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  2. I agree, John. Doing every single image...what, maybe a year and half ago... made me want to jump off a cliff, but I saw results. I had to do them, the new AIM scrambled them so badly. During the process, I realized how awful my early-years tagging was. I’ve been making regular sales of some pretty old images since. Even an A now and then. Just had an A zoomed. Edo, it wouldn’t hurt to add a few concept words to your shots of people talking, eating together. Like “friendship, companionship” (laughing, happy) or If several are doing a job together, use the phrase “working together” Usually concept words won’t come back to bite you. Betty
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  4. Irish Sun online M8H67C Mira Catholic boys and girls receiving the sacrament of first holy communion.
  5. Yes, it came up as UK - hadn't read the post about downloading the net revenue.
  6. Well done to you... nice saleable images....ATB
  7. Congratulations John, that's a great effort...I really like your Egypt shots and so had a quick visual holiday away from Ballarat..😀
  8. Hello Helen, I am not certain what access you have at this stage in the joining process, but if you can get into your dashboard, click on the image manager, this should show you where your 3 pictures are in the system. If this is no help then may I suggest an e-mail to contributors@alamy.com. They are very good.
  9. Many thanks for your valuable input Ian, yes composition still has me pulling my hair out at times and deleting many images that I thought would be perfect.... one of my biggest concerns was perhaps the fact that all my images are RF instead of RM and that perhaps that could play a big role in the fact that I am not getting sales as well but I have accepted that I need to at least double my port and then take it from there, if things are still looking dismal here after that then I will have to throw in the towel and accept defeat! thanks for your encouragement, I will definitely run with the challenge...
  10. Hi Paulette I am still so fussy about putting the correct information down on my images...what a pity that is such a rare caracal to find! I was in the Kgalagadi two weeks ago and managed to get a few shots of a Caracal at a waterhole at sunset, unfortunately not the rare animal but it was still a great sighting! I am still finding so many images on Alamy with wrong place names and I'm sure the assistants at the contributors help desk dread getting all my emails to ask photographers to change them to the correct places...
  11. HI MizBrown, many thanks for taking the time to send your helpful information, there are so many photos on Alamy of Cape Town that I doubt there are any undiscovered places left for me to photograph Lol but I get what you're saying and will take that into account when I do my next photography shoot, the main reason for concern was the fact that I don't want to keep adding to a portfolio that is just not performing well but the few photos that I do have on MS sites sell regularly...however I will try and double this port first and then if I still don't get many more sales, I will throw in the towel! Good luck with expanding your port as well, it can be disheartening when you don't get much response from all your hard work!
  12. Found in the Sun by Aiden Clarke https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/horoscopes/8884106/queue-jumpers-bad-grammar-pet-peeves-star-sign/ Picture of zodiac signs, horoscope symbols, stars in blue sky, vector icon set Photographer: beaubelle / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: DJC7YD Pic of Closeup portrait stressed angry woman pulling hair out screaming Photographer: Ivan Chiosea / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: JHNJFT Photograph of Business people standing in queue at airport Photographer: Tony Tallec / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: D2XHN5 Photo of CHILD EATING A MEAL Photographer: BSIP SA / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: D7BAEK Pic of Angry lesbian couple facing a dispute Photographer: Wavebreak Media / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: F4822D Picture of Girl taking money from partners wallet Photographer: Chris Rout / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: ENGWKG
  13. I think the Ecomomist would come up as "UK" in net revenue, not US as this one did.
  14. Scottish Sun https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/4140047/scottish-weather-easter-holiday-sizzler-mercury-temperature-22c-gran-canaria/ Just past the two days live news period Eilean Donan Castle - expired Live news so cant find it North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom, 15th April 2019. UK Weather: a very cold windy day in the seaside town, but with a promise of warmer weather to come later this week. The boats are returned to the harbour and the harbour side Lobster shack reopens. Credit: Sally Anderson/Alamy Live News Contributor: Sally Anderson (me!) Image ID: T4A2H2
  15. Daily Mail on line : https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6934321/10m-embark-Easter-getaways-UK-temperatures-set-hit-23C.html Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK. 18th April 2019. UK Weather: Crowds of holidaymakers and beachgoers flock to the picturesque beach at the seaside resort of Lyme Regis to bask in scorching hot sunshine. The balmy conditions are expected to continue with temperatures soaring over the Easter Holiday Bank Holiday Weekend. Credit: Celia McMahon/Alamy Live News. Contributor: Celia McMahon / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: T4RDM6
  16. Had this one in 2014 in The Economist: Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Magazine - Print and AppPrint run: up to 2 millionPlacement: InsideImage Size: 1 page
  17. I'm something of a minimalist by nature, but I try to make captions as complete as I can, especially for strictly editorial images. These days, I'm trying to dream up more keywords / tags than I used to, especially for concept images (the more the merrier for them, I believe). The only proof I have that this strategy works is that I notice that not long after fleshing out the captions and keywords of old images, they sometimes get zoomed. With zillions of images now online and more coming at us from all directions as we speak, I feel that spending time refining and adding words is a good investment. It might even be more productive than uploading new pics.
  18. I write complete captions, but add even more details in the "tell us more about your image" area on the Optional page (the one with the "number of people in the image" etc.). This is where I add context that just might make the image more relevant to a prospective purchaser. For example, on images of a shelter for immigrant families on the Texas-Mexico border, the caption includes the who, what and where. On the Optional page, I added context about Pres. Trump's policy to separate families at the border causing chaos. I did include Trump, president, etc., in the keywords.
  19. Currently, so far as I'm aware, there's no advantage of adding GPS co-ordinates on Alamy. But I suppose that could change in the future. So, if you've been adding them as part of your workflow and it's quick and easy, it might be worth continuing. Does anyone know if Alamy strips out the GPS data (like they do with a lot of the metadata) if it's been included? Mark
  20. Hello. I started sending Vectors to Alamy recently, but Is there a maximum size ? Sorry if this is already answered in another thread. I send already 3,4 MO and 17, 4 MO.
  21. Hi - I have sent three images for quality control - but heard nothing at all for several days. They took forever to upload, so I am wondering if they were received - how would I find out?
  22. 18/04/2019, Waitrose Weekend, p3, gin and tonic, EYX9F2, Nikolay Litov [Alamy credit only] 18/04/2019, Waitrose Weekend, p9, Betty's Tea Rooms in Harrogate, D94K46, John Davidson Photos [No credit - poss not via Alamy] 18/04/2019, Waitrose Weekend, p43, hard hat & drawings, D55W1C, oleandra [Alamy credit only] 18/04/2019, Waitrose Weekend, p45, hand pollinating, MRKHKA, Matthew Taylor [Circular crop. Alamy credit only]
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