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  2. Just had this sale, the front cover of June's BBC wildlife magazine but only mid $$
  3. There are times when I am glad that I live somewhere with a mediocre climate, never exceedingly hot and only rarely very cold. It rained most of today. Dullness predicted for the next few days. However, I was able to pick and eat our first ripe tomato of the year !
  4. OK, no problem. I often notice that distributor sales take longer to clear.
  5. my bad you are correct, wrong adjustments %. i'll make corrections
  6. I think his sales are through a distributor, not an affiliate, since he says he is owed 30% (you get 40% for affiliate sales). The OP still does not seem to understand that when a sale is reported, the buyer has not paid. When they do pay Alamy, the sale will show as cleared, and then you get paid at the start of the following month if you have $50 cleared.
  7. Coronavirus appears to be well under control (for the time being) in Vancouver, but it's reassuring to see that most people are still practicing physical distancing. I took this picture just a few days ago at the Vancouver Art Gallery.
  8. just my guess, Also his focus being Turkey it would make sense, because the images i sold through affiliates in Turkey took a long time to clear.
  9. my decoder says Sale, more than 45 days ago, through a affiliate distributor still shows Uncleared, and instead of reading replies OP would rather make wild random accusations speculations added: some lovely, though repetitive, imagery
  10. Alan, photographing a Kingfisher has been on my bucket list for years. I once saw where one consistently fished from, a broken off dead tree, a stump, surrounded by water. I went out a few days later in the dark and sat up my hide on the bank of the lake. Dawn broke and since the hide had no floor, I was being chewed up by insects. Normally, I can sit very still for a long time. Not when I am slapping and scratching. The bird was a no-show, probably because it could hear fingernails on skin and denim. Who knows. By the time I left, the inside of that hide was like an oven. I got tired of being cooked and eaten alive. So not only was I slapping and scratching, I was mopping. Never tried it again because just thinking about it makes me want to barf.
  11. stealing is a big word. can you back these allegations? Again Alamy cannot pay you until the buyer has.
  12. First off, Alamy isn't in the business of stealing your money. Alamy is a reputable stock agency and you'd be well not to slag off the hand that feeds you! What do you mean when you say, 'it hasn't been reset'?
  13. I had a new brick pillar built for my mailbox last year. I put my house numbers on to each side with Gorilla Glue. Supposed to glue anything. Soon as the heat hit it this year, baking in the sun, the numbers tumbled to the ground. My son screwed them in yesterday. Now, as long as the screws don’t rust.....
  14. It’s finally cooler today. If you consider 92, down from 102F (38.8C) a couple of days ago cooler. That’s 10 important degrees.
  15. I was pleased with the results, also. The only thing that led me to the 3 was the pop up finder, which I prefer. But I had to give up some reach. If you are comfortable using the LCD to frame, you’re golden.
  16. June has been my best month ever with 4 sales low to mid $$. Honesty plant taken while trying out a vintage Helios lens - taken last year A stitched panorama of Uphill, Somerset - taken last year A wassail near Bristol - taken in January this year A Banksy - taken in February this year Already my sales for this year have almost matched the whole of last year (18), which itself was double the previous year. I've been a contributor since 2003 but for 10+ years I only had a few hundred images and sold one or two each year. In the last 3 years I've invested time into regularly contributing and now have over 6000 images exclusively with Alamy. All of June's sales were from photos taken in the last 2 years. It does seem to prove the advice given on this forum that it's a numbers game.
  17. Thanks for the info, Ian. I actually like the new template (Element) more that I thought I would and am not finding it that tough to figure out. My website needs a total overhaul, and I'll be taking my time anyway. I'll check out some of the discussion at PS, something I haven't done for a long time. Regarding selling prints, I used to make print sales through my PhotoShelter site, but they dried up a few years ago. There are too many POD sites now. That said, I still manage to make print sales on Fine Art America, which I think provides a better customer service than PS.
  18. Have you checked your bank details? There will be an explanation somewhere. In my experience Alamy do not steal your money.
  19. What a great selection of images. It was harder to choose than it usually is.
  20. Thanks - I actually saw that one. Alamy, yes - might pay for a coffee next time I'm in Prague airport, if that ever happens.
  21. Perhaps you shouldn't put too much effort into your website using the existing templates (that you have just switched to) because change is imminent - within the next month or two. And consequently it might be better to see what the changes bring. I'm fairly sure that the expectation is that everybody will need to move over to the new templates after a period of transition. The good news is that, as far as I understand it, it will be possible to add text to any page you like. But the 'Pagebuilider' is going to be completely different so I don't think you will be gaining anything by learning about the current one so soon before it is replaced. Google is going to require the completion of some new IPTC fields to be able to identify which images are available for stock. Photoshelter kindly did this for my 60k images and I understand are offering that service to all subscribers. Sorry have moved off the question asked by the OP. I have mine rather half-heartedly priced for Loxley but have never sold any print through Photoshelter.
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