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  2. Hello, I wanted to shoot live news pictures but found out there's an application process. Those between you who applied successfully, can you please show me the link that you filled into "Website or portfolio" field and the pdf file you uploaded as a "recent PDF of a news clipping showing your published work"? Thanks a lot.
  3. So why on a number of occasions when I have accidently submitted the same file twice (usually due to the painfully slow and uncertain upload engine) have they both passed QC ? Obviously its automated.
  4. Hello, I'm a Linux user and only have Gimp to edit my pics and it's metadata. I intend to do some live news shooting, but I'm not sure what metadata fields I should fill in Gimp to pass the QC. The Alamy oficial news captions guide doesn't help much, since Gimp has a pretty different interface. Can anyone help please?
  5. I know of an incident where a mislabeled image caused the publisher to recall copies in circulation, rip off the offending covers, print a new cover with a correct image, reattach new cover to guts of publication, recirculate publication with new cover. The cost to the publisher was $80,000. Inquisition followed. Potential legal case was settled out of court. The publisher did not absorb the entire cost. Mislabeled images are like roadside bombs. Get them right.
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  7. Well done and congratulations. I well know the frustration of health problems interfering with photography - the eye and brain want to shoot but the body says Nope.
  8. On adobe.ca I get the option of the two photography plans plus Lightroom alone with 1TB at $9.99 Jill
  9. As a newbie joining a professional photography library, I was as nervous as a long tailed cat in roomful of rocking chairs when first submitting my images. (Still am). Never having been involved in the photography industry in any way, shape or form, in previous careers I made sure I didn't make an ass of myself or leave myself open to being flayed by those whose hard learned skills and expertise greatly surpassed mine. Every image gets a good, hard evaluation, before submission and as Betty says, emotional attachment to an image can damage you professionally. (The Blinking Eye) 'The climb resumes. (Am I on Everest?)' Nope. From my experience it's a vertical, perpetual motion treadmill...need a tissue, I've got plenty... Krisken
  10. Now we can't PM one another, it's not so easy to point out mistakes in captions and keywords. Yes, it would be helpful - all round - if everyone could keyword accurately and appropriately, without spamming, but the fact remains that there must be millions of wrongly annotated pix in the collection, with no realistic possibility that the wrongs will be righted. It's just the way it is...
  11. By the way, once you've done it then you can if you wish sort the entire spreadsheet according to the amount of tags or supertags, that's very illuminating. Or you can use a 'filter' on that column so you can easily see those with 0 supertags, or 1 or a range etc. etc.
  12. As someone who buys, (pics of dogs) I come across many images where the breed is incorrect. I have found Labradors being called Golden Retrievers and vice versa. And even find images where the contributor has put more than one breed in the keywords. If someone didn't know their breeds, it could cause some embarrassment to the buyer who depends on the photo supplier to correctly caption and keyword properly. I would want to be told if I had something keyworded incorrectly. Jill
  13. Perhaps I should have said, the formula automatically changes according to the row you copy it into so you just paste that one formula down the entire empty column. I didn't want to add too much detail because it starts to look complicated which it isn't. I actually do this so I can paste all in one go: I copy the formula, so it is held in memory. I go to the spreadsheet and choose a column that has data in, column A for instance. Command/Down on a Mac takes you down to the bottom cell with data in Column A. I then move across to the empty cell in the new column E and highlight it. Command/Shift/Up selects all the cells in that column including E1 where your heading is, so just shift/click on E2 so all the cells in that column from E2 to the bottom of your spreadsheet are selected. Then just 'paste' in the formula. Easier to do than explain, very quick for 1000 rows or 10,000 or many more. Incidentally, I'd forgotten about Google Sheets if you have Google Drive, it works on that. If you get an error instead of the number of tags then let me know, the formula might need changing slightly depending on what program you are using, semi-colons instead of commas in the first part in fact. I promise that once you have done it it will seem easy and quick. One suggestion, you might prefer, instead of inserting a new column, to add the column to the right of all your data, after 'Status' but that way you might not see the tags and the number in the same view. Next time you download a csv you can just copy the entire column and paste it into the new spreadsheet, just copying the formula down to match the extra images now in your spreadsheet.
  14. Thanks. If I have 1083 images, I'll need to change the formula each time. so that it's D2, D3, D4 etc? So cut, paste, change, x 1083? So I might as well just count them. I'm not sure how this saves me time, but perhaps I'm missing something obvious?
  15. You can live a modest but good quality life Lakeside for $1000 USD a month. And stay warm and dry!!!!!!!! https://www.accesslakechapala.com/guide/living-costs/
  16. Strange landmark to celebrate, I know. With health problems and a serious injury in the past, my upload rate petered out, and I was only taking a fraction of the shots I used to take. From carrying a camera on me at all times, even if it was only to the shops, there were long periods of time it stayed at home. Only recently started taking new images instead of trawling through previous ones taken with a variety of cameras, and I'm, hopefully, starting to get my photographic eye back in. Whoop! 1500!! Oh, hello nurse didn't see you there with that big needle... Happy snapping guys 'n gals Krisken
  17. I'm pretty sure a contributor's pseudonyms are not all 'lumped together' in the sense of each pseudonym being treated equally with all the other pseudonyms belonging to that contributor. My best ranking pseudonyms will appear higher in a search than lower ranking ones. (I'm basing this thinking on the correlation of my views/zooms with how my various pseudonyms show up in BHZ, and on their CTR rate, which forms a part of search ranking). I think there is also a strong element of each contributors overall search ranking across all their pseudonyms being taken into account when ranking search results. Therefore, a contributor with several pseudonyms, each with a high ranking, will have an overall better placement in a search than mine, where I have a couple of highly ranked pseudonyms and several modest to poor ones. My feeling is that the advantage of having several pseudonyms really rests on nurturing the highest ranking ones with the best of my newly added, well-keyworded, images, rather than simply chucking all new images into older, poorly ranked pseudonyms which look destined to stay in the doldrums forever, never to appear in the upper reaches of any search. In a poorly ranked pseudonym even a good image may never be seen.
  18. It applies to anyone who is resident or who intends to be resident for 1 year at least so you would probably demonstrate that by showing a rental lease. I don’t know what the income requirements are for free healthcare but I think they are quite generous for over-70s. There is an Irish citizens advice service who might be able to help you as well with the official stuff - probably a lot less bureaucracy than Spain and no language barriers.
  19. Thanks for all the repsonses folks. Sounds like its not a top priority, but worth a glance
  20. Thanks, Michael Is that link, that site, talking to expats settling in Ireland . . . or is it also aimed at Irish citizens? I'm dragging feet on all these matters this week, ironically because I'm suffering from an extreme hay fever attack and can't sleep or focus.
  21. As far as I know you may be entitled to free healthcare in Ireland depending on your income. Check HSE Ireland . Don't give up on Galway City but rents are likely to be high. Maybe consider other places such as Sligo, Westport, Ennis - all nice lively towns in the west of Ireland and likely to be a lot cheaper than Galway.
  22. Thanks guys. In short then, it doesn't really amount to much ! May have to try and apply for News access as suggested.
  23. I'm not looking for the friendliest place in the UK. I won't be moving back to England. My remark about "a good conversation" was an offhand comment. What's important is: I'm an Irish EU citizen, I need healthcare, I will not have a car, I need to be able to walk not take a bus to basic places. It's beginning to look as if I can't afford any of that. What's important is finding a survival plan.
  24. As far as big English cities go I'd rate Liverpool as the most friendly place if you can understand scouse 😀. But I would have to wonder who would want to move to England at the moment with the current climate and I am not talking weather. Hostile environment towards foreigners or what - yes I know it is a minority of the population but there are an awful lot of xenophobes around and not a few in Yorkshire.
  25. Indeed! As a southerner transplanted into Yorkshire I couldn't believe how much friendlier people are. Here in the Calder Valley it's full of arty types and you would never be short of a conversation Edo. You also get the advantage of being in a town, with cities only a few miles away, yet with expansive landscapes on your doorstep. Oh, and property is good value too. Alan
  26. The Times - Online 21/05/2019 https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/why-competence-is-no-match-for-confidence-5tvrhfcr2 F9170M GRANT ROONEY PREMIUM Eton Schoolboys, Eton School, Eton, Berkshire, UK https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/snowdonia-runner-does-the-double-vcgh3s53n CTXBED grough.co.uk Nicky Spinks with competitors in the Fellsman tackle the path up Ingleborough https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/business/cracks-appear-as-centrica-sells-stake-in-nuclear-power-plants-df6bdv7z0 KDWKE4 Ian Rutherford Hunterston B, an advanced gas-cooled Nuclear Power Station run by EDF Energy in North Ayrshire. Started operating: 1976 https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/business/foxtons-finance-chief-is-moved-out-after-brexit-hits-house-sales-q3j998n52 BWAG2K tony french Foxtons https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/business/restaurant-numbers-heading-south-with-the-boom-at-an-end-z6bhwlm60 KJHXJ7 Parmorama Ed's Easy Diner in Little Italy, Soho, London, England https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/business/shareholders-toast-success-of-expanding-pub-group-k0d2bx327 PKMCE8 M.Sobreira The Jam Tree Restaurant and Bar in Clapham - London UK https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/times2/the-times-daily-quiz-tuesday-may-21-2019-sm3hnwlh5 B66BB6 incamerastock Front view of the historic Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/scotland/pollution-in-edinburgh-puts-congestion-levy-back-on-the-agenda-t9s7w8xwt T4C9G4 Steven Scott Taylor Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 16th Apr, 2019. Extinction Rebellion block North Bridge in the centre of the city to protest against global warming. Credit: Steven Scott Taylor/Alamy Live News https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/scotland/theres-life-in-the-old-bank-branch-yet-jz0gfdzvz H01HYK WRESPhotography Close-up of the spelt and logo signs above a branch of Lloyds Bank in Honiton, North Devon, England https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/scotland/meeting-deserted-after-adverts-island-mix-up-njb0z9mks C8FFTF robertharding Iona Abbey, Isle of Iona, Inner Hebrides, Scotland, United Kingdom (cropped) https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/scotland/pride-picks-bigger-venue-after-2018-ticket-fiasco-p2c59dfd5 P91GTA Sandy Young PRIDE Glasgow 2018 PICTURED the walk up St Vincent St, Glasgow.
  27. As I understand it, Alamy changed things so that different pseudonyms from the same contributor are lumped together in search results, therefore giving no advantage having different pseudonyms. But someone can correct me if I am wrong.
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