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  2. Still no replacement sale so awaiting response from contributor relations.
  3. I just checked my email.... It was a wednesday, just past 13:30 Western Europe, so 12:30 UK.
  4. Alamy Photographs found in Prospect https://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/arts-and-books/tim-montgomerie-future-conservative-party Photographer PJRTRAVEL BRIAN HARRIS Found by Rob Cook
  5. Since losing Live News, to reduce the weight I carry, I often don't carry a laptop with me, perhaps I should. Just out of interest, what day and time did you contact Alamy at and get the quick response back from them?
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  7. Thank you! Captured in the subways of Mexico City. I haven't sold diddly squat yet. 😋
  8. Gargoyle Valley in Banff National Park. Big mountain is Mt. Louis, one of big prizes in Mountain Climber community. First climb in 1916 by legendary Conrad Kain and Albert MacCarthy was a landmark achievement Stitched vertical pano of 4 frames, ISO 160 , F8 1/100 sec exposure, handheld, B&W polarizer. Canon EOS 6D and 24-105L lens. Postprocessed in CS6; used HDR tonning and it actually worked quite well. It will never sell because Alamy doesn't like mountain landscapes, but I like it. So there 😉
  9. Yes. And why photographers like me who have nature landscape as primary niche can't sell squat on Alamy ;=) Very cool Aladdin Sane graffiti btw Kristin; very curious if it will sell
  10. Such amazing shots everyone! Glad to see the discussion about ISO. I shot about 500 photos at the Lights For Liberty protest in Berkeley on Friday, which took place on a pedestrian bridge over an eight lane highway. A few pictures are really beautiful but I got home and realized none of them would pass QC because the best photos were taken at magic hour or later, and I do not yet have control over the manual controls on my camera, including setting the ISO manually. SO IN OVER MY HEAD. 😁 I was moving quickly because the event was only an hour so I just grabbed what I could. I submitted two and they passed QC!!! Thrilled, and maybe I'll upload a couple more. Editing this to add specs. both photos: ISO 3200 F4.5 1/125 shot with Sony a6000 zoom lens woohoo!
  11. That sounds like a good strategy. It pays to shoot subjects that you understand and which have meaning for you. I come from backgrounds in education and freelance writing, which I think has helped me a lot on Alamy given that it is primarily an editorial agency.
  12. I'm still thinking about this as I struggle to get any kind of footing here in this biz. 😂 I am thinking political rallies and protest footage will be one focus. It feels good to bring my interests in photography and activism together. The imagery can be dramatic. People let you take photos of them up close because there is a performative aspect, the events are timely, and I can amplify the message. I live in a hotbed of protest territory, so there's never a dull day. And it's where my heart is. ❤️
  13. Rico what browser are you using? Still no luck using Firefox. I used an image I have on flickr that is on alamy, no results found. OK, never mind so, I am a bit slow. Figured it out. Not like searching in Google. Must click on the camera icon to open up a window to drop image into. I feel dumb now. And, the URL link must have an PNG or JPG extension, okay got it.
  14. Totally unimpressed. I used one of my Indian relay photos for a search. It found that one but the rest of them were of regular horse jockey type photos. Very poor IMO.
  15. One of three mid $$ sales (direct, 50%) that showed up today. This one was for multiple editorial use, education. Other two were for retail books.
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  17. Probably a good thing, as Michael says; if ones images are found on the web, an easy way for buyers to find and purchase/re purchase. Not working for me in Firefox though, might be doing something wrong. Tried to drag a few images from google, images. Helen
  18. Personal use, $10 net. Oddly, the second personal use sale of this file, which IMO isn't an obvious candidate for PU - if someone worked there or it was someone's favourite shoe shop, they'd surely just take the pic themself: And although it's a PU, it's my highest value sale this month so far.
  19. I used the search, and for what I entered and found it initially appears effective. Searching for Photos (stock) I searched for my images shot last weekend, St Pauls Carnival. All 48 showed up along with others from previous years. Appending the search with 2019 found this years carnival pictures. By selecting search Live news, then Browse Live News Feed you can then browse all there. I then searched Live News with 15th July 2019 entered, and what appeared to be the days uploads were found. Looks promising.
  20. 14/07/2019 Sunday Times Culture (print) Close up detail of a hoverfly. CX11GD John Insull Premature twins asleep in an incubator. D8TW4W Angela Hampton Picture Library
  21. USA is getting worse, but don't forget Turkey, I believe they have the worst record for imprisoning journalists for simply doing their job.
  22. as added information, i can relate my recent experience. I had some soft news that i thought might be of interest for immediate upload, so i emailed the desk within 5 minutes with a sample photo... i had reply to confirm event was from that day (it was) and i had standard caption format (i did). News side was up within 10 minutes from initial request, and set push in 15 minutes. No sales, but a really positive experience, as well as loads of info of what they need for the process....
  23. Seems like a good addition to me. Searching using images is fairly common these days. Will it help sales? Hard to say, but it certainly can't hurt. Mind you, I still prefer to search the old-fashioned way, using words.
  24. I understand that some system is necessary, but why can't somebody develop one that works? If getting through the system that requires us to recognise a traffic light or a fire hydrant, is it too much to expect the system itself to know what they look like? And it's difficult to know whether a collection of bricks and a bit of a window are part of a shopfront. Have a security feature, fine, but one that can at least do what it is asking us to do, and can be used on a mobile phone without use of a magnifying glass.
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