to see if they work, and they seem to be ok. (You can search "ニホンザル" (Japanese for "Japanese macaque") and my pictures show up. So I think it functions. I just don't know how useful it'll be or how it'll be dealt with if or when the images are sent to international distributors. Thanks everyone for the thoughts!
  8. Alamy Photograph found in the Metro https://metro.co.uk/2019/04/19/protesters-warn-boats-police-tow-pink-climate-change-boat-9275206/ Photographer Stephen Chung Found by Rob Cook
  9. USA, Parade magazine, April 21st 2019 issue Cover, Monk seal with plastic in mouth (cropped to a vertical), Paulo Oliveira Pg. 6, Sea turtle eating plastic, Paulo Oliveira Pg. 2, From Karate Kid movie, AF Archive There were three other movie related stills credited to Alamy but too hard to find.
  10. 20/04/2019, Guardian [Magazine], p51, tomatillos, R52G83, Rob Walls [Alamy credit only] 20/04/2019, Guardian [Magazine], p51, tomatillos, B1M03D, WILDLIFE GmbH [Alamy credit only] 20/04/2019, Guardian [Magazine], p53, Ely, A71HX8, Rod Edwards [Alamy credit only] 20/04/2019, Guardian [Review section], p32, Daniel Defoe, DDK71T, GL Archive 20/04/2019, Guardian [Review section], p35, Moseley Bog, H57N9A, Jon Sparks 20/04/2019, Guardian [Review section], p36, conceptual futuristic female robot, A1BY30, I. Glory 20/04/2019, Guardian, p5, sunshine in Bath, T50B6M, lynchpics [via Live News] 20/04/2019, Guardian, p21, graffiti of Einstein on a bike, CEH4YY, Jonathon Short 20/04/2019, Guardian, p23, rock garden at Wisley, JB69E9, adrian davies 20/04/2019, Guardian, p38, Howse Peak in Banff National Park, BCGED8, Tibor Bognar 20/04/2019, Guardian, p54, crushed plastic bottle, B43DAM, PhotoCuisine RF [Alamy credit only] 20/04/2019, Guardian [Food section], p11, pak choi, BWF5K1, Linda Jones [Alamy credit only] 20/04/2019, Guardian [Food section], p20, pieces of cheese, EGTMWG, Jakub Gojda [Cutout, Alamy credit only]
  11. Guardian Online 20.04.2019 https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/apr/20/how-grow-tomatillos-alys-fowler R52G83 Rob Walls Tomatillos used for making salsa verde growing on the vine B1M03D WILDLIFE GmbH Tomatillo (Physalis ixocarpa, Physalis philadelphica), variety Purple de Milpa
  12. USA, The Washington Post, April 21st 2019 issue Travel section Pg. F2, Cruise ships in port at Nassau, Bahamas, Ruth Peterkin (Alamy credit only) The Washington Post Magazine Pg 19, Iceberg illustration, Sergey Nivens Pg. 35, Hurricane weather engineer, Dennis Hallinan Pg. 39, Venice flooded, UK City Images
  13. Shot this for a friend of mine who produces this novelty snack. I asked him if I could put the pics on Alamy and he said sure! Used in an online article about the snack and its history. For $$
  14. This might well be unorthodox on my part, but I don't do the caps or tags until the images have passed QC. So I do them in the AIM system and not in LR as I suspect most others do. My main reason for this that I don't do well dealing with PP visual editing and text at the same time.
  15. Daily Telegraph Australia travel section Pinky Beach-Rottnest Island - M71F5W - Ingo Oeland
  16. @kayroxby random bits and bobs - some alamy
  17. Rusty brown fungi with a white sort of coloring on cap, any ideas as to what variety it might be please? Found in grassland in Herefordshire UK.
  18. Live News pics go live within minutes whereas stock photos can take over 24 hours, which by that time the images would be classed as old news.
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  20. Whale skull half-buried in beach, Cape Le Grand National Park, Western Australia First $$$ sale for the month. For TV use apparently. Was zoomed a couple of months ago
  21. T50EPG Graham Hunt https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/8901289/pink-moon-2019-tonight-april-pictures/
  22. Telegraph online https://www.telegraph.co.uk/food-and-drink/pubs-and-bars/salisbury-manchester-pub-review/ CE6HFG Russel Hart or D0K25C Loop Images / Russel Hart
  23. Hello, everyone! Just one question - it's not possible to upload News photos also through "stock Photograph section" ? I mean editors don't accept that type of materials?
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