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  2. For my key-wording I use the Synonyms drop down tool in Microsoft Word document. Firstly, I list all relevant keywords that I can think of which I enter into a word document. To increase the list of keywords and still keeping them relevant, right clicking on a word brings up additional options under the Synonym tab. There are also links there to the Thesaurus which can provide more possibilities. If still stuck, I'll do a search in Wikipedia for the subject, amazing the otherwise missed useful keywords that can be found there. However, best to use the "grey matter" in the first instance for as many key-words as you can before looking for alternatives as explained.
  3. If your company was paying them for their work, which one hopes they were, surely they were no longer amateurs? They were paid professionals asking for a copy of their work. Not an unreasonable request in my estimation, but clearly you don't share the same opinion. And I definitely don't think it's unreasonable for photographers to want to buy a publication or print out a copy of their work from the Internet. Or merely just to know where it's been published so they can keep a publication list for their portfolio. But at any rate, the point remains that photographers could be doing all this stuff now anyway.
  4. I have two MacBooks, remember -- the MacBook Pro 13" bought in April 2018 and recalled by Apple when I arrived in Seville last November. Because they were going to keep my MacBook for almost two months, I panicked and bought the new MacBook Air 13". Each has only 8 GB of RAM. SSD? Hmmm.
  5. Thanks Bill. Always good to get that kind of validation from a seasoned contributor like yourself.
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  7. You have some wonderful fly photos. Are you familiar with the work of Catherine Chalmers?https://www.catherinechalmers.com/#/houseflies-1/ Paulette
  8. Good pics, good use of depth of field to simplify background. I had a look at your portfolio. All your images are good. Keep your chin up because you are going to sell a lot more.
  9. When I worked as a photo editor at a book publisher, only amateurs asked for tearsheets, which I refused to send out. The same amateurs would offer to save me money, and cut out their agent in future, by dealing direct. So it happens.
  10. Private individuals do buy licenses! Isn't that what PU is technically? And unless a business gives Alamy written permission to pass on their details surely Alamy can’t do so? I may well be wrong. Maybe someone who knows more than I do about the legality of this can answer....
  11. If tearsheets are irrelevant why does Alamy want to see one to grant live news access? They want to see something THEY have, but won't tell YOU where it was published. What am I missing here?
  12. This series, (Scientific proof that Bigfoot roams the very remote corners of Rouge National Urban Park inside Toronto Ontario Canada, Photographer available for interviews and consultations for outrageous price), was taken as a joke in a moment of boredom in December 2012. However it sells and sells and sells Editorial royalty-free $$ Alamy exclusive 50% commission. Rights granted are for use in Book (print + digital), up to 5,000 circulation for 5 years. Placement is interior and includes additional placement as a thumbnail in Table of Contents or Glossary. Distribution is Worldwide, English Language only. In-content promotional rights granted.
  13. Hi folks. Got my first sale a couple of days ago but haven't got round to posting this until now. And, what do know, when I checked today, there was my second sale. I was beginning to get a bit disheartened, what with all the late nights processing and keywording my images and then having to get up and go to work the next day. Ok, $93 for the pair means I'm not going to be giving up the day job just yet, but it has given me such a boost I'm now more determined than ever to keep going. Just hope I don't have to wait 11 months for the next one.
  14. If tearsheets are irrelevant why did you bring them into the conversation? Nobody broached the idea of contacting clients for tearsheets except you. Antonio specifically said he would not contact the client. I never suggested contacting clients. I said that if people are seeing where their pictures are published and not contacting clients currently, then official knowledge of where their work has been published is not the thing that's going to make them start contacting outlets. Please don't twist my words. Is there some reason you have a problem with people saying there are things about what other people have said they don't understand? Anyway, no more time for this, got to be off now!
  15. The DR is a popular tourist destination, so travel-related images with people in them would probably do better than landscapes given that Alamy is primarily an editorial agency. Good luck.
  16. The Times (Scotland) 25/04/2019 page 51 B5D8W2 Red Box Archive UK England Yorkshire Humberside Lowgate Hull Town Centre Cream K6 Phone Boxes outside post office Daily Quiz PH438F SAWASSAKORN MUTTAPRAPRUT Close up pile of United States ten dollar ($10) bills, for background or banner
  17. Well, that's two more things you say you "don't understand". Alamy run their business in the way you probably would, if you were running a stock pic library rather than shooting pix. If you don't like their business model - or T & Cs - you can do as you suggest, and approach potential clients directly. Tearsheets? Nobody in any kind of business wants to hear from photographers who want tearsheets. It's irrelevant...
  18. Yes, really. If they didn't want you to know where it was published until after the deal was done, they could delay notifying you until then. I really don't understand your distinction, though. After you read the thread about where your piece has been published, what would stop you from negotiating a future deal with that outlet? I don't really understand the purpose of making photographers spend time finding photos by accident, when they could spend their time shooting and uploading more shots for you instead. And if I were paying the rates some of these outlets were getting away with paying, I sure as hell wouldn't have a problem giving the creator a tearsheet, at minimum! But surely you wouldn't have a problem with the photographer buying a copy of your publication so they could get a tearsheet, right?
  19. May 2019, Which?, p48, pouring seeds into hand, BK7CX0, Science Photo Library [Alamy credit only] May 2019, Which?, p49, man using laptop, C376EJ, Robin Beckham / BEEPstock [Alamy credit only] May 2019, Which?, p49, daughter helping mother with paperwork, KFXF3E, Daisy-Daisy [Alamy credit only] May 2019, Which?, p83, travel insurance & passports, G24PW2, northshoot [Alamy credit only] ISSN: 0043-4841
  20. Really? Surely GDPR would only apply if a private individual bought a licence.
  21. Just for clarification, I wasn't necessarily suggesting she try to go after all past legitimate uses of her work; more that she could research the ability to rescind the agreement and prevent future uses of her work. (Although if an image hasn't been used in a physical format that can't be undone, it might not be a great difficulty to ask even past users to stop using it.) I really don't know anything about Creative Commons, but in general I would think the onus would be on an organization to establish that they weren't dealing with a minor before entering into a contract, if they wanted that contract to remain enforceable when challenged. Perhaps where contract law comes up against copyright law is still a gray area.
  22. By the time pix are reported, they are already published, the deal done (though probably not yet paid for 😥). A "nice courtesy"? Really? Alamy have their business model. It seems pretty obvious that they're not going to spend time and money notifying photographers where and when their pix are published. And, believe me, nobody working on a mag, or paper, or website wants to hear from photographers requesting a tearsheet...
  23. My local paper does not pay a lot per image but it can mount up. Just checked my spreadsheet for that paper and since June last year stands at mid $1500 so no small beans for the effort. Andy.
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