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  2. Clear other selected images before you pick an image to tag unless you want to borrow tags from another image.
  3. I can't exactly picture what's happening--but I suggest making sure you only have the image/images selected that you want. Might want to hit "Clear selection" before you select.
  4. Looking at the chart John Richmond linked to, I would look for more examples of potato bacterial soft rot.
  5. Allan, not familiar with the term “shortcrust“. I use 2 cups flour, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp sugar, 2/3 cup shortening, 2 Tbsp diced cold butter. Cut in until crumbly, iced water added until it holds together, rolled out to size for 2 crust pie. I know the UK has different measurements, but you get the idea. Allan, I’m trying not to think about Covid right now. Que sera sera. I’m actually battling a touch of systemic Candida at the moment. It always simmers in my body and rears it’s ugly head periodically, usually when I’m exhausted or stressed. It started when I was caregiving and I’ve not been able to 100% get rid of it. It attacks my my mouth, throat and lungs. I have a handle on it. I think.
  6. Yep, one hit....nothing like her crooner dad with his silky voice. Now I want some apple pie 🍎 🥧 !
  7. You are right about loosing related images in the search. Use photoshop to put multiple images in one image. This single image containing two high/low tide images has sold multiple times.
  8. Yesterday
  9. It turned out great, if I do say so. Just a memory now. Shared with family, then took my neighbor a big slice. I’ve lifted a slab of barbecued baby-back ribs and apple pie over my back fence this week. Nothing better than Willie, Ed. All the employees of the 2 doctors I worked for and our spouses saw him in concert, open air, in Tulsa once. The doctors and wives, too. What a gorgeous evening! Slight breeze, 75 degrees and a full moon. And wow, the music. We loaded everyone in two conversion vans, had catered bbq and fixings, one doctor played his guitar and we sang Willie songs all the way. He hopped from one van to another to entertain us. It was a blast. Michael, that song you mentioned. I had a pair of white go-go boots at that time. Nancy Sinatra was a one-hit wonder.
  10. Your excitement may wain, I am still waiting to get paid from a February 11 usage by the New York Times. I just get the generic reply from Alamy.
  11. sooth, I have no idea what you are saying. Are we supposed to recognize who CT might be?
  12. CT are ** with an exploitative business model.
  13. Well, two weeks in and only two sales. I'm officially in the doldrums. Or the cliff got a lot steeper. Even my two other MS efforts have each yielded more than twice the revenue so far this month compared to here.
  14. I couldn't find you on facebook but followed you on Twitter. Thanks for suggesting it.
  15. NYT is the mother of all newspapers. I had a photo in the travel section many years ago and that made my day/week/month!
  16. Country: Brazil Usage: Editorial Media: Book, print and/or e-book Print run: up to 5,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 01 June 2020 End: 01 June 2025 Brazil, Book, print and/or e-book,Bulk discount flat rate Low $$
  17. This potato disease poster might help, Bryan. I don't think it's blight from what I remember from my allotment days.
  18. Sorry, can't really help, but "Potato disease identification" has to be the best subject title I've seen for a while
  19. Ha, don't apologise, I could look at that all day! Thanks for the spot. 👍
  20. One of my potato plants looked a tad distressed so I dug it up fearing blight. Surprisingly only one tuber appeared to be affected, the subject of the photo. Do any of you gardening gurus know what the problem is? I suspect blight but it has been suggested that it might be potato gangrene. The remainder of the crop turned out to be clean and the variety is Charlotte.
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