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  2. Hi, thanks for your message. Alamy refused to help me because they said they have a contract with this agency where they assure non disclosure of sales data to anyone.. no matter if I am the copyright owner of the images. Alamy didn't tell me about any rule that don't allow image duplicates.. Of course I could prove that I submitted my portfolio much before this agency.. Do you think this is enough to let Alamy delete my images from the agency?.. If so, whey thy refused to help me when I told them this situation?
  3. Not all that surprising a development when you consider that kowtowing to dictatorial regimes in order to garner financial and political favours is becoming the norm. If I were a SS employee, I'd be making plans to split as well.
  4. Hello Robert, thank you for your comment and suggestion. I actually never tried to send them a letter with written request of portfolio cancelation, because I did it a few times by email, but they totally ignored me.
  5. https://www.chicagobusiness.com/health-care/new-ceo-takes-helm-lurie-childrens Mine https://www.chicagobusiness.com/education/universities-are-smarting-over-new-tax dbimages, Alamy credit only. https://www.chicagobusiness.com/retail/how-long-binnys-faces-formidable-foe Joe Hendrickson, Alamy credit only. https://www.chicagobusiness.com/health-care/md-no-prescription-job-security-hospital-chains Sorry couldn't find this one on Alamy. Article content is locked. Credit is to Alamy only. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/dec/03/nhs-rationing-of-procedures-could-be-in-patients-best-interests Mine, I'll park it here for tracking. Helen
  6. Yeah but its all about having fun in a creative community innit? 🥶
  7. I closed my account with them this year in response to Alamy exclusivity changes - they weren't worth losing the extra percentage. Sales had collapsed and to me there seemed no obvious explanation compared with the pattern of sales previously. I had heard a rumour on the internet so that encouraged me to leave. We all know that agencies are struggling so that got me thinking that I would be better to get my images back under control. I never had my images duplicated on Alamy because there was an opt out at the time they partnered with Alamy. If you joined them more recently than that there may not have been an opt out. If you have a record of your image refs you could approach Alamy to ask about sales of your images that have paid to the agency.
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  9. Alamy Photograph found on biz women https://www.bizjournals.com/bizwomen/news/out-of-the-office/2019/12/the-next-chapterbonding-with-grey-goodwin-and-of.html Photographer Collection Christophel Found by Rob Cook
  10. The prize money and not reading the T & C's.😀 ie being dumber than you are making yourself out to be. I do not believe you are dumb BTW. Allan
  11. Good points Mark. Allan
  12. Hi Wim, thank you for your reply. It's the second one you mentioned. I started having my images here on Alamy in 2006, although first years I had very little production. In 2014 I gave my portfolio to this Spanish stock agency, which without even telling me, put all my images on sale on Alamy, so since then I had double images displayed, one under my name and one under their name. But on the search engine 80% of the times my images show up under the agency name rather than mine, probably because they have many and higher ranking. But as I described in my post, they pretend they never sold even one of my images along five years and this is absolutely impossible since I sell several each month.
  13. I think you need to gather some good evidence about images sold by Alamy but not reported by this Spanish agency. Among other things, this conflict would prevent you from granting exclusive right to Alamy. Sending notice of cancellation of contract will be taken a little more seriously if sent by registered post. Even better an instruction from an Italian lawyer might be taken more seriously. Of course you don't want to run up a big expensive bill that way
  14. Guardian Online 07.12.19 https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/dec/07/how-to-grow-rowan-trees 2A42XYK Deborah Vernon Sorbus pseudohupehensis 'Pink Pagoda' CR3J86 imageBROKER /AR Sorbus cashmiriana M8J8WX Mike Read Bohemian waxwing Bombycilla garrulus feeding on berries of Kashmir rowan Sorbus cashmiriana
  15. even with model release, i doubt NBC would give you the right to use their logo commercially.
  16. From one of the people who left SS because of the censorship issue (Twitter thread):
  17. I think Ed means post-processing when he writes PP. I often don't understand the abbreviations people use on the forum and English is my native language. Computers are not. Paulette
  18. Another Level C sale . . . but for $$$. The take-away food is great here. Just a 10-minutes walk from my old apartment on Mulberry Street.
  19. I got sent a link to a new photo-app site, Agora. Essentially, a weekly photo competition for "pros and amateurs alike" with a $1000 prize - decent cash if you win - however, a quick look at the Terms and Conditions produces this: "The User will hold property over the User's Content. Nonetheless, by uploading, downloading, distribution or any type of transmission of the User's Content to the Service, the User authorizes the Company a general, royalty-free, perpetual, sublicensable, transferable license at an territorial scope for the use of the User's Content related to the promotion and the Company’s activity, including but not limited to the right of use, safekeeping, copy, distribution, transmission, public communication, reproduction, editing, translation, execution of derivative works and/or alteration of User's Content through any media, including social media. Unless disposed otherwise regarding the availability of the User's Content by the latter in order to acquire rights on behalf of third party Users, the User will not receive compensation from Agora images for the sole availability of third party Users for the User's Content." I'm as dumb as they come when it comes to legal jargon, but even I can spot the cuckoo in this nest - even though you remain copyright holder, the license they're being granted allows them to do pretty much anything they like. Is this the norm for social media stuff (I'm also as dumb as they come in that regard too)? Remind me please, why would anyone be tempted? 😲
  20. You mean you did not put this portfolio on Alamy, but an agency did that? Or is leonello calvetti 1,440 images your own portfolio and there's an agency that sells the same images, but under a different name or pseudonym? wim
  21. No, I wish. This was shot for a magazine. I marked the photos Editorial Only.
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