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  4. Marianne, I don’t know if optimism is an inherited tendency or if it comes from life experiences. I had some bad times as a small girl. Enough that I sometimes curled into a ball and my mind went to a happy place. Maybe that’s when I decided things couldn’t get worse, so the future had to be better, and I used my imagination to picture it. Big time dreamer. Every day I try to find joy in something. Today it was a bird flapping away scattering water in my bird bath. When it flew I only got a glimpse, but I think it was a female goldfinch! I hadn’t seen one since moving from Oklahoma. I agree in times like this the Internet is a Godsend enabling us to keep in touch. Pardon if I offended anyone with the last sentence, but I speak like I think. Betty
  5. Stunning. I’d never get tired of such a magnificent view. Are there trout? I think I’ll go eat dirt, now.
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  7. not sure how you can like Gervais and not like The Office. In fairness i have never watched the american version, as i usually avoid that type of television.
  8. Somewhere, I have an ancient photo (1914?) of my grandmother and my great-grandparents at Smith. My grandmother began attending school there at the age of 16. Two good things are happening for me today. My daughter is making fajitas for dinner, and my knees aren’t killing me (as they have been off and on for the last five months) after walking three miles this morning.
  9. When it was still possible to live a low-budget bohemian existence in Paris. I don't imagine that Henry would last long in Paris these days, even with June's help.
  10. Baked more banana walnut bread today and had a nice hour long Skype call with an Italian cousin in Puglia, Italy. We were born in the same year and have always been close, but technology has made it so much easier for us to be even closer and it is a big plus that she speaks English perfectly (an English teacher in her town) and I speak just enough Italian to get myself into trouble! Marianne, I have a photographer friend who also went to Smith College, tho I think she graduated after you. Her name is Sarah Hampton (tho I don't think Hampton was her given surname). She was living in NYC but has moved back up to Northhampton, MA. Judging by her photos, it looks like Smith is beautiful campus!
  11. Well, it is about 1min walk from pedestrian bridge where pic was taken. This is looking the other way from the bridge: Building in the middle is "Opera House" and then behind you can see residential complex. This is how it looks in winter: This is the view of bridge itself, right from that "Opera House": If you get it right sunset colors can be amazing. I lucked out on this one couple of years ago & it still keeps selling with extended licenses (not on Alamy unfortunately) Can you tell me and that bridge are good friends, LOL. Speaking of which I am off to see if there is any fish under.
  12. Even if nothing else clears next week I'm due for my largest payout since joining Alamy (excluding additional DACS). That's a great boost whilst feeling COVID-trapped.
  13. I second Betty - WOW! You can shelter in place forever and still be living the dream. Simply stunning. Where in Canada on planet Earth are you @Autumn Sky ? Edit: Found it Alberta. I hope to get up to see the Canadian Rockies one of these days. So much on my bucket list I fear I may not get to now. But perhaps someday I will be able to drive across my country and yours.
  14. Perhaps the same, but it's almost exclusively editorial now because I have been picking up weekly freelance gigs photographing protests, and before that I was asked to film some some community spirit stories. Even if it wasn't frowned upon, my local parks are too crowded to go looking for my usual birdies and things.
  15. I'll have to try to find it and check it out. A good laugh is such a valuable commodity these days!
  16. I had a mini 40th college Reunion today via Zoom - so missed seeing my friends at Smith College and being in beautiful Northampton, Massachusetts, but wonderful to see people if just on a tiny Zoom screen - we had 150 participants. I also now have a few new Amazon movies and books on my to read/watch list - always fun to read or see something by people I know. I even found out an old friend I'd lost touch with is the US Ambassador to Montenegro. It made me once again grateful to have good internet, something so many people are without, so at least I can see friends, whether it's a huge group like this, or drinks with my book group, networking with my fellow photographers, facetime with my grandson, learning new things - have you checked out Coursera? - some wonderful stuff! So happy to see everyone's good news here. Congrats Betty! I have a new great-niece on the way next week - the second one to be born during this pandemic. Hopefully things will be better by the time your new grandchild gets here - we can hope and pray. Michael and Betty I'll try not to be jealous of your seeing your daughters - actually one silver lining of this plague is that rather than weekly FaceTime visits I see my daughter and grandson via FaceTime nearly every day and since Matteo was nearly 18 months old when this started, within a couple of weeks of our frequent chats, he started to really understand that Noni (and sometimes Pop) were inside Mommy's iPad. Seeing his development on a nearly daily basis over these two months has been a wonderful gift. Betty, thanks for starting this and the nature thread. As a lifelong pessimist, I value optimists like you. We may disagree politically, but if we don't value our shared humanity, we will never get through this. I'm grateful for everyone on this forum. Be well.
  17. The (original) The Office was extremely funny and quite unique, at the time. It actually took a while for people to realise it was a made up comedy show rather than a fly on the wall documentary!! The humour was very british and may not be funny to other cultures.I haven’t seen the US version but I guess it’s no where near the same standard.
  18. I love Amy Poehler and Ricky Gervais - both comedy geniuses IMHO - but I'm with Chuck on Parks & Rec and The Office, could never get into either of them (unless his Parks & Rec comment is really sarcasm and not DT's version of sarcasm). I've never seen the British version of The Office but since Monty Python days I've been a fan of British Comedy, so perhaps I should track down the British version? Thinking about it, @Chuck Nacke and I being from the same generation, the same age I think in fact, we grew up in the 60's and 70's heyday of great comedy, and so perhaps our expectations are different. I think we also share a dry sense of humor, which doesn't always come across in written comments. I disagree on the dashboard though. My dashboard has been the same for way too long now so I HATE the fact that it hasn't changed, views, zooms and sales at an all-time low.
  19. Sorry about your dog, an especially tough time to lose a pet. If you really can't find it, and you should make a good-faith effort to look first, but if you can't find the photos, you can write to contributor relations and ask them as a favor to let you download them. I had a backup hard drive die on me and a particularly special image was nowhere else to be found and Alamy was good enough to let me download it when I explained the situation a few years ago, a favor I much appreciated.
  20. As photographers we can do good during this time by telling the stories out there, so we should never feel we are doing something wrong. I remember the first time someone wrote me a letter (an actual letter years ago) thanking me for the information in one of my articles and telling me how it had helped her to be able to help her mother. In college I had written articles for the school paper that led to my college divesting their investments in companies that did business with South Africa during apartheid, but so many years later when I returned to writing, my focus was feature articles, so I didn't think that I was contributing to society, but that letter made me realize that even if I helped one person my work was doing more than just helping me make income. I wish my health did not keep me from getting out there to tell this story and I keep hoping that when they have a handle on the antibodies and whether they confer immunity I'll find out the weird symptoms I had back in March will tun out to have been Covid and that I'll be immune so I can cover the story and even if just in some small way, contribute to the knowledge base about this pandemic. I live in the well-off suburbs of NYC and many people don't realize we have great inequality here in the suburbs and children and families in need of food. There are people in need everywhere. I hope I'll be able to return to volunteering with low income immigrant children, who I miss so much. And I'd like to tell their story in photographs too. And this is not going to change, I fear, even when the pandemic runs its course with so many people who have lost jobs, parents who have quit their jobs because they have no childcare, people who can't work for fear of getting the disease due to pre-existing conditions or living with loved ones at risk. This story is far from over. Keep making those photos. You are all doing good work!
  21. Hungry kids move hearts. These are important photos, difficult to take but we need to move out of our comfort zones and you have done that to contribute images that may well help keep this child and so many like her fed.
  22. I agree. They said that's what turned the tide in the Viet Nam war - seeing those photos - it's shocking and we need that visceral shock. The statistics are so mind-numbing as to become unreal in a way, but you can't internalize and accept photos of people suffering the same way.
  23. Alamy is a picture library, not a storage service. They've charged a fee for this in the past. But they might help you on compassionate grounds. Of course you could just buy the cheapest PU licence and then do what you like with the image as it's yours! You ought to be able to find an image from just seven years ago- I have everything back to 1977!
  24. Whether it’s a good thing or not. A department store opened up this week. My daughter & I went in the same car (gasp!) shopping two days ago. Dressing room closed, sanitizer in the store, face masks... What was good was a taste of normal activity. What was bad is the risk of getting out. What was good is there were few shoppers, very easy to stay apart. What was bad is I had to return and exchange two pieces of clothing that didn’t fit, necessitating two excursions instead of one, because of not being able to try them on in the store. But I have some new clothes, yay!! Hope I’m alive to wear them! Betty
  25. If you haven't already done it, drop CR an email and they'll confirm, or otherwise, that they've records of the sale
  26. Thank you for reading my thoughts, Cecile. And I hope you get to enjoy Paris again this year. My travel ambitions are more modest. When the lockdown unlocks, I hope to make it to Chester and Leeds on the train.
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