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  2. You could use the 24 fps with full continous af,, if it's not about the video, but the stills. Otherwise if it is about the video, but you would like to have a better quality still than a frame: https://helpguide.sony.net/dsc/1750/v1/en/contents/TP0001138325.html I have never tried this myself, but it looks as it's jpg only at 17 megapixel & XFine. (This is how I read the 17M from the menu.) Both the buffer and the AF in the M6 have improved over the M5: AFAIK the AF is not continuous in burst on the M5. wim
  3. I asked members services about possible changes in what was acceptable with reference to part being sharp with parts being out of focus. They responded that criteria haven't changed. They went back and looked at my recent fails on these grounds and decided had been too harsh and reinstated them. My guess is that its a very overworked team checking and with a quick glance they see out of focus aspects the whole image isn't checked but instead a quick reject happens. Anyway thanks to QC team for reviewing.
  4. Interesting, Betty. A friend of mine is, sadly, leaving NYC because she can't afford to stay and she did a lot of research on cost of living (including taxes) in different states. She is moving to Smyrna, Tennessee. She does have a car though. Ed might have to take a look at a place like Nashville if he had a mind to come back. Reading his problems makes me very, very grateful to have a low stabilized rent here. Lots within walking distance and excellent inexpensive public transportation. Paulette
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  6. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Editorial website ; Slovenia, Web, One month, Bulk Discount, Flat Rate 'Giveaway'
  7. thank you David, i'm using lightroom but trying hard (maybe a little bit too much) to not oversaturate colours. maybe that the first photos in my portfolio are very old, and several years ago digicam had a smaller dynamic range &/or saturation. anyway given the two comments regarding poor "pop" of my images, i definitely need to push a little bit that contrast, saturation and clarity slider thank you!
  8. Summer view of Austrian town Sölden. Ski lift to Rettenbach. Above mid $$ - usage not yet known.
  9. It's odd but I don't see your images as over exposed as Ian reports they do seem underexposed and a little dull and lacking in contrast. What kind of post processing software are you using? While you improve your processing a quick fix might be to use the "landscape" option in camera (it will work for jpegs) and see if that adds more punch to your images and submit those jpegs.
  10. thanks very much for the feedback, Ian. i'll try to improve my post processing capabilities (i think i can recover clipping most of the times), and in short time will translate all the caption. od you think of other improvements for upping the game? or do you think i should change segment? anyway, you gave me a lot of homework thank you Fred
  11. QC can even have a beneficial effect, in raising the standards for both individual photographers and the entire collection. However, it does require snappers to 'buy into' the QC procedure. What seems draconian at first (for those who keep failing) quickly becomes routine. Those who don't understand this will either carry on grumbling... or give up...
  12. I thought I had addressed this point somewhat comprehensively in the fourth post of this very thread. However, for convenience I can reiterate the point here Hello Marb, I'm genuinely surprised you aren't familiar with Alamy's QC system, it seems you've been around donkey's years and the subject crops up in forum discussions on a regular basis. You can see their explanation of QC here. Basically, Alamy use an industrial type sampling system for QC. Once the contributor has passed their initial submission test, it is assumed they have the skills and workflow to consistently submit acceptable images. The only only check Alamy make is to examine a small number of images from each batch submitted. It the sample is OK, they assume the rest are OK too. They rely on the professionalism and skill of the contributor. If an image fails they assume a problem has arisen in the photographer's workflow. They reject all images in the queue to allow the photographer to examine whether the problem is a one off or something which affects several images, and re-submit as required. There is usually a short period of suspension from uploading to prevent contributors from simply removing the bad image and submitting all the rest without checking them further first. The system is the same ass it widely used in industry. No company inspects every nut, bolt and widget they receive at goods inwards. They inspect a small sample and if they find a bad one, they reject the whole batch and return it to the supplier for them to sort out their problem.
  13. In case you've missed it those 5 years + 3 days you've been here: A. We receive over 100,000 images a day so it’s simply not possible for us to check every image. We check a small sample of your images and if all images in that sample are ok then we’ll pass the whole submission. If we find one failure then all images awaiting QC will fail. We take the view that every image you submit should meet our QC standards so when we look at a random sample we expect it to represent the quality of all images submitted. Our top tip is to check all images at 100% (actual pixels) before you submit. (https://www.alamy.com/contributor/faqs/quality-control/?section=4) wim
  14. I would have thought that the whole batch would be looked at otherwise what is the point of QC ?
  15. It does say that on my FileZilla as well, every time (I regularly update it, so don't think that is the issue). I must admit I just ignore it. The message doesn't seem to pop up with other FTP connections I file to, but it could just be a bug, not sure. Doesn't seem to have caused any issues so far. (as far as I can tell...)
  16. Trusting eBay isn't the issue, it's can you trust an unknown buyer? Send them questions about usage and condition, bid accordingly.
  17. A frame from a 4K would be more or less big enough (up to 4096 x 2304), but unless the shot was a lockdown on a relatively motion-free subject, I don't think there would be the sharpness required. Maybe the only way for me to be sure is to bite the bullet at invest in a 4K video camera.
  18. Ditto to that. I use my G5X far more than I use my DSLR's. Bought it (rather than the Sony) as I can use my Canon flashes on it. Literally hundreds of images on here, I'd highly recommend it. Doubt at the moment you could get a video still through QC unless you were shooting 4K, perhaps not even then.
  19. As Joseph says, I don't think frame grabs from video, even HD, can possibly pass QC, even if they were sharp enough.. The pixel count is very low, especially when downsampled from a larger sensor. HD is actually only 1080x1920- about 2MP. The minimum for Alamy is 6MP.
  20. The Times - Online 22/05/2019 https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/plastic-straws-cutlery-and-cotton-buds-to-be-banned-c20snhjv7 KXGDP5 Kevin Britland Porthtowan Cornwall, UK. 10th Jan, 2018. Two local women spend some time to help clear Porthtowan beach, Cornwall, UK, of washed up discarded plastics, which are becoming a major hazard to marine life: Credit Kevin Britland/Alamy Live News (lapsed) https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/bird-feeder-garden-patio-birdlife-goldfinch-food-source-wj8qnq26q EGTC8K Hugh Olliff Goldfinch, Carduelis carduelis, feeding on sunflower seeds. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/news-in-pictures-wednesday-may-22-2019-sjfjrq68z TA1DW8 Imageplotter Whipsnade, UK, 21st May 2019. Brown bear lady 'Cinderella', one of three female brown bears resident at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, has lots of fun splashing about with enrichment balls, coconuts and a rag and animal skin in the enclosure's pool whilst enjoying the warm afternoon sunshine in the South East. Credit: Imageplotter/Alamy Live News https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/scotland/kirk-is-picking-pensioners-pockets-assembly-told-kg6wkfdxr DDWWR1 lee avison church collection plate with sign https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/ireland/the-rise-and-fall-of-songbird-s-flight-5dx7xmww7 EBNMPM blickwinkel/Berg Meadow Pitpit (Anthus pratensis), sitting in a thorny shrub and flapping wings, Netherlands, Texel
  21. Hi Bhandol, I fixed those captions immediately after you told me about them, on May 15th I think (I had the csv to copy them back in from) but weirdly that same image sold on May 20th! R20664 Is it just a coincidence or could somehow the fact that it appeared here have helped? Anyway, thanks again.
  22. Yes, Etlingera elatior, your photo is of an early-stage inflorescence. I have some huge ones in my garden. This is what they look like as they start to open up.
  23. I just want to tell you guys how valuable your observations are. Two of mine, which you pointed out are in the Daily Mail, have not even shown up as sold, 4 months later. I have raised a query with Alamy, but I think it's only because of your effort that I will hopefully, eventually get paid. Thank you.
  24. Hi, looking at your captions and keywords may I assume English is not your first language? I would suggest you put all of your captions in clear English, perhaps with a “repeat” in another language if that is your market. My guess, and I could be wrong, is that most searches are in English. it may be my iPad or my eyes but some of your images look overexposed to the point of near blown out in places. Likewise a lot of your images do not “pop” and need better post processing. The segment you appear to ar to be aiming for is highly competitive and you need to perhaps think of upping your game to get those sales.
  25. Usage: Commercial electronic ; Media: Website, app and social media ;
  26. Shot of the now former Federal Opposition leader Bill Shorten, taken at the Sydney Marriage Equality rally in Sydney last year.
  27. I agree with above comments, I went out and specifically shot a bridge early one morning based on the list; no views or sales since. not too concerned though as this is a long game and looking for instant sales is fraught. I would treat it as a list of potential targets if you are in the area.
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