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  2. Isn't Instagram more limited from a computer than a mobile device though? For example, as far as I know you can't post multiple photos. And it takes a workaround to actually post anything? Or am I missing something?
  3. I understand completely what you are saying Kevin! lol Thank you, I hope so I'll be putting effort into getting things corrected and in proper order. I still don't expect sales till Jan at the earliest but it doesn't stop me checking daily! haha Thank you on the website too that has been frankly a pain in the arse but it was along ling time overdue. I'm currently doing metadata for pages and SEO..... zzzzzzzzzzz Take care mate
  4. Images can come from any source. I import small files into IG from my Mac and they're never from a phone. And I don't have an iPhone anyway. https://www.instagram.com/richardbakersphotos
  5. I t is a bit strange in an adult world, but hey ho ay! I appreciate your upvote though so thank you that's kind of you! πŸ™‚ Take care Paulette πŸ™‚
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  7. My one and only food shot on Alamy - waffles with cream and rhubarb preserve at the DebesarcafΓ©, in the village of GjΓ³gv, Faroe Islands.....
  8. Jon D, Looked thru your images and I think you'll do well here. (Website looks good, too!) When I first got here the forum was a great resource as I learned about digital photography and online stuff. After 10+ years there is less for me to learn and I know what some members will say before reading their post. Knowing this has saved me from reading tons of text when I do drop in here.
  9. Better get cooking some of these, we've had a really good potato crop this year!!
  10. Thanks, Jools. I have had Filezilla in the past. It has not worked for me lately. I'll try downloading it fresh.
  11. Ed - Have you tried uploading via FTP? Its how I upload from my Mac - nice and seamless! I use the "Filezilla App" free version - which you can download directly from their website - dont download from the App store, where they try and force the "Pro", paid version on to you! https://filezilla-project.org/ The Alamy instructions are here https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/how-do-i-send-you-my-stock-images/?section=4 Good luck Jools
  12. Not from me but probably for comments such as this and this and this
  13. Don't bother investigating using a phone, you can do it embarrassingly easy from any PC (unless of course you only want to use a phone πŸ˜‰ ). DD
  14. I object strongly to the whole red arrow business so I have given you green ones to even things out in your "reputation". some red arrow people object to that but I think they should just speak up rather than firing anonymously. Alamy thinks the red arrows help to keep us from falling into huge fights and I must say the old forum was much less friendly than this one. Paulette
  15. That really did make me laugh out loud! At least you didn't say gender neutral, fluid or binary ..... because then you would have truly lost me! πŸ˜•πŸ˜‚
  16. Thank you I have tried not to. Nevermind on a plus side I have just finished and made my new website live after a lot of work making it compatible with mobile and desktop! YIPPPPPPEEEE Onwards and upwards (I'd neglected my last for about 6-7 years and finally my name came available in .Com...., Only a decade wait! LMAO)
  17. Guardian Online 20/11/19 https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/nov/20/free-internet-broadband-low-incomes redsnapper Secondary education Wales UK - two girls holding using Apple iPad iPads tablet computers in a biology science class classroom - Image ID: E71YXT Guardian Online 21/11/19 https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/nov/21/tories-no-deal-brexit-plans-damage-uk-economy-oecd-eu Newscast Online A Nissan car is picked up by a crane in an illustrative image of a scrapyard. - Image ID: C38RC3
  18. Hey... some of us are pathetic excuses for women. Let's have no discrimination on the forum, please...
  19. Yeah for sure the red arrow brigade is firing today πŸ˜€. It's a lazy way of expressing displeasure rather than stating why you disagree. There are many of us regulars here who never use them as a matter of principle. Not sure why you are even getting them as you said nothing untoward at all.
  20. Thank you MDM, That's very much appreciated. It may not seem like it but I have taken every bit of advice on board that I have gotten so far and I will be addressing them all one by one when I have the time to sort my profile professionally etc. I hope to have caught up with all of my images etc and have everything keyworded perfectly in galleries and in folders by February! Once that is done and sorted I'm happy for people to make judgements, but dear god people GIVE ME TIME! Lmao! Thanks for your comment, and have a great day! πŸ™‚ I can also see that the group are on the down voting band wagon... -3 Pathetic excuses for so called men obviously! Can't even have a conversation πŸ˜‰
  21. The kitchen of a high end restaurant in Virginia, USA. Magazine use for upper $$
  22. Probably jolted free in the rattly old lorry.πŸ˜€ Allan
  23. Don't worry Jon. You are welcome and it is generally a very friendly place here really. πŸ˜€. One thing I would say about your work if it has not been said already - too many similars can have a negative effect on your Alamy rank which can affect your sales. I guess that is what the original one meant when talking about throwing pasta at the wall. He is frequently rude towards people, old and new here, experienced and novice photographers alike. He will often remove what he has written and aplogise for what he has said. He is highly respected by some because he was once a very well known photojournalist and he has a unique portfolio from his photojournalist days. Importantly Chuck certainly does not speak for the forum. Best to ignore any bad vibes and move on.
  24. Very good very good, but I'm using FTP, it does it the background! As I'm sure you know, Just editing and organising me new website to be honest. Stressful times. 10 hours on one page yesterday! lol *But yes I could be doing far more productive stuff than getting into bickering and squabbling ;-).
  25. Two dropped in this morning. One for magazine use (upper $$), the other PU, usual rate. Funnily they are both Gulf War related!? Kuwait and Saudi issued medals.
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