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  2. I havent ever tied to buy a photo on Alamy. I see what you mean its impossible to get the price etc and the use without a zoom. Maybe some of those who enjoy the discounted buying regime can but my last sale was a simple private use only. There again some of the private use only sales look very suspicious to me. Not the typical photo an individual would want.
  3. Sales without recorded zooms are proof of this in my book, because I can't see how you could license an image without zooming it even if you wanted to.
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  5. Q. What is Alamy Measures?A. Alamy Measures is a feature we have that tracks the search habits of a core set of customers. It records searches, visits, views, sales and zooms. You can find this tool in My Alamy.
  6. Guardian Online 22/08/19 https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/aug/22/working-ae-see-sharp-end-homelessness-crisis-uk Findlay Man and woman walking past someone sleeping rough in a shop doorway, Glasgow, city, Scotland, UK - Image ID: G0XMTF
  7. 😀😁 Thank you! The links and instructions were indeed included so that the other readers could follow our steps. And as an encouragement to check even simple keywords sometimes. Maybe we could coin a phrase here: what would The Client do? - Answer: you never know. From yesterday's searches: NOT umbrella [PH] [UK] NOT the NOT longest NOT day NOT money [PH] NOT clinton = 4 different searches. wim
  8. My images of travel icons never seem to sell, so was happy to see this sale drop in this morning. An IQ Educational Editorial use for mid-$$
  9. Well someone has to be the hammer, and I'm expendable.
  10. It's an interesting and seemingly random choice by the Guardian. A very old news image with minimal keywording not particularly related to the story. A great story image though in itself, worthy of regular sales
  11. Nigel, most of my sales are of images that have not been zoomed.
  12. Your images look good, Sonia. When shooting for stock, you might want to consider widening your subject matter. You'll find a that a lot of others are shooting birds and other animals. You're in a position to capture the details of where you are . . . so do that.
  13. Ive recently had some sales where the buyer hasnt zoomed them. I find that strange because I assume they would want to see it for inspection etc. Maybe its normal, anyway ide rather have sales than zooms so cant grumble.
  14. Well on the face of it that doesn't make sense, they need to be at least 17MB uncompressed as you probably know, so at least 3000 x 2000 pixels for '35mm' format images. What pixel dimensions are they?
  15. Alamy Photograph in the Times https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/news-in-pictures-thursday-august-22-2019-gz27k3jzk Photographers VALERY MATYTSIN/ITAR/TASS Found by Rob Cook
  16. We usually just delete the contents of the message and replace it with "deleted". Alan
  17. Sounds nice, Bryan. But I won't be taking any side trips until I have a place to live. Liverpool is not London but it has a rich history to explore. Most of the major museums here have free entry.
  18. I want to employ Wim. Thanks for the tips and help. I am sure many of us gain from your experience and skill. Now back to improving my keywording... Phil
  19. Here's a suggestion for a cheering day out Ed. Buy an ancient person's annual rail pass - I have one, it gives you a 30% discount on off peak travel - and take a train to Leeds. Then take the free water taxi to the Armouries Museum, which has free entry, you can allay your conscience by buying an over priced coffee in the cafe. Take the water taxi back to the station then wander over to the lovely old corn exchange building in which there is (hopefully still there, was a month ago) a wonderful secondhand photo store. Coming out of there explore the beautiful old shopping arcades and market hall in the city centre. If you have a bus pass, take a ride to Roundhay Park, the stop is just across the road from the market entrance, and stroll around the lake before indulging in a bite to eat in the lakeside restaurant. Bus back to the station and head back to Liverpool. Another day out, make it as far as York. etc
  20. A handful of people stroll across the swing bridge in Whitby during the folk festival last weekend
  21. This is a fave in August simply because it made the front page of the county rag. Not the best fireworks pic ever, but I like it.
  22. Hi All, I'm trying to upload high quality JPEGs of my images, but I keep getting a message that my JPEGs are too small. I'm saving tiff files of around 25mb (uncompressed) as the highest quality JPEGs and they're coming out at around 2.2mb, but still I'm getting the message that they're too small. Any idea of how to fix this?
  23. Bryan, do you think Queen Victoria's unhappy expression has to do with the weather? Joking aside, folks, I prefer the cooler weather here . . . just not for most photography. I'll deal with it. I've been dealing with it. I'm still adding about 100 new images a month to Alamy. And yes, finding a place to live is my big problem.
  24. Found in The Guardian on-line (uk) https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/aug/21/older-adults-can-boost-longevity-with-just-a-little-exercise?CMP=share_btn_tw Nice pic !
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