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  2. British Wildlife Magazine, April 2019, Vol 30, No. 4. ISSN: 0958-0956 Front cover: Nature Picture Library/ Wild Wonders of Europe/Cairns, Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) male displaying, Cairngorms NP, Scotland, March 2009. Image ID: F0N11N P166: DP Wildlife Vertebrates, Goosander (Mergus merganser) adult male swimming on the River Skell near Ripon, North Yorkshire. March. Image ID: M2K1P7 P187: Stephen Kelly, Devil's Ditch (also called Devil's Dyke) an Anglo-Saxon earthwork. Image ID: C4WJEY P188: Kevin Maskell, Lizard orchid (Himantoglossum hircinum) pair on the Devils Dyke in Cambridgeshire. Image ID: BEJWFP P199: Peter Lane, Red Squirrel, Sciurus Vulgaris. Image ID: G9K01T P204: David Whitaker, Red-billed Chough, Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax. Image ID: AYBBXP P218: David Shale, Pram bug (Phronima sedentaria) in barrel of salp, caught between 74m/243ft and 188m/617ft, at night, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, North Atlantic Ocean. Image ID: E45J9T
  3. A few Alamy contributors here: https://heytutor.com/blog/the-most-expensive-public-schools-for-out-of-state-residents/ Mindy Fawver Glenn Nagel Charles Knowles Ken Wolter Marcus Baker Jon Bilous (twice) Eric Franks Images-USA Gregg Schieve Stephanie Sellers Sean Pavone Nadia Yong Maciej Bledowski AztecBlue michelmond Walter Arce Radius Images Nick Fox lukas bischoff Andrei Stanescu AlessandraRCstock Claudine Klodien John D. Ivanko
  4. I don't actually know for sure. I'm having a lot of repeat sales, so I reckon it's probably 60% News/40% Stock, or thereabouts.
  5. Have you thought about a secondhand Macbook Pro? See this thread https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/11417-need-a-second-hand-laptop/ Mark
  6. Mine have. Uploaded a bunch of pics over Easter. Quite relieved as I used a new camera.
  7. I've had quite a few images taken within a few blocks of my house license, including a couple of other $$$ ones, and I live in a quiet residential area with not a lot going on -- more squirrels and crows around than lions and tigers. 😄
  8. Is THAT what those strange lumps are on my upper back?? Oh, boy, I’m a gonna have wings! 😊 Rather not have the pollen baskets, thank you very much. We ladies carefully watch the condition and shape of our legs. Thanks, John.
  9. Today
  10. If you add another 2000 images of the quality of what you have, and caption and tag them correctly, the sales will come. You have a beautiful (but tiny) portfolio. Every living thing, animal or plant, needs the scientific name. Most of mine have sold with the search terms being the scientific name. That said, do your due diligence in finding those scientific names. Worse than having none is identifying something with the wrong term. Betty
  11. But without the wings and pollen basket, I hope! Sorry to hear about your recent trials.
  12. Chaps, the archive application asks for either a website or portfolio. My website is not operating now and right now I don't have a portfolio, merely a few edited scans. I do have many, many un-edited TIFFscans, however, and many edited scans that I would rework from new scans before submitting. So, what are they looking for?
  13. In Tennessee where I just got back from, there were layers of thick yellow pollen all over everything! My car was covered. I felt rather like the bumblebee in your image every time I went outdoors.
  14. Thanks all for your inputs. i wrote to Alamy at contributors@... Etc earlier today. I'm looking forward whT they say.
  15. Yep, thats the job I have to undertake every time, sadly. ICE dust removal doesn't work on Kodachrome.
  16. That can be correct but the Coolscan handles them fine
  17. I’m back home as of noon today. Sure feels good. Echo is happy to be in her large cage again, too. Drove in a lot of rain today, but the trip was uneventful otherwise. My son went back to work today. He’s been off for a couple of months caring for his wife, but his employer has paid him full wages for the whole time instead of full pay for two weeks, then 60% the rest of the time. That’s a wonderful boss. BTW, I took back roads on the way home and didn’t have to fight hundreds of semi trucks (lorries). Wonderfully peaceful. Thank you all for your compassion. It meant a lot. Betty
  18. They did improve. But whenever I worked them over was awhile ago. It seems at least the past 6 months, anyway, sales have declined. That said, working mine over has resulted in sales of old images. But life circumstances have kept me from uploading on a regular basis. I have a firm belief that uploads every week seems to help my images come up higher in searches. I’ve done good to manage a few once or twice a month for quite a while. During the time I was adding 80-100 a month was best for sales. And during the time I have had less output, everyone else has uploaded a LOT of images, so competition is fierce. If my family can stay healthy, I just might be able to get myself in gear again. Here’s hoping. So keep on fixing your tags. It does help. But while you do, be steady with adding images. Betty
  19. Now last night's submission has passed and email received before the images even show in "Images not on sale" on the dashboard.
  20. I would think it would depend on who owned the property now. If the property was sold, the images would be more or less in the public domain. If the original company still owns the property, it might be a problem. However, if they tore down the building, the artwork must not have meant much to them.
  21. Looks like to me a note would accompany the 'unreleased' comment stating that the individual was deceased. Any further help is appreciated
  22. Interesting question. In a similar vein, I have images of murals on the sides of buildings that no longer exist -- i.e. the buildings have been torn down to make way for shiny new condo towers. I often wonder if those images would still need property releases for commercial use. I assume they would but I'm not sure.
  23. Today I woke up to a $$$ sale (direct, 50%) of an image captured on on a trip to my local grocery store just down the street. My share will more than pay for the few items that I bought that day. Glad I packed a camera.
  24. They look a bit dark on my monitor as well. Mind you, dark images can license sometimes. I've got more than a few of those back from when I was working with a poorly calibrated monitor. However, it's really worth investing in some inexpensive calibration software..
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