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  2. Guardian Online 15.06.2019 https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2019/jun/15/car-free-coast-lake-district-cumbria-beaches-walking M9P2YM Jon Sparks View from shoreline near Askam in Furness, Cumbria, towards Millom and Black Combe ATFHDT John Morrison The beach near Silecroft, West Cumbria UK HGXBPF Arco / T. Schäffer Muncaster Castle, Lake District, Cumbria, UK 16.06.2019 https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2019/jun/16/ice-fire-iceland-sagas-walking-trail-camping-trip P8A1DM imageBROKER/Mara Brandl Moss-covered lava field BMRKN6 Barry Lewis Reykjavik’s Culture House F52BY Simon Lane Eyjafjallajökull volcano in South Iceland
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  4. I would have to agree. Recently I had one of these "micro subs" on Alamy -- net 0.49 to me. I always saw Alamy as sort of beacon in stock photography swamp where nowdays thousands of similar cell phone snapshots are accepted no problem and then images downloaded for fraction of a penny. Alamy is still place for serious photographers, where you can admire others work and learn something. By accepting these kind of micro sub sales it is effectively falling into bottomless pit. Just my honest opinion, please don't spam me for saying this.
  5. Just got one of those awful sales that would make a microstock shooter spew coffee. I would love it if we could set a minimum price for our work, and if a sale comes in below that, we get 75%. Of course, that not going to happen, but it would be fair, IMHO.
  6. However, I don't think he was misleading anyone. He was pretty upfront about his feelings after the commission change earlier this year.
  7. Yes, @Reimar is having success. Very happy to see
  8. Not my photo, but this is definitely not what the caption says it is: https://www.alamy.com/stock-image-whitetail-deer-fawn-still-in-spots-on-a-grassy-field-167128602.html Since whitetails are as common as squirrels in my neck of the woods, I know them when I see them and adult bucks never have spots. This looks like an axis deer or chital, native to the Indian subcontinent. Evidently there are several introduced herds in Texas, which is what may have led to the confusion, if that's where the photo was taken.
  9. Thanks, I have my work website linked rather than Alamy although there is a stock link there. I just realized the last image I posted to IG, I forgot to mention Alamy. I'm thinking that maybe a good solution for me would be to end the description with something like "Available as a stock photo on @alamyltd as image #12345"
  10. How had you sold live news photos in the past if you aren't in the live news program? Is it something new. I've been a contributor here for 10 years, but never paid attention to the live news part. Then 3 times in the last months, I've had a newsworthy image. Don't really care if it goes through live news, but I can't wait several days to go through the normal process.
  11. Just went through this process. Good news is that my latest editorial sale where I could grab a good tearsheet was sold from Alamy. Bad news, I had to jump through many hoops to create a < 1MB PDF file. Now I wait.
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  13. I haven't really changed my mind either. I've had video clips on MS agencies (for lack of other options) for a couple of years and have earned some OK revenue. Prices are much better for footage, though. It's only recently that I've decided to experiment with adding some still images as well -- ones that for the most part would continue to languish on my hard drives. There have been rumours of a certain top-of-the-heap MS agency negotiating higher prices for different types of sales. So far, I've not seen any of those. I'm certainly not recommending MS or thinking of switching my focus. Sometimes, however, it can help to learn more about the enemy. Fortunately one can also beat a fairly hasty retreat if things get too much to bear. 😈
  14. Daily Mail online https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-7144485/How-visit-Helsinki-100-night.html GJG0AN PE Forsberg F0THPY Peter Forsberg F5DXT9 PicoCreek https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travelsupplement/article-7144429/Head-Omans-majestic-mountains-verdant-valleys-thrilling-Arabian-adventure.html FFMX5H Grant Rooney Premium https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-7144489/The-best-airport-hotels-UK.html HRXKDG Edward Westmacott
  15. Interesting. I know nothing at all about MS, but I have never been tempted to sell my photos for pennies, and don’t think I’ll be changing my mind about that.
  16. Yes, I admit that I'm one of those testing the waters, mainly with images that aren't very suitable for Alamy. I'm not really cut out for the micro world, as I don't generate a lot of images, and I still think that it's an exploitative and unsustainable business model (haven't changed my mind in that regard). Nonetheless, it has been an instructive experience so far. My impression from lurking [evil giggle] on MS forums is that there is no shortage of disgruntled contributors out there. I think that the micros are going to have to become more like the macros if they want to keep their best photographers, many of whom sound like they are getting fed up with the tiny subscription sales and the glut of poor images. Who knows, perhaps there is a middle ground to be reached somewhere. My other takeaway is that quite a number of MS agencies -- even well-established ones -- don't appear to be in very good shape and are no longer worth submitting to.
  17. No maybe just too much red meat. No mushrooms either. Not even champignons. Hmm, where's that Neanderthal emoji?😁 wim
  18. After misleading some forum members for a very long time, I think they have changed their minds, and a now submitting to microstock themselves.
  19. I would agree it is not an Austin Healy. I had a Austen Healy 3000 in the early 1960's and it had a jump seat behind the front seats. Your example does not have the jump seat. Your XK example was replaced later by the XKE so you should maybe consider XKD?
  20. Spring is always a good time to photograph leaves before they become all ratty with fungus and insect damage in summer. The light is not on the leaf in this image but going through the leaf from behind. Similar to a stained glass window.
  21. Can anyone identify this fungus growing on a rotting hardwood log? There was an entire colony on the side of the log. This part was the biggest and is about 4 inches long. It appears to have a random shape. It has no gills or stem but is firmly rooted to the log by a system of tough finely packed hairs growing downward. Dry to the touch not slimy. I was not brave enough to taste it.
  22. Hi Rickboden. Recently I just started posting my photos on instagtram, I put my copyright on my pic to post it. But I wander if its better to watermark at the bottom. (I’ll see) I put my alamy portofolio link to my profile for I can’t put web link to my photo. And I post my photo with photo ID by Alamy.
  23. I'd say that traditional RM is already dead here insofar as Alamy has invented their own flexible, hybrid licensing models which they continue to call RM for lack of a new name. When I set an image as RM, as is usually the case, I expect that Alamy will create customized licenses for any buyers that might come along. This is fine with me as I haven't seen much evidence that "pure" RF licenses result in higher fees, perhaps they did at one time, I don't know.
  24. Alamy Photographs in the Times https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/week-in-pictures-scotland-jc0dqzpt6 Photographers ROGER GAISFORD SALLY ANDERSON SKULLY Found by Rob Cook
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