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  2. Tight crop on Facebook here - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10157618319674880&set=a.10150108733844880&type=3&theater
  3. Thanks Andre, you could well be right!
  4. Is Instagram worth it? I am generally averse to social media, abhor FB, but I did resurrect a dormant Twitter account and have been promoting my photography through that, which has been very useful, and which sends folk to my website. Would instagram add anything?
  5. Thank you for encouragement!
  6. ...actually from the clothes probably too early to be SD (1920) so Model H perhaps (1914) or even a bit earlier than that.
  7. Today
  8. Guardian online 25th https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2019/apr/25/cities-are-louder-than-ever-and-its-the-poor-who-suffer-most E64YR9 View / Kilian O'Sullivan R68WYF Jochen Tack PP4X61 Nick Moore https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/apr/25/council-takes-10-years-to-not-make-a-decision-on-village-green-status CEGD4A Bruce Benson
  9. I think the tank decoration makes it a Triumph, probably an SD.
  10. http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20190423-how-the-paparazzi-make-their-money
  11. I'd say some contributors are - Kumar springs to mind straight away. That's absolutely correct - a big percentage of my repeat sales are originally live news pics.
  12. Anyone any idea of the ID of this motorcycle? Photo taken late Victorian/Early Edwardian era in UK. Wicker sidecar on left of motorcycle. Licence plate visible. Thanks. =
  13. I wonder whether people are still managing to get revenue growth from Alamy stock without Live news (which is not stock) being a contributing factor. Regarding your repeat sales I think you may be getting the first sale via Live news then once they have your image they decide to use it again and again.
  14. Interesting twist. I was at the Virgin Money London Marathon Elite Men’s photocall yesterday. I took photos of Sir Mo Farah and a news story about him broke yesterday and pictures (don’t know if any of mine) are being used in the UK national papers and elsewhere.
  15. If you right-click on an image file and select "properties" you'll see all sorts of stuff.
  16. no such thing as perfect picture in the world of stock - underexposure, slight overexposure or even a bit funny way of framing it someone may purchase it. Lots of good work but my only comment is to work on your composition.
  17. The reality is you are new to photography, you need time to build up your art of seeing, need time to build your style of photography, need time to find your subject of interest. I can't say for how many years depending how often you are activitely shooting. Technology aside, learn to see, have visualisation is more important.
  18. Your work is great, but is going to take a while before you have sales depending on what the market want at this time. the internet is a sea of images, it will take time, i mean quite some time. Be patient, keeping creating what the market want, good keywords and awesome title, and your reward will slowly yield.
  19. Thanks everyone for your replies. My handbag is heavy enough!!😂 Thainking about what I will be shooting. Well, some indoor stuff, plus pets in action, other people in action, outdoor general views on my travels, people portraits inside and outside, maybe garden views and floral portraits (floral and macro is my specialist area which I use DSLR for, plus pets lately and some studio portraiture on occasion.). So the high end compact would be something to have handy at a moments notice when opportunities arise. Plus I would use for usual snapshot stuff of family, etc. I’m looking at the RX100 V. Not the latest version as I see there is a trade off of a stop and a half for the increased focal range. So the M5 would be a bit better in low light. But I like the small focal range. I like the speed as I need something for action. I’m sure I could do some non-macro plant portraiture, plus general stuff. Those who who use an RX, how do you find it in terms of changing settings quickly and also for tracking a subject? And what’s it like for selecting changing the desired focal point? Do you find you miss opportunities for shots because you have to wade through menus to change settings? What is quality of auto rather than manual settings? Do you get a lot of stuff from your RX100 accepted on Alamy? Any other observations or tips with this camera? Thanks so much!
  20. Guardian Online 24.04.2019 https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2019/apr/24/send-a-tip-on-places-to-stay-near-railway-stations-in-europe-for-the-chance-to-win-a-200-hotel-voucher R0Y3BD Andriy Blokhin Inside of Firenze Santa Maria Novella railway station
  21. Thanks for replying. Thats interesting that you’ve got on well with your LX3. I guess much of what I’ve used the LX3 for was indoors or under cloudy skies. Or perhaps because I am comparing it with my D3S im being unrealistic. That said I have a D5500 entry level DSLR and I’m not happy with the image quality on many of those shots either! I’m not sure of the fixed lens of the Fuji is what I want. Plus it’s still quite bulky for a compact. Thinking about the RX100.
  22. Thanks for including the deaf girl studying at Mayflower Medical Outreach's refuge for deaf Nicaraguans.
  23. IPTC= all the captions, keywords that you enter in Photoshop, Bridge or Lightroom. Pretty much any image editing software has IPTC fields.
  24. Thank You I appreciate it
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