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  2. When things gets tough, some seem to be running round like headless chickens in search of profit. This is how I feel about Getty right now. Maybe, in the short term, they will attract a lot of new clients by selling such an incredible amount of premium stuff for pennies, but soon their premium stuff will be available elsewhere because there will be no point selling exclusively through their agency. I do not see how this race to the bottom could be beneficial to photographers.
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  4. Country: WorldwideUsage: Magazine, Editorial print and digital use. Any size.cover or inside.One time use only.Industry sector: Media, design & publishingStart: 04 November 2019End: 04 November 2021
  5. Tropical rainforest in Cape Tribulation, Far North Queensland, Australia
  6. Drought in Australia Results of Cleared land/Drought/Wind combination
  7. I have been uploaded quite a bit recently (being on the road, I shoot a lot, so I'll divide my favourite shots by subjects. Bush pubs
  8. Hey Betty, I really like your watercolours and oil paintings, they're very good. You're really into nature. Do you have much success selling with Fine Art America? Wow, you've got so many, when do you get time for photography? Here is my website for my paintings: http://www.frostsfineart.com/ I don't have too many paintings yet. I gave them away to family and friends for too many years! (sold the odd one here and there too...)
  9. I’m sure I must have read that information in the past, but I’m too set in my ways to leave out punctuation! It’s hard to unlearn something that was always so important. So I probably brushed it off so I wouldn’t have periods and apostrophes haunting my dreams. 😊
  10. Thanks guys. I've had a go with the adjustment brush and 'pick a colour, any colour'. Reduced the transparency of the brush. Garish skin tones. Ggggrrr... This is why I always try to get the shot right at the time! I'll have a go at reshooting in different light and if I still look pink, so be it!! Steve
  11. It’s like your finally finding a flat, moving in and getting situated was all about giving you a happy birthday. Somebody must’ve finally found Murphy and wrung his neck. He and his law hung around here all summer, was probably bouncing between attention to you and me. RIP, Murphy. I’m a Sagittarius. Betty
  12. I promise you, Michael, I will not touch it! My fingers would probably fall off. Although, your telling me not to touch it makes me want to touch it. Contrary gal that I am.
  13. Well they say, the higher you climb the harder you fall. My fall was just as hard and more painful; stayed sat there with my mouth open trying to figure out what happened and what went wrong, trying to remember the last such sad month and I couldn't, must have been a very long time ago. 14 sales for $203.93. with PU refunds adding insult to injury. Have got up now dusted myself off, tied up my shoelaces and returned to key wording what I had uploaded already. After months and months of deliberation, finally restricted PUs, I was not getting anything from them other than refunds month after month. Will see how that goes. Well 14 is still better than 0 and I could have a killer month soon, some people live in hope, you know? Helen
  14. Finally - I gave up years ago Betty 🤣. it is a particular trait of mine that I will never attempt the impossible or even the highly unlikely. I remember some time back trying to persuade you to use Lightroom for more than converting raw images and take advantage of its data management features but you were unwilling to take the leap. I noted then that you are not easily persuaded and it seems that has not changed. So I am not trying to convince you now either, just explaining how I do things and why. As for the radial filter, well all it does is restrict those sliders to a circle or ellipse, nothing more. But whatever you do, don't touch it.
  15. Oh, thanks for this. I have always left apostrophes out based on this assumption, so I'm glad for confirmation I did that right--and also glad I don't have to fix my US/USA!
  16. Well, Michael, I see you’ve finally quit beating your head against the brick wall of Betty! 😉😁 Love your sense of humor. BTW, I do all of those adjustments in your first two lines in LR also. I use all of the sliders. Wouldn’t have it any other way. I just don’t use the radial filter and any other local adjustments.
  17. A very happy belated birthday Edo. Things have brightened up for you at very long last. Here's to a happy and fulfilling future! Gen
  18. Correct me if I’m wrong but since the search engine ignores punctuation I think US/U.S. and USA/U.S.A. would be the same so not worth distinguishing.
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  20. A belated Happy Birthday from me too. A great way to celebrate your birthday in your new home and in a fantastic city. 😊 John
  21. Thanks for your thoughts. I'm a big zero for November so far too.
  22. Two Sandhill Cranes going for a stroll Sony a6000 w/Sony 55-210
  23. Unoccupied outdoor terrace of a taverna in the harbor of Naoussa, situated on the Greek island of Paros. Two white Adirondack chairs on a lawn overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in York Beach, Maine, USA. Hochelaga railway yard, Montreal, province of Quebec, Canada.
  24. Happy birthday and congratulations -- 85 years young is quite an accomplishment. 🥂 I have an old friend who is a Scorpio and you really remind me of him. You even look like him in your current profile pic. Perhaps there is something to be said for this astrology stuff. I'm an airy-fairy Aquarian.
  25. My philosphy is to do as much on the raw file as possible especially anything to do with colour, noise management, sharpening as well as highlight and shadow detail. This is because the results are oftern far better than working on a converted file in Photoshop. I still use Photoshop a lot for removal of spots, any retouching and anything complex like making exact selections or masks. However, a lot of what I used to do in Photoshop I now do in Lightroom because, not only is it often better in terms of quality of results to work on the raw file, it is also often more efficient in terms of time taken. When I say Lightroom I could equally say ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) which is directly integrated with Photoshop but the layout of Lightroom is actually far more intuitive and easier to work with I find. A simple example is how easy it is to say put a grad filter in the same position a whole set of images with one action and then make minor modifications. Doing the same on individual files in Photoshop would likely take much longer. So yes it is different strokes literally but there is always the question of how much one might stick with the familiar rather than try the new. Far be it from me to attempt to convince you to change though. I wouldn't dream of it 😁.
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