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  2. It's how you interpret "wider context" I suppose, somewhere they also talk of the artwork taking up less than a third of the frame.
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  4. Don't see why not, particularly if you submit a series of images using the same technique when it should be obvious that this is your intent and not a processing error! I've seen Alamy photos sell where nothing is sharp, but it is clear that the tog wanted to convey an impression of speed.
  5. Edo, I envy you, to be in a darkroom with Smith is really a privilege. I often wonder what Gene would do with Photoshop? Nick Ut, the Vietnamese photographer the took the picture of the naked Vietnamese girl running down the road after the U.S. dropped napalm during the viet war. Hope you are well and comfortable. Chuck
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  7. Not sure of your definition of abstract John. Here is a very small sampling of my past sales that might qualify as abstract. Prices are all over the map.
  8. I found this photographer's urban "double vision" images interesting (if a bit chaotic). Have not experimented with this technique myself as I'm not sure how the results would sit with Alamy QC. P.S. Do you think images like this would pass QC?
  9. I carry a spare battery and also a charger, both purchased from a well known on-line auction site. Just check seller's reviews.
  10. That's a plausible theory, Bill. I recall an instance where one of my images licensed for editorial use and then another one from the same set sold for PU at approximately the same time, which I suppose could be an example one-stop-shopping. BTW, do you have any "pure" abstracts that have licensed on Alamy (if you don't mind my nosiness) ?
  11. Edo Select a subject that is at hand, and which you are interested in, and photographically explore it deeply. Not just the surface, but explore the subject deeply over a year or so I suffer from the same subject matter malaise. I am going to start doing more surrealism in photoshop. Move over Rene Magritte. First attempts will depend heavily on Magritte, but hopefully I will be able to go my own way with later images. https://www.google.ca/search?q=Rene+Magritte&lr=&hl=en&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjYrL2vmtHkAhVCqZ4KHfX5AtUQ_AUIESgB&biw=1751&bih=1248&dpr=2 I have also considered 36 views of the CN tower. The CN tower dominates the Toronto skyline and seems to be always in view from anywhere in the city. If printmaker Hokusai can do it with 36 views of Mount Fuji in 1830 so can I . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirty-six_Views_of_Mount_Fuji
  12. I think Alamy is showing abstracts so they can expand their client base and retain present clients. Good for Alamy. A photo editor needs totem poles for one project and abstracts for the next project. If they need an abstract should they go somewhere else for their abstract, and maybe never return to Alamy when they need a totem pole? If Alamy meets all of the editor's needs, Alamy becomes a one stop shop for the editor. We all benefit.
  13. A bunch of Alamy moon pics here: https://www.thesun.ie/tech/science/4547318/rare-full-micro-moon-seen-across-the-uk-as-it-falls-on-friday-the-13th-for-first-time-in-13-years/
  14. There's no current way to see zooms on Stockimo photos, right?
  15. I would buy this one too. Looks like it's made of gold nuggets.
  16. Ouch! Some days it's not worth picking the locks and sneaking over the wall... I've let the side down, sorry chaps.
  17. I use date/month/year and spell the month in full, and I rough write out a caption to store in notes on the laptop. With that in mind (the laptop that is ..), does anyone have a laptop battery charger that is reliable and not expensive ? I've often had to pack up when the laptop runs out of battery ..
  18. and of course, when actually ON the 14th September, wrote 9th September. 😉
  19. Thanks. It was autofocus, aiming for the eye. I checked and the shutter speed was actually pretty slow, 1/30 sec, but I was panning while shooting. It was a bit of trial and error, I shot a lot to make sure at least some would have the focus I wanted ( and several did not!).
  20. 14/09/2019 Daily Mail (print) Violets viola "Sorbet Yellow Frost " in wooden seed trays. AKA24W John Glover Beautiful mountains and dramatic sky along the ring road, Route 1, Iceland. MHA685 Myron Standret Piece Hall Square, Halifax, opened in 2017 after a £19 million renovation. JTAHMJ Steven Gillis hd9 imaging Marilyn Monroe in the film Niagara 1953. B7WCDF Photo 12 Gergeti Trinity Church, Caucasus, Georgia. EG93PM Kasia Nowak
  21. You really nailed the focus. Manual or autofocus? You must have used a very fast shutter speed as well -- or maybe not?
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