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  2. To the OP This is usually where I mention the door hitting you on the way out, but I will try to be polite. I have a small number of images available on Alamy and have for a few more years than you. I do not sell images, I have agencies or libraries that license my images and Alamy is doing just fine for me. I've also been in the business for decades and have been very happy to contribute to Alamy. I DO NOT CONTRIBUTE TO "DEAD LIBRARIES" Alamy is far from dead from my experience. The oldest rule in this business: "If your images are not being used, there is mostly something wrong with your images." Chuck
  3. For me Alamy died several years ago when it became impossible to produce new material and make a profit based on the prices they were (are) achieving. They are still only a float by giving themselves a 20% increase in their bottom line (I have not seen any major changes to indicate they are spending this money to improve my situation) at the suppliers expense. It still works for the hobbyist who wants to recover some cost but producing and uploading new material -Nah sell the camera because the economics do not add up to make a viable business.
  4. Worked for me tonight with Firefox, open in one tab and drag over to the other tab.
  5. Explicit references and links to information about competitors is a very quick way to get posts or even entire threads deleted by the Alamy moderators. It contravenes their forum rules.
  6. Well, major and prob. best SSTK micro is publicly traded Same with several other. Info you get from stock chart directions says a lot. Second indicator is contributor percentage. If company slashes contributor earnings, that is large red flag -i.e certain micro that pays 15%. So it's not like insight is not available. No, main problem are wide open micro flood gates that led to saturation & this drags Alamy down as well.
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  8. I'm just posting this one. It touched me because while Tomas Borge is one of three FSLN founding heros interred at this memorial (Carlos Fonseca and Santos Lopez are the others), his grave had a wreath from his last wife and three children. A reminder that these are human beings with families, not just heros or monsters (Borge has people on both sides of that one). Wikipedia was helpful in identifying the names on the wreath.
  9. I wish the concept of "unique access" applied in this particular sale. I did a search on the main keywords guess how many images came up...17. Of which 9 were mije! So much for exclusitivty. .
  10. So far, only two sales, of fish, one for $125 and the other for $193. Nicaragua is still dead for tourism from the US (of the Central American countries south of Mexico, only Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Panama are on the US State Department's "Go with caution" Category 2 list. Every other country is "Category 3: Reconsider Travel plans."
  11. One YouTuber didn't recommend Alamy for stock, but her high price from the stock agency she did recommend was lower than my last year's high sale. And in this year, I haven't sold much, but the prices have been in the low hundreds for fish that I photographed. I suspect the key is things that you can get access to that most people can't (one photographer that I've admired here does amazing underwater saltwater photography in Australia). I've yet to sell people doing things. One sale was of a landscape (low $$, taken around nine years ago in Virginia) and another was of pavement, curb, runoff water, and street blocks (also low $$). Go figure. My guess is that shooting what you have unique access to, shooting a range of thing, being aware of accidental good composition (why I submitted the street shot), and keep on keeping on is all anyone can do. I found that printing was useful in showing where I could brighten photos or bring up shadows. I think people who want cheaper will buy cheaper, and it's also true that for the web or for a newspaper, a 42 MP raw file even converted to jpeg is way overkill. Alamy will do best if we take compelling and unique images that aren't available on cheaper sites. My fish photos aren't technically great, but they apparently were unique enough. My cat photos might be better, but Alamy has lots of cats. The troubles here probably killed Nicaraguan tourism photography for at least the next year or possibly two, but the fish are selling.
  12. For the a6000 or the a7, I use Smart Remote with my iPad Mini. It's a bit of a fiddle, but basically involves going to the internet connection and picking the camera as an internet connection. The camera shows up in the Sony wireless settings and I connect with a password, then go to Imaging Edge remote program and use the menu on the camera to set for raw & jpeg. Bit fiddly, but works. Won't shoot unless it has focus as I have my camera set up. If this is integrated into the menu of later cameras, it probably does work the same way. Have to allow the device to select the WiFi profile for the camera and have the USB connection set up for that. So far, doesn't automatically connect on my iPad mini, but has to be selected and scanned or set up with the password (easier for me), then the connection with the camera proceeds through the Imaging Edge Mobile application.
  13. My second fish photo sale for low $$$ but more than the last fish photo. Fish from a lake near me that I photographed in my aquarium.
  14. Yeah, those plane wings shots. Blah! I will delete. I was thinking that I was supposed to strive for quanitity but I see my error now. I can’t stand seeing those mediocre shots on my page now. All your words are very helpful. Thank you, Betty! Lack of sharpness seems to be the biggest culprit when I zoom in. I’m still learning the camera and these inspections are making me a better photographer. I like hearing about those who upload one winner shot per topic. Actually, that would cut down on the workload.
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  16. Express Fri 14th June www.express.co.uk D224FR Scottish Viewpoint Interior of Prestwick airport MMATP6 Mine Exterior of Prestwick airport
  17. What interests me the most about this thread is that it doesn't look at agency financials at all. Signs of life and death are based solely on the experiences of a handful of photographers. While we can't see the books of several formidable stock agents, it would be possible to see enough to get a real sense of industry direction. What's the story? Jim Pickerell is good at checking numbers and who else? What we really need to know is if the revenue flowing towards photographers is increasing or decreasing and the small group of us that posts here doesn't really offer a solid foundation of data. The state of the industry and its major players is the real question and we need some way to answer it.
  18. Night time travel in London. All taken with a Canon G1X mark III.
  19. Found on the Food News Today website by Adie https://thefoodnewstoday.com/global-still-image-market-review-upcoming/ Photograph of a Helpdesk Support Information Support Concept Photographer: Rawpixel Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: H6FGF9
  20. That dreamy place you mention also has an unrealistic $100 payout threshold. There seem to be contributors with fairly large portfolios who have been there for years and have yet to reach the magic number. A few other outfits that I've checked into aren't doing any better. Caveat emptor!
  21. I've been to Andy's house that's his shed.🤣
  22. May I kindly suggest that in future, don’t upload so many similars? I think you have roundabout 18 of an airplane wingtip when no more than 2 or 3 would do. Same with the field of flowers. If you got rid of most of the similars, you effectively have a much smaller port. Sometimes, depending on the subject, you can do a horizontal, a vertical, a zoomed in and a zoomed out. That’s four. Try many different subjects, your sales opportunities will go up. 10 of the same against 10 different subjects. Think about it. You have 9 more opportunities. If your image starts out well, not underexposed or taken with high ISO, it should hold up to adjustments. I regularly increase contrast, correct white balance by using either the white, gray or black dropper, straighten, and do other tweaks in LR or PS. They pass fine. One thing I’ve learned, if my image is not taken under optimal light conditions, I use selective noise reduction to the dark areas. My biggest cause for failures back in the day was for soft and lacking definition. That came from my trying to sneak one by when I clearly wondered if the image was sharp enough or not. Now, I just bin those I think are on the edge and move on. I also got better reading glasses! 😊 As time goes by, you’ll get that discernment and it will become very natural to you. Just be sure to enlarge the images to 100% and it’s surprisingly what you’ll find. Unsharp Noise Dust bunnies, especially in the sky Bits or a LOT of chromatic aberration ugliness, especially where lights meet darks That tiny bird in the sky that QC thinks is a dust bunny. Get rid of it! A year or so ago, I got rid of some similars. I didn’t have overly much to delete, one or two of some subjects, but all together I must’ve deleted a hundred or two. I might’ve uploaded 5 different shots of a piece of chocolate cake (using this as an example). With fork, without, closeup, zoomed out, etc. what I found was that there were always 1-3 superior (to my eye) images. Yet the chance of a buyer searching for a piece of chocolate cake might bring up the lesser images first and the best we’re on deeper pages. I prefer my best to compete. If all five are equally well done and sufficiently different...closeup, zoomed out with copyspace, vertical, horizontal, etc, I’ll leave them all. Usually 4 is the limit, 5 at the most. And, of course, I have a lot that just have one shot used. Keep in mind this is only how I do it, others may go about it completely different. But the general consensus has always to err on the side of fewer similars. Believe it or not, there are a few photographers on the forum who have only ONE of a subject or event. Their ports are small. Yet they regularly outsell a bunch of us with 4-10 times more images. Blows my mind. Adding similars just because I took them and they’re sharp enough isn’t a good reason to add them. I struggle with it continuously. Betty
  23. Very good flora images, Brain. Keep shooting and adding to your portfolio. It's up to you, of course, but you might consider expanding your subject matter. Edo, who doesn't know a violet from a viper.
  24. Could it be a variety of Green Cup (a.k.a. Green Stain) fungus whose cup has runneth over? I think the scientific name for Green Cup is Chlorociboria aeruginascens.
  25. I think Alamy has to decide which way they want to go as a company. Commission drop from 60 to 50 to 40 (which will I believe settle at 25%); more and more frequent micro sub prices, etc. etc. is one direction. At the end it is a business, and if not profitable it will fold, so you try to keep up with rest of the pack that seems to be leading the way. It is simple economics: demand and supply. Demand remains constant or maybe rises slightly, but supply rises exponentially. Like John I also think quantity-first model is ultimately not sustainable -- dreamy micro, one of oldest, is now dying because flood gates are open wider than elsewhere with literally no QA control for a long, long time. Then there is factor of image stealing (of which brasilnut has done extensive "whackamoles" study). All of this adds to the point where it is harder and harder for Alamy to sell images at prices it used to.
  26. I guess it comes down to how comfortable you are with the MS business model and whether or not you are willing to commit thousands of images to it. Personally, I don't see myself ever being anything more than a curious dabbler in MS, even though some Trad stock agencies can be just as exploitative, as your experiences illustrate. There is also the question of sustainability. Even that big "Tier 1" MS agency that you mention is showing signs of trouble. I don't think that you can build on quicksand and not expect the building to start sinking at some point. Despite falling prices, increasing competition, etc., Alamy still has a relatively sturdy foundation IMO.
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