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  2. Probably a mistake. Wait a day or two and see if it’s corrected by Alamy. If you want to close your account, write Alamy.
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  4. I have not noticed an increase. I have not opted out but I have noticed that Alamy is letting them go under the published rate. What's up with that?! I have had several below $15.00. I have resisted opting out because a sale is a sale. I know people cheat. It is rather obvious in some cases but I figure they will just hit the "Presentation" button instead so it all evens out. Rick
  5. Four sales that grossed less than $50. The last one really hurt as it wasn't even $5 gross for a magazine, 500,000 circulation, full page. The subject matter was somewhat unique. My cut won't even get me a cup of coffee with tip. 😞 However, July is usually very slow for me and at least I got four sales. I'm hoping for higher prices in the future. Rick
  6. Interesting article. I'm leaning more in Calendula direction after reading it, although I suppose "my flower" might be some kind of hybrid. This could end up being another "pretty flower" pic. I now have quite a few of those.
  7. I don't know but I will be looking for a way to get out of Alamy if they charge us storage fees!
  8. A gin sounds good right now. I'll need to rush the kids off to bed first. 😉
  9. I'm one that only started in 2017 and I have $-207 in my account his morning. I thought maybe I have two few photos with the new distribution changes, which I just realized today. I have had a lot going on and hadn't been submitting as much so I missed the contract update. I'm not a big time contributor like many of you getting hit, so I am confused as well. If I was some of you who started in 2002 or 2006 or whenever and have over 70.000 images, I would definitely be freaking out. I am angry for you! I hope there is a good answer, especially for you who make a good living at stock photograph
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  11. You all should remember that when Alamy was charging contributors a fee the commissions to photographers was much higher. This really concerns me. Chuck
  12. Thank you for including one of mine! wim edit: Finally looked up Iphofen because of the runaway voting 😁. Geräthengasse (Google Maps) or Gerätengasse (city map): https://goo.gl/maps/oQkicMkHPE1Tm4mc8 and here on Alamy (961 in total - and I had never heard of it) at least 2 with a glimpse of the same street. If I ever come near it again (-passed it by train), I have to visit the Knauf gypsum plaster cast museum. (youtube videos).
  13. Of course not - it was a sarcastic comment following on from the 2020 Christmas message (for want of a term) which as you rightly pointed out was incorrect. I think you have hit the nail on the head in terms of the company having lost its core values - PA didn't buy Alamy for £46 m to simply carry on as before. They want, demand and will get a return on their investment at our expense. You only have to look at the share holders (and one director in particular on the board of PA Media Group Ltd ) to know suppliers like us are on a hiding to nothing over the next few years. James We
  14. Yes, looks like a Pot Marigold - Calendula officinalis... so they are the same thing. Oops.. I just discovered this site. https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/flowers/marigold/marigold-vs-calendula.htm So, maybe they`re not the same thing after all.
  15. Some people did opt for the Red and Green plans that included storage fees. And now Alamy have the large collections from agencies (which would no doubt be exempt from storage fees), so even if every solo contributor left they would still have a product to licence. QC costs would be reduced due to images coming from a (supposedly) reliable source, and there would be no more uploads of holiday snaps (although, thinking about it, that is the type of contributor who would accept a contract with storage fees...)
  16. I had 19 sales for $441/172. Not great, but at least Alamy beat out my two other adventures this month.
  17. So far I don't see any adjustments, thank goodness. How can this happen? At my 'other place', something similar happened a few years back and it transpired it was something they were 'thinking about' and beta testing, and somehow it accidentally went 'live'. If Alamy are thinking about charging storage fees - as well as clawing back 20% and not improving chasing up on non-reporters - they're going to use up any last shreds of goodwill which may remain.
  18. The trouble is that folk lose faith in how Alamy operates and leave anyway.
  19. No errors in my account balance here but I don't think anyone in their right mind would pay per image to be here, and I sincerely hope what's happened is just another gremlin in the system. Stock is now a low price high volume industry pretty much across the board. Making a measly amount of earnings is one thing but being permanently in debt to the agency because you have to pay them per image is another. People would leave in droves, it would literally make no sense to host your images to lose money every month. Right?!
  20. The plot thickens! Flowers and plants should always come with ID cards.
  21. No , don’t think so as that particular sale has been amended. But who knows… Edit: further investigation shows you are right and it is a refund for that.
  22. could the other income possibly be the commission Alamy is "waving" on your distribution sales that should not have been?
  23. Yes, this seems more serious than the last one -- but I'm starting to sound like Chicken Little again. Time will tell... Can't remember, did the uncleared balance glitch show up on a weekend as well?
  24. someone with a 2017 start date also posted a negative balance, so it looks like it may be deeper.
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