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  2. I don't know how big your handbag is, but I'll put in another word for the Sony a6000. I use it pretty much all the time now. It's a very versatile little camera -- a real bargain IMO, much cheaper (but not as compact) than the RX100, which I don't have any experience with. The a6000 also has a larger sensor than the RX100 cameras. Noise is not a problem at all. As Bill mentioned above, the very compact 16-50 kit lens is fine for Alamy. You just have to be careful how you use it.
  3. Thomas, Gambo makes solid kit, I used their old gear head back in the day with a 4x5, it worked well and was rock solid. The PCH looks very interesting. What camera are you using it for? Medium format? Please lets us know what you think about if you get it.
  4. Sorry to hear about your bad experience with the Lumix LX3. For me the LX3 is the perfect size for backpacking and it has a filter adapter ring so I can use a polarizer filter, a must have. Granted I only use the LX3 on sunny days but once you profile the sensor using a Color Checker the output is quite good. I have many sales with the LX3 here on Alamy. I have been looking for a replacement for the LX3, but all the very compact cameras don't have a filter adapter ring to mount a polarizer filter and protect the telescoping lens elements. I can highly recommend the Fujifilm X100 now replaced by the X100F. A fixed focal 35mm equivalent FOV with very nice analog controls and great user interface.
  5. A very large portion of my Turkish images and all of my Iran and Iraq images were taken in the 60s and are from scanned Kodachrome slides. Some are my best sellers.
  6. Without the benefit of getting in closer it looks very like this Toyota Land Cruiser: https://www.toyota-europe.com/new-cars/land-cruiser/ Hope someone finds it soon, I've started to look out for it every time I go out.
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  8. I recommend contacting contributor services again. It's not in alamy's interest to not chase the payment but it is in the purchaser's interest to delay the process. Keep sending your pictures in, your next buyer may not be such a pain.
  9. Thanks for including one of mine mine your shortlist. Great competition topic.
  10. Thank you very much for your feedback! Yes they are and they sell that's why this is strange for me that here they don't. Maybe that is a good idea to somehow sort out images that I sell here and in other stocks, so that there would be different photos. Thanks!
  11. I've been with Alamy since 2002 and started on film - 35mm neg and scanned (good scanner). Photoshop and my editing skills have improved since then and I would like to re-submit some old images. However, will they pass QC? Original sizes were about 65 mb and I've looked at them at about 35 mb, but I'm doubtful. Will what passed QC then pass QC now? Has anybody got experience of this situation? PS - Despite the description of me as a forum newbie. I'm not. Just haven't posted in a long time. Jeff ? You still here?
  12. I am very impressed by your work and I am sure you will get sales. It takes a long time for them to show up on Alamy. I don't know if these images are also on sale elsewhere for small fees but if they are that will hurt you. There is some controversy about whether buyers shop around but I think some do. Paulette
  13. We are not supposed to discuss this "other" version of Alamy on this forum but here it is... https://www.stockimo.com By the way, your share of any sales will be higher here on Alamy. Paulette
  14. You have run into a very common mistake in the Image Manager. You didn't unselect the bridge so that caption and tags went on all the images. Good captions and tags are essential if you want any sales. That is how people find your images. Look carefully at the Alamy instructions and also pay attention to what other contributors are doing. I think you have a nice sense of composition but post processing will help make your images more eye-catching. I know there is a lot to learn. Just take it one step at a time. Paulette
  15. Martin, I've scanned a lot of K-14 images for Alamy and have never had a problem? I would guess that the problem was with you IPTC info. Chuck
  16. NYCat

    Hi from Cascais

    Excellent varied portfolio. Welcome to the forum. Paulette
  17. Many Thanks Brizbee .... that looks to be exactly what it is !
  18. Hi Martyn, Can't help with the shrub I'm afraid, but pretty sure the yellow flower is Greater Celandine (chelidonium majus).
  19. I think that's right. A CC licence is still a licence. I've collected infringement settlements on CC images of mine merely because they were unattributed, because it's a breach of the CC licence terms. Incidentally, I don't CC anymore. I prefer to get paid for licences. The few I did release, years ago, are all over the place, some commercial, some not. I can still find them.
  20. I think I'd want to identify it if I could. I've certainly tagged more incidental vehicles than this.
  21. Thanks for the advice Betty . I hope things start to look up for you soon. Best wishes Shergar.
  22. In answer to your question, it has happened to quite a few someone elses who are bonafide members of the press and that includes people who were accredited to events by Alamy, travelled (with associated costs) and then got dumped unable to upload the photos they had been accredited to go and get. You will find many examples on this thread - including some of the reapplication processes.
  23. It has been said before I would like to be able to zoom in on the vehicle, but my guess is it's a Lexis possibly a GTX 460. Try a web site "Auto Trader" and search for a few brands of SUV's, that might help with the basic shape of the vehicle and give you a "best guess". Doug
  24. Yes, absolutely. Keyword what you see in the image - what, where, when, who, why, how and any 'emotional' keywords like calm, happy, fun, etc. Adding keywords just to get green is about the worst thing you can do as it means that your images will appear in more searches, including searches on your less relevant keywords. A part of your Alamy rank (ie on which page you appear in a search) is the ratio of clicks on an image (ie when a searcher clicks the photo to see it in more detail) to zooms (ie when it appears on the page as the result of a search). So if you appear on lots of search results but almost never get clicked your ratio will go down and so will the chances of a sale. Its high time that Alamy realised the worthlessness of Discoverability and the amount of confusion it causes, and dumped it. I personally think Alamy are going for a bit of social media credibility , but Alamy is not a social media site. The Discoverability bar is your enemy.
  25. No buyer will ever buy your first two images - they promise a bridge that isn't there! You can't be lazy about captions and keywords - all three of your images have the same captions/keywords but relate to different subjects. The key to being seen by buyers is your captions and keywords. You're competing with millions you have to find a way to have your images seen.
  26. Never really done Instagram much... but will try it out more! Anyway.. mine is here: https://www.instagram.com/mjashmore75/
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