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  2. You're very welcome Pearl 23/07/2019, Guardian G2, p11, person wearing bag on their head showing the face of Kirill Serebrennikovs, M5M88E, dpa picture alliance
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  4. They're bottom and detritus feeders, filtering algae and small crustaceans from sand and mud, so not interested in normal bait. Very poor eating - we only tried them once. Never again.
  5. Easier to catch with a camera and lens than a rod and line. Lovely fish.
  6. Thanks Bryan, yes too many similars, the flying scotsman set were live news, now not an avenue anymore . I have marked some for deletion now. Leaving the bridge ones for now as they are amongst only 3 pages of results but will take on board as I build further submissions. Thanks again for your input.
  7. Small fee, but nice image of.. Seville. Oranges in the Cathedral Patio. wim
  8. Chateau de Sceux, a castle inside Parc de Sceaux, haut de seine, France Country: France Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic sold for Mid $$.
  9. Edo, if it's as hot in Liverpool as it is in London/Hertfordshire right now I hope you are keeping cool and hope you find somewhere permanent soon😉 Carol
  10. Guardian Online 22/07/19 https://www.theguardian.com/education/2019/jul/22/schools-cutbacks-pay-rise-teachers-england Fredrick Kippe Teenage students learning in classroom - Image ID: EAK776 Guardian Online 23/07/19 https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/jul/23/rough-sleeping-non-uk-homeless-people-christian-councils John Robertson A homeless person begging on the street Coventry UK 2008 Photo by John Robertson - Image ID: B6NBR3
  11. But would you change the caption to suggest that your pic is now of historical - rather than current - interest?
  12. Some years ago I was on the Isle of Wight and photographed the RNLI boathouse and pier at Bembridge. A few years later I returned and found that the pier had been replaced and the boathouse rebuilt, all in a nice modern style. Naturally I took more photos of the new setup. But I will not be culling the old images from my port as they may be of interest to a buyer one day. Allan
  13. Did you try a different browser for the web upload? It seems to work for others sometimes. Allan
  14. As far as I can tell the "Dehaze" function is not to correct heat haze. But is design to help clear images which have light haze such as when an image is taken directly into the sun. Allan
  15. I'm using LR6 so I didn't know about the dehazer. I've just looked it up and someone has done a preset for LR6 which replicates it. However, I get the impression that it's designed to make a hazy image crisper and not to remove the effect of heat haze, which is the slight rippled effect it gives to distant objects. Alan
  16. Guardian online... https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2019/jul/21/yorkshire-dales-all-electric-classic-vw-campervan Pateley Bridge market town in Nidderdale. Photograph: CW Images/Alamy
  17. Oh that's encouraging! I've prepped a few sequences but haven't had any sales of them together. Good to see.
  18. GEO.de https://www.geo.de/reisen/21677-rtkl-thumby-deutschland-reetdach-schoenheit-der-schlei Reetdach-Schönheit an der Schlei Thatch-roof beauty at the Schlei The romantic village of Sieseby, community of Thumby, on the Schlei Fjord, Schleswig-Holstein, North Germany, Europe MJKXC8 Mauritius Images / Wolfgang Diederich / Alamy RM
  19. Winter in Queensland, Australia 😎 Walking trail leading to Mount Tinbeerwah lookout, Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
  20. Young couples & people enjoying the sunny relaxing, reading and talking on the stone steps at the side of the River Seine, Paris Worldwide education use $$
  21. In common with many issues relating to this activity I don't think that there is a one size fits all answer. If you are shooting mainly editorial photos it is amazing what will sell, while you would have thought that the calendar market would require aesthetically pleasing shots - but I have licensed photos of industrial buildings for that purpose! I've done some pretty tentative culling, and generally check to see if the photo has sold prior to getting rid, while the exit is via my dump pseudo. However if I take a remarkably similar shot in better light, or if I rework a previous image, I'll ask Alamy to delete the original, being careful to transfer the code number to the new one. While I don't make a habit of this, I've never been refused. Maybe my brain is beginning to fade, but I recently saw a shot reported in the have you found thread, allegedly taken by me. I didn't recognise the photo and thought that there must have been an error, but on checking, it was indeed one of mine! Hence the need to look back in the annals before deleting anything!
  22. How much does it cost you to shoot 200 images? I think if you're going to have a camera and take photos anyway, this isn't really an issue. The working professionals with clients will have cameras and lights already. Those of us who have lights and cameras because we enjoy photography and are willing to spend some time keywording, aren't out that much for 800 photos we probably would have taken anyway. I've been going over my earlier photographs and submitting small selections of those to Alamy. I took them years ago. One was of a tourist attraction near where i used to live and I thought that one would be saturated. It wasn't. Mine was portrait taken in March before leaves were out, full reflection in a pond and the building. Yah never know. People who go out and buy cameras they wouldn't otherwise own, other gear they wouldn't have otherwise bought, to shoot stock are probably making a mistake. Freelance work of any kind for people without day jobs or incomes from other sources is a fairly poor life choice. What makes sense is for people who have a client based successful photography business to do stock as a side taking things that they wouldn't otherwise be photographing for pay. Or for people who've been amateur photographers for decades to set up a portfolio for some supplemental income. And a few people make a full time living from stock, but from all I've seen, that's not the best way to bet for people who are in dire straits and need to find a way to make a living fast. I cringe at people who want to turn to any form of freelance work because they're financially strapped and even more when they don't have any experience taking photographs or writing or whatever they imagine will rescue them. But I don't get the impression that's the bulk of people showing up here.
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