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  2. Alamy’s response: “This was a sale through our distribution scheme so we don’t know the exact use but it’s most likely being used in a Slovakian newspaper which is also printed and available online.” I’ve asked for further clarification as I would have thought the usage should specify newspaper usage.
  3. Not that I’ve ever had great sales, but my sales this year are a lot less than last years - although I have to say that the average price for each sale has been quite good
  4. One of three in today, distributor sale to Brazil for $ nett to me. One of my favourite images, taken in my own garden, and the 100th sale of images taken at home. Pollen covered garden bumblebee, Bombus hortorum, feeding on the hardy passion flower, Passiflora caerulea
  5. Did you include the EXIF data? If so then the Nikon Coolscan 'camera' type might have tripped their system up. Archive certainly seems the best route but I believe scans can get through normal QC. Wondered myself which route to take.
  6. Nothing so far for me this month which is worrying as I usually have at least a couple by now. Same happened last month but news sales popped in and made up for it. Expecting a serious avalanche at the end of the month now. 🤨😀
  7. USA, The Washington Post, Health and Science section, Apr 23rd 2019 issue Credit to Alamy only Pg. E2, Seals, Alaska, John Zada Photo of a 3D printer printing heart cells....could not find
  8. Today
  9. We have all had those days. I recommend more coffee.
  10. The problem is with automatic dust and scratch removal. wiki. If you can do it all by hand, no problem. wim
  11. 23/04/2019, Guardian, p23, Volodymyr Zelensky at campaign HQ, T576DF, Serg Glovny/ZUMA Wire [via Live News] 23/04/2019, Guardian, p37, SAT exam, AMCNNW, Adrian Sherratt [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
  12. QC failure reasons are sometimes incorrect. I believe Kodachrome can be problematic to scan because of the surface texture of the emulsion. It always looked a little odd. Mine were copied on an Illumitran so no problems there, but my setup wouldn't pass QC anyway.
  13. Aargh, remembering to read a post properly would, though. I thought he was talking about the details, sorry, OP.
  14. Might be the same for me, it's hard to tell. I tend to check IM more frequently than my emails, so I just delete the messages when I see them as I've usually edited them already.
  15. I doubt knowing how many times he rewrote the caption before he decided he was happy with it would help anyone.
  16. Your experience might help other applicants. But you must have your reasons for keeping it to yourself.
  17. Malta, focused on the capital Valletta. Time lapses, drone footage and 4k videohttps://youtu.be/3UlbM1XcqcY
  18. USA, The Washington Post, Health and Science section, Apr 23rd 2019 issue Credit to Alamy only Pg. E2, Seals, Alaska, John Zada Photo of a 3D printer printing heart cells....could not find
  19. I have used them over and over again and yes you can get cash back if you look long enough
  20. Thanks for the update Mr Standfast. It nice to hear that things are moving forward. Jim
  21. I love your frogs. You should put the scientific name in all your flora and fauna. People do search that way. Paulette
  22. Guardian Online 23/04/19 https://www.theguardian.com/law/2019/apr/23/charities-condemn-tory-cuts-to-criminal-injuries-compensation-scheme Jansos Sign outside the UK Ministry of Justice in Petty France, London, UK - Image ID: FGKHC2 https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/apr/23/first-past-the-post-abets-extreme-politics-says-thinktank Christopher Nash Polling station sign, UK. - Image ID: B0AXB3
  23. I went to a lecture of his, many years ago, at The National Geographic Society, in DC. It really inspired me, such a great story teller!
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