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  2. I just got a vi on this deal from B&H check out the open box deal $599 great price and OB Like new with open box and full manufacturer's warranty or 1-year B&H warranty. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1569128-OREG/sony_cyber_shot_dsc_rx100_vi_digital.html B&H Used Equipment Rating System We only sell used equipment that has been tested and proven to be in good working order. N Brand new/never used, in original manufacturer's packaging OB Like new with open box and full manufacturer's warranty or 1-year B&H warranty. D Never owned; used for demonstration purposes only R Restored by the manufacturer to original factory specifications 10 Preowned equipment that looks good as new; no signs of wear 9+ Preowned equipment that shows little to no signs of wear 9 Shows some signs of use; may exhibit minor scuffs or surface marks but overall looks very clean 8+ Shows moderate wear, scuffing or marks to finish 8 Well used - may exhibit "dings" or noticeable marks to finish 7 Shows considerable wear and above-average signs of use 6 Serviceable, but exhibits significant cosmetic or mechanical imperfections Every item sold by B&H’s Used Department comes with our own 90-day parts and labor warranty (or longer for open box items). For many items, you may also purchase supplemental warranty coverage. Please refer to our "warranty policies", or ask your sales associate for details. The B&H Used Dept. does not distinguish between "grey market" and USA-warranted merchandise for any item we sell. These distinctions are primarily important for warranty purposes for new merchandise; since all the merchandise sold through our used department is outside the manufacturer's warranty period, in almost every case, the issue is moot. You should be aware that while almost all the items sold through our Used Dept. no longer qualify for the original manufacturer's warranty, certain manufacturers in the USA will not service goods whose original provenance was grey market, even for a fee. However, in almost every case, service is available through independent repair facilities.
  3. My CTR has been volatile since the beginning of the pandemic. My CTR graph, which is usually very consistent, now goes up and down like a yo-yo. A few days ago, it was totally down in the dumps. Now, after a few zooms, it has rocketed to 0.96 (1.6 yesterday). My guess is that it will settle down to normal by the end of the month. Signs of these strange times, I guess...
  4. Welcome, Ana, and congratulations on getting your first images accepted. I always export images with EXIF data, but I don't think it's essential. There is no way to delete images from the QC queue, so you'll have to wait and see.
  5. One of the many reasons I do not use filters on any of my glass. I do have really strong hoods on all lenses. I've also had many lenses for over 20 years and not a mark on any front elements. Chuck
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  7. Hi there. It isn't any more but having gone into my full statement I can see they've not received the money yet. The question is more the buyer paying alamy than alamy paying me, I'm familiar with the latter if that helps.
  8. Hello Jason, obvious question, is your cleared balance over $50?
  9. USA, Cook's Illustrated, Sep/Oct 2020 issue Pg. 28, Sesamum Indicum plant (used for making sesame oil), Blickwinkel
  10. Passed QC this evening ... but they sent me Captcha out of spite !!!!
  11. Guardian online.... https://www.theguardian.com/money/2020/aug/13/funeral-directors-overcharging-bereaved-by-at-least-400-watchdog-says Funerals in the UK are significantly more expensive than they should be, the CMA says. Photograph: Andrew Parker/Alamy Stock Photo
  12. Hi All, I know that August is a wicked month but my CTR has taken a nosedive. It has gone below .40 for the first time in years. Anyone else experiencing a drop in libido and flaccidity in this area? ;-)
  13. No flea ridden cloth from London. ........but a greenhouse . And maybe some Gloucestershire dust ! BTW.... Greenhouses.....they have been selling like hotcakes during the pandemic. So there could be a glut of tomatoes to be eaten soon.....
  14. Hopefully not a roll of cloth. That's how the trouble started last time!
  15. Today I had my first refund ever of a PU sale. It was of an image licensed in May of this year. Interestingly, the subject matter looked perfectly ligit for making prints and cards. So I guess I've joined the club... 😕
  16. That's true. So I guess there is "unofficial" Editorial RF on Alamy. I've experimented with making some of my older RM images that weren't licensing "Editorial RF", but it hasn't made any difference. None have sold.
  17. https://www.alamy.com/blog/how-to-create-a-lightbox-on-alamy
  18. Amana are a long established agency in Japan - very legit and from my history of occasional sales (via other agents), very well paying in comparative terms.
  19. Interesting case. Maybe you could test with and without the filter at a couple of focus lengths and different f stops. At least at the extremes. Then check if you can see it in the viewfinder/live screen. If that's the case maybe test a couple of filters (could be used of course) at a shop or some other outlet and see if there are any that give a perfect image. (= as if there's no filter.) I have no idea how it will show on a Siemens star, but I'm pretty sure it will be visible. Good Siemens stars here. I would print 3 and tape them each to a stick and put them in the scene you normally use. One at the point you normally focus on and two further away. Mark the distances so you can repeat it somewhere else like outside a shop. wim
  20. I'm probably not adding anything meaningful to this discussion but just so as I understand - there is an 'Editorial RF' filter in the main search but you can only check it in addition to RF, so you can't find images that are just Editorial RF.
  21. It does, loved it. So much of Lanzarote looks like Mars... I rented a bike and drove around all alone, I felt like an astronaut explorer ❤️
  22. Surreal nature meets surreal summer of 2020...
  23. Amana Images are on the list of Alamy Distributors, so legit. They are in Japan. See https://www.alamy.com/contactus/local-distributors.aspx
  24. They don't appear to be on Alamy's list of distributors, but perhaps I missed them.
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