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  2. Two sales of a trip to Easter island sold today. A slow month but the sales are trickling in.
  3. Sequential imagesHi, is there a way to upload images that are a sequence of one event? I shot some BASE jumpers, and I’d like to upload all of a single jump, but tag them somehow as being all one parachute jump. Not a bunch of singles. As singles they don’t tell much of a story.
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  5. Yes, I just provided the link to see the H C-B picture, but fortunately Wim came up with a link to see more of the pictures. Actually someone has super-imposed an outline of the crop over the same picture of the negative here. I've seen that very famous picture at various exhibitions over the years, printed exhibition size and you would never guess its humble technical origins, or at least they don't matter, taken on one of the first Leicas, apparently on nitrate film and then taken from just over half of the negative. So he swallowed the sprockets - he could be so mischievous.
  6. I try to think of these tiddlers as the pennies that tip my account over the $50 point each month... 😉
  7. I'm not that good with beetles but that one I can help with as I took some shots of one in my own garden a month ago. It's a darkling beetle, Lagria hirta, the only hairy one. Here's a view of it taken when it allowed me to photograph it on white paper in the garden before I put it back on the hydrangea it was roosting on. It's nice to have a cooperative model 😀
  8. I agree, $2.99 sales are demoralising after all the work one puts in, BUT, they're still sales. I think dwindling sales, uncleared sales and unreported sales drives everyone mad!
  9. I was going to say this too, very impressive. But then I looked at their pics and it's easy to see why, it's a good portfolio. Good on them I say.
  10. If you're not familiar with "Rights Managed" (RM) licensing, it simply means that photo buyers are granted specific usage rights, not that you will lose the copyright to your images -- i.e. you will still own them.
  11. Yes fallen also. 5 sales in june at low prices. (one of lowest). 3 up to now for july at similar low peanut sales prices.
  12. Here are my three for this great comp. Running Dry. First for many. The falls at Gayle
  13. I hovered for ages over that darn fly trying to get it in focus. Bees and wasps usually leave me alone for some reason. Nonetheless, I don't think I'd make a good insect photographer.
  14. Thanks. That puts it all in order. Guess I should have 'syrphid fly' in my keywords as well.
  15. Two sales in May, one in June, and so far, nada in July. But my British friend and I have been talking on the phone daily and making each other laugh. Our helper's daughter is two today, and I gave him a doll that I'd been using for a lighting test model yesterday and today saw photos of her with the doll, playing with it and cuddling with it as she slept. He has off this afternoon for her birthday party with piñata. His parents gave him a lot on their finca to build a starter house, which is sided with zinc roofing material for now, but which could be rebuilt in the future into something better since he owns the land. One of these days, I'll climb up to my studio and take some still lifes of various things.
  16. Something fascinating happens with water and the sandstone and limestone cliffs in Zion National Park. I imagine geologists and botanists here could probably give me some good keywords to add. I would appreciate it.... Hanging gardens in Zion National Park, Utah Rockhopper Penguin where the sea meets land in the Falkland Islands Storm and sunbeams in the Masai Mara, Kenya Paulette
  17. I don't think many searches are for us by our photography names. The searches are for things like "Latinx using iPhones" and "Marantha plant in pot" and "cichlid pair breeding." What people will see in a search will be all photographs that fit the search terms (and some which don't which will not help you). Most photo editors or their assistants won't look much beyond the first two pages. If they're looking for released photos of people, that narrows the search down. One reason to used pseudonyms would be for sorting what work of yours is getting more zooms and sales than other work of yours.
  18. I got two frames of this chap as he moved a lot slower than the bees, and the other one was closer, but one should always choose the lesser of two weevils.......... It probably isn't one, but before I get my coat, could John please identify it? On a nettle-leaved bellflower.
  19. No this is different, as the resale would've "replaced" the previous sale in your example. This particular case was a result of a refund that was processed that shouldn't have been. Best, James
  20. My three ones: Fire in the Lybian desert. Scotland Scotland
  21. Country: Worldwide Usage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale. Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use Start: 13 July 2020 End: 13 July 2025 I get for this PU the double of $$ in comparasion from my previous PUs. I do not understand why this kind of price differences.
  22. Thanks for the explanation, John. I had not looked up the larval foodplant.
  23. John was one of the photographers who's images shaped my visual sense, for better or worse.... Always been a huge fan of Loengard's work and the Cosby portrait was wonderful. Chuck
  24. Interesting what gets left around on the internet. An architect left a pdf of a photocopy of a centre spread of my Apollo Pavilion image lying around and I eventually collected nearly four figures from a supplier they sent it to. Unfortunately I never got the architect because he died and going after a grieving widow, even a rich grieving widow, was a bit too much even for me. I could always be sure it was my image because a small urinating dog was missing from it- it had been lost in the fold.
  25. Hoverflies tend to be wasp and bee mimics. There's one that mimics yellow jackets (yellow jacket hoverfly) and some that mimic smaller wasps judging from the Facebook Hoverflies of the World group. Another name for them is flower flies (from the Wikipedia article also, I think). If you make your living hanging out on flowers, looking like something that can sting has advantages.
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