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  2. Apple have just released macOS Catalina, a 64bit operating system which replaces the macOS High Sierra 32bit operating system. Before you install this new OS please read the articule below as many of the 32 bit apps. will not be supported which may include Photoshop and Ligthroom. https://www.theverge.com/2019/10/12/20908567/apple-macos-catalina-breaking-apps-32-bit-support-how-to-prepare-avoid-update
  3. Guardian Online 13/10/19 https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/oct/13/flood-warnings-as-heavy-rains-sweep-across-england Wayne HUTCHINSON Grasmere, UK. 23rd Dec, 2013. Traffic on the A591 at Grasmere in the English Lake District had to endure floods of water on the road. This stretch of road between Windermere and Keswick has been voted Britain's best drive. Credit: Wayne HUTCHINSON/Alamy Live News - Image ID: DNDPCP https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/oct/13/families-in-england-hit-by-70-cut-in-school-uniform-grant Julian Claxton Group of School Children sitting in Assembly in a UK Primary School - Image ID: KGC8W9 Guardian Online 14/10/19 https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/oct/14/only-one-in-10-green-belt-homes-affordable-says-countryside-group WilliamRobinson Bungalows situated on the edge of the "Green Belt" at "Lodge Moor" in Sheffield - Image ID: BE5BBF https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/oct/14/alcohol-industry-pregnant-women-research-health Alex Segre Pregnant woman drinking a pint of beer in pub, London, England, UK - Image ID: E19GC8
  4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-7570583/Giant-Hunters-Moon-looms-Northern-Hemisphere.html One of mine, along with David Creedon "Night Kayakers take to the water and observe the Hunter's Moon rising at Fountainstown, Co. Cork, Ireland" Image ID: 2A4CXKR
  5. Good point! Though doesn't that mean that Alamy was able to make a large increase in payments to directors BEFORE making the reduction in our commission?
  6. I have photos here shot with the original RX100. Not having a viewfinder is a frustration in bright light but if you happen to have a Hoodman loupe for looking at the back of a DSLR https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1353036-REG/hoodman_h30mb_hoodloupe_3_0_outdoor_loop.html it is actually possible to fasten it on for excellent viewing of the back screen. Paulette
  7. Today
  8. Perhaps you don’t look foreign enough. Maybe you should cultivate the Arab look you alluded to once over a coffee with me and Mr K. That should do the trick 😎.
  9. In the interest of fairness to Alamy, the change in commission structure was announced in late 2018 and will only become apparent when they publish accounts for year ending December 2019. We will have to wait another year to see the impact of that 'innovation'.
  10. When you upload via FTP the images initially go into your FTP folder The Alamy process then, at some point, picks them out of the FTP upload folder, and processes them, putting them into AIM - At that time they disappear from the FTP folder As your FTP upload can take some time to complete, the Alamy process may have already processed some of the first ones you uploaded. I use Filezilla - I check Filezilla to see the queue and "Successfully transferred" - and "Failed" would be the ones that you might have to resend, As others have said - just give Alamy a little time to process them - I dont have any problems using FTP - either from my MAC or from my phone using ShutterSnitch Jools
  11. I remember the help I received in the beginning of my Alamy journey and appreciate it. I did take many on board and have had some success since. More specifically, I have 663 Rights-Managed exclusive images on here...some have been here for 4 years. They've made me about $300 net. I would define that as "underperforming". My net return on micros is an average of $1/image/year but much larger volumes. Anyway, only have myself to blame for being naive thinking that somehow being exclusive and RM had some sort of benefit. I've heard mixed things about Getty RM as well...and now that collection is being overlooked for the RF in the search engines (just a rumour...someone please confirm). I suppose I'm just frustrated and had to recently go back into full-time (non-photography) related work to make ends meet. This is after some 3-years of intensive part-time photography and then some video work. Anyway, this isn't my blog so won't elaborate, but I expected better returns after devoting so much time and energy. Anyway... Seems like the wider industry is going through a transition period, generally to the detriment of contributors. Having more success with videos, pushing more in that direction. Nobody is paid to help newbies but wouldn't it make sense if some of us were? Can't we suggest a newbie part of the forum? Put together courses in return for remuneration? Just brainstorming. Loads of knowledge here and willing people, as well as newbies wanting answers. Put those together and there's opportunities...
  12. There is no sign that the additional revenue from the commission cut has been invested to help Alamy to transition from a tier 2 to a Tier 1.5 agency ie) nothing in the accounts to suggest that contributors have benefitted. For those that don't remember that was the main ( if vague) justification given.
  13. I gave you a laugh for that. Trouble is you have set me thinking. Perhaps I should have a minder when on the industrial estate. There are always lots of people about at Tesco's. Allan
  14. Guardian Online 13/10/19 https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/oct/13/lake-district-authority-loses-no-confidence-vote-over-path-decision JAMIE SMITH Wast Water seen from the ascent of Scafell Pike in the Lake District National Park - Image ID: KGT61A Guardian Online 14/10/19 https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/oct/14/renewable-electricity-overtakes-fossil-fuels-in-uk-for-first-time Islandstock Sunrise from Seaton Carew beach near Hartlepool with Teesside Offshore Windfarm in distance. England, UK - Image ID: DPA0TD
  15. I agree with your analysis on Alamy's main business. The Manything App gets very mixed reviews on the Google Play store so I can't see a clear way for Manythings to turn around of its own accord. If Alamy are going to invest I'd much rather see such investment going into the mainstram Alamy business. I was going to suggest they reconsider revitalising their video library and reopening it to new contributors, but I know that even well-established microstock video agencies are having a hard time in the rush to the bottom on prices through subscription models at the moment, and a big player has entered the non-editorial video stock market in the last two years or so. Still, Alamy has a unique niche in its richly varied still image content so perhaps it's not too late to offer something similar to the video market.
  16. Below I will follow your suggestion, Wim, and post an image that has sold and one that has not sold, both with lighting I like. But I'm not sure if images that sell tell us what will sell. What I do, and will continue to do, is only upload images I approve of. In the terms of stock, the subject has to suggest a caption. Otherwise, I go with pictures I like. (If I don't like it why would I expect others to like it?) Above is a landmark snap taken in Seville that sold. Below is one of my biggest frustrations -- the many good shots I have of St. Peter's in Rome that have never sold . . . and have never been zoomed. And they're 11 years old now, not that Old Rome has changed.
  17. It seems to me that the Alamy Stock business on its own is doing OK despite the pressures that we know about. Of course, with a turnover (and cost of sales) that's relatively flat and with the number of images continuing to increase that isn't great news for contributors. But it could be worse. It will be interesting to see what happens with Videoloft. Can it be turned round into a profitable business? How much more money will Alamy have to put into it, and are they prepared to do so?
  18. Sounds interesting Mick. When previously shooting live news I tried similar with an iPhone without success, and carrying a small MacBook Air for editing and uploading via the phone was too slow.
  19. I thought we gave Brazilnut boatloads of constructive criticism when he first entered the forum, didn’t we? Correct me if I’m wrong.... Anyway, we old-timers aren’t here to teach “How to succeed in stock 101”. That’s not our responsibility. Yet when asked, the members of this forum generally are eager to offer help. It does seem, though, more and more newbies are throwing our advice back in our teeth, then bemoaning their poor results, then getting angry and insulting because we honestly tell them how to improve. It seems they expect only praise, not honest information on how to improve the photos or captions/keywording and subject matter. Brazilnut, I’m not singling you out with these remarks, but in general this “asking but not listening” is happening more and more. There are probably some of us who wonder if it’s worth taking the time out of our busy days to try to help when all advice is ignored from so many who ask. I know I have gone out of my way to help in the past, but sometimes wonder if it’s worth it anymore. Betty
  20. I thought it was bloody skin ulcers on someone’s, um, backside. I was already feeling the pain.
  21. I have pictures on here shot with the RX100. If you shoot it at low ISO, or use one of the night modes (don’t remember which) for darker environments, you can be successful with it. It’s best shot in good light. I have learned to do some things with it using selective noise reduction. The Fuji cameras seem to not need as much care. Not knowing your abilities, (are you just now getting into photography?) or whether you have good software for developing the photos, it’s hard to advise. Betty
  22. A rare Sunday sale (marketing, small business, travel and tourism, low $$) of a railway museum in Mexico. Appears to be direct.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Sigma just introduced the FP, a "pocket-size" mirrorless camera with full frame sensor for $1900.
  25. Thanks Steve - delighted with that spot! Been one of my ambitions to get a photo in "Country Walking" - only taken me 15 years!! 😂 Kumar
  26. 'Attention to the Reflection (Urban)' sounds scarily like real photography so I nearly ran away to my safe places but I've noticed plenty of varying interpretations so here's mine:
  27. I have a calibrator but haven’t used it since moving. I do look at the brightness of my Alamy images compared to others, and think they look good. I do watch my histogram, while shooting and while developing. I do use the white balance dropper to find a white, grey or black. Some photos don’t have those shades, like some nature, so I can try auto in LR, (only recently, last couple of uploads) and “most” of the time it does well. If I think it is too warm or cool, I tweak it to my eye. In other words, calibrating is best, but good results can still happen with care. Oh, I have an iMac, about 4-5 years old. I develop with sun coming through the sheer curtains, and at night with a dim light in the room. I do everything wrong, it seems. Maybe my stuff is horrible and I’m clueless or don’t have the eye I think I do. In the past, occasionally I goofed with the brightness (a tad dark) of an image but not often. Ummm, I think!! Betty
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