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  2. Is this the subliminal reason I never take selfies? Because I don't trust myself to respect the copyright? 🙄
  3. Many thanks for that spot, Clare. Shame it's used to illustrate a piece about the Cider House at Buckland Abbey, a mile away from The Garden House.
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  5. Guardian Online 21.04.2019 https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2019/apr/21/10-beautiful-garden-getaways-hotels-cottages-uk GEGYJP or GEGYJY or GEGYJE Chris Dorney Ickworth House and gardens PEREWG John Richmond August view over the lower terrace of the walled garden at The Garden House PM8ND4 Jim Allan Formal garden at the luxury 5 star Glenapp Castle hotel
  6. Kendal and the Lake District Fells. Kendal, Cumbria, England, United Kingdom Europe. -Image ID: BM2BRC Country: WorldwideUsage: Corporate client. Marketing Package Use. Digital marketing communications only. Excludes advertising. Repeat use within the terms of the licenseIndustry sector: General business servicesStart: 03 April 2019End: 03 April 2029
  7. The other linked big difference is that the Alamy Live News team “pushes” live news photos out to picture desks. Stock photos are “pulled” by picture desks etc searching for images. I tend to undertake a little marketing by tweeting etc my Alamy pictures. As an example I tweeted one of my last year Alamy London Marathon pictures with the news I had accreditation for this years’ marathon. I used the London Marathon hashtag. I immediately saw an increase in marathon search terms and some zooms for my marathon pictures from last year.
  8. more in Traveller.com.au Six of the best british sporting shrines - not all images are from Alamy Crucible Theatre Sheffield - FA52TY- Matthew Taylor St Andrews Links - can't find image - but stated as from Alamy
  9. Best Places To Retire In Each State 2018 https://www3.forbes.com/business/best-places-to-retire-in-each-state-2018/ Jeff Greenberg Norma Jean Gargasz Marc F. Henning Sean Pavone 3 Michael Falzone Ian Dagnall 2 Vespasian Carol Bokit Wale Oseni Steve Skjold Joel Zatz Russell Kord David Hintz RKTPHOTO:Rachel K. Turner Philip Scalia Jesse Thompson
  10. Not the ape thing again. Remember with the ape, the photographer went to photography school; saved money; bought a camera; became a pretty good photographer; saved some more; went to Borneo; thought out this great image; set it all up got the picture of an ape/monkey taking it's own selfie with a wide grin and rightfully so, because he/she won the copyright from the photographer and lost it to PETA who stole it from both and who in turn were told by appeals court that they didn't have it either and that they had been it it for self-glorification from the beginning. So yeah it's not easy: is it the finger that pushes the button or the one who set up the shot. With an assistant you usually arrange those things before they happen. Like before you're becoming someone's assistant or when you're hiring one. In your case I would say: settle it, like just like Slater did when he had become too broke to even attend the court hearings anymore and considered becoming a professional dog-walker. When I briefly assisted it was before legal paperwork and the really great photographers/teachers once in a while said: nah you can have it: it was your shot. And one definitely knew when it had been just your finger and not your shot. wim
  11. Traveller.com.au - print and online - Australian newspapers supplement Worlds weirdest tourist attractions is the headline Jeju Loveland in Korea - KPODGD - Agefotostock Genghis Khan equestrian statue - TOKGC8 - Novarc Images Island of the Dolls -Mexico - R292PW-Doleesi Prada Marfa US - EPBGTW -Ian Dagnall Big Pineapple Australia- M91XME - Alizada studios Snake wine Vietnam - B119WJ- Tobias Peciva Thames Town China - HGX3KB- Stockinasia
  12. Looking at All of Alamy, results say 28,216 for Koeln and 27,644 for Koln. The likelihood that someone searching a German location would him- or herself be German is fairly high, so I think it's worth including. Similarly the variant spellings: Hannover/Hanover, Braunschweig/Brunswick, etc.
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  14. I don't think there is much to discuss - your companion, as the photographer, owns the copyright unless you agreed beforehand that you own the copyright. I guess you would own the image rights though so that might limit what your companion could do with the picture.
  15. The other day, whilst stood on the top of the highest summit of the Coullin Mountains on the Isle of Skye, there occured an event which happens perhaps only once every hundred years or so - I asked my companion to take a photograph of me. On the way down, having successfully negotiated the delights of the Great Stone Shoot, the aforementioned companion (otherwise known as Self Perambulating Mobile Foreground Interest) and I got into a philosophical discussion about copyright. In short - if I hand my camera to another person in order for him/her to take a photograph of me, who owns the copyright? Obviously I argued that the copyright belong to me, the main rationale being..... 'cos it's my camera, innit. He countered with the analogy that if I lent him a typwriter and he produced a literary masterpiece with it I could hardly claim copyright just because it was produced on my typewriter. Discuss... if you've really got nothing better to do.
  16. Irish Sun online HCERDM Andor Bujdoso Pregnant woman holding little newborn shoes
  17. Search ignores diacritics so I only put them in captions, out of courtesy to the language. But I try to remember to add the "e"s. Edit: I evidently don't try very hard. I have 212 images of Köln but only 28 with koeln in the tags. How popular a search do you think it would be?
  18. I'm not an expert, but could it be a species of Milk Cap? Might give you a start point. Rufous Milk Cap fits the coloration. One of those not to be eaten! Jim.
  19. National Geographic / Travel https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/destinations/north-america/explore-best-river-trips-in-parks-united-states-canada/ Explore 10 amazing river trips in North American parks Raft floating down a river in Alaska, United States. BR3R85 Whit Richardson / Alamy RM Bull Sluice rapids on the Chattooga RIver. EMNJAA Mic Smith Photography / Alamy RM Namekagon River Sunrise PGBYNM Tommy Nigbor / Alamy RF
  20. Translation software isn't guaranteed to know the local common names for plants and animals, so it doesn't hurt to add them. As for the diacritic marks, I tend to use several variations: Düsseldorf, Dusseldorf, Duesseldorf. When Germans drop the umlaut, they add an 'e'.
  21. Thanks for that! Good to know about the trouble with diacritic marks. I have added Japanese language tags to a few items just to see if they work, and they seem to be ok. (You can search "ニホンザル" (Japanese for "Japanese macaque") and my pictures show up. So I think it functions. I just don't know how useful it'll be or how it'll be dealt with if or when the images are sent to international distributors. Thanks everyone for the thoughts!
  22. Alamy Photograph found in the Metro https://metro.co.uk/2019/04/19/protesters-warn-boats-police-tow-pink-climate-change-boat-9275206/ Photographer Stephen Chung Found by Rob Cook
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