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  2. CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 23/09/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/naturaleza/articulos/las-negras-cabo-de-gata-que-ver-guia/19144 Jerónimo Alba Las Negras beach Cabo de Gata Nijar Almeria Andalusia Spain - Image ID: D0TP23 Jerónimo Alba Fishing boats Las Negras beach Cabo de Gata Nijar Almeria Andalusia Spain - Image ID: D0TN79 Alberto Paredes Genoveses beach CABO DE GATA NATURAL PARK Almeria province Andalusia Spain - Image ID: AM1DWW —————————— https://www.traveler.es/experiencias/articulos/meninas-calles-madrid-exposicion-2020/19150 Paul Christian Gordon Madrid, Spain: 'La Menina Postal' by artist Luigi Rodríguez in front of Casa de la Panadería in the Plaza Mayor. The sculpture is part of the 'Meninas - Image ID: P1TPWJ ——————————————————— CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 22/09/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/viajeros/articulos/madrid-barcelona-en-tren-de-alta-velocidad-ouigo-a-mitad-de-precio-marzo-2021/19143 Sylvain Oliveira TGV Ouigo ( French high-speed rail service low cost ) in the LGV Sud-Est near Sens, France - Image ID: D8EN24 —————————— https://www.traveler.es/viajeros/galerias/destinos-que-visitar-2021-mejores-viajes/2783/image/134456 GARDEL Bertrand / hemis.fr France, Paris, Les Halles district, Bourse du Commerce (Commodity Exchange) - Image ID: ECJ6D6 Mehul Patel View of the old town of Mahon on the island of Menorca, Spain - Image ID: EDWW3A eye35.pix Valletta Skyline at Sunset with the Dome of the Carmelite Church and St Pauls Anglican Cathedral Valletta Malta EU Europe - Image ID: EDF5HJ Bildagentur-online Pantheon der Helden Asuncion Pantheon of the national heroes Südamerika south america america del sud sudamerica latinoamerica L - Image ID: A5MHHP Cultura Creative (RF) / Max Bailen Two women sitting chatting on pier at lake Vesijarvi, Lahti, Finland - Image ID: GJ3A8E travelbild.com Jamestown the capital St.Helena Island at the African Westcoast - Image ID: P3JWFF —————————— https://www.traveler.es/viajeros/articulos/rutas-montana-trekking-escapadas-otono-comprar-equipacion-senderismo/19124 Revirado Landscape with lake and pine forest in Spain. Laguna Negra. Soria - Image ID: H0474G Marcos Veiga Chestnut forest named Fraga de Catasos, Lalin, Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain. - Image ID: BHTG5W —————————— https://www.traveler.es/viajes-urbanos/articulos/los-tejados-de-san-petersburgo/19074 Katerina Sysova Admiralty building, Saint Petersburg Admiralty building in Saint Petersburg - Image ID: KCH9KA Dimitar Chobanov SAINT PETERSBURG. RUSSIA - Former Singer house - house of books (Russian: Dom Knigi) at Nevsky prospect at day - Image ID: 2AN6195 —————————— https://www.traveler.es/naturaleza/articulos/joyas-jonico-puglia-italia/19085 ClickAlps Srls Pulsano, Apulia, Taranto province, Italy, Europe. - Image ID: K1W6G2 Kostyantyn Maslak Boats in harbor of Taranto, Italy - Image ID: 2C8HH2N Lorenza photography Punta Prosciutto is a wonderful stretch of Salento coast, part of the Municipality of Porto Cesareo,Puglia region,South Italy. long beach - Image ID: 2C5E7W8 ——————————————————— CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 21/09/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/naturaleza/articulos/guia-de-tarifa-cadiz-que-hacer-que-ver-donde-alojarse/19078 Debu55y The Castle of Guzman El Bueno in Tarifa, Spain originally built as an alcazar (Moorish fortress). - Image ID: H3H6EM Naeblys The Café Azul, one of the famous bar of the old city of Tarifa, the town on the southernmost coast of Spain facing Strait of Gibraltar and Morocco - Image ID: JWGP28 ——————————————————— EL PAIS - EL VIAJERO 24/09/2020 (online) https://elviajero.elpais.com/elviajero/2020/09/21/actualidad/1600697212_434581.html Zoonar GmbH / Konstantin Kalishko Panoramic view of Orvieto, Umbria, Italy - Image ID: HBCW5A Richard Semik central square in Tokaj, Hungary - Image ID: W4HCFD JUAN CARLOS MUÑOZ Elciego village, Wine region of la Rioja Alavesa, Alava, The Basque Country, Spain, Europe - Image ID: W2NXXG loren file Old collonaded hall in the Abbaye de Fontenay in Burgundy France. - Image ID: FWBTRA JORDI CAMÍ Cavas Codorniu. Penedes. Barcelona province.Catalonia. Spain - Image ID: ABF12N ——————————————————— EL PAIS - EL VIAJERO 21/09/2020 (online) https://elviajero.elpais.com/elviajero/2020/09/17/actualidad/1600330344_423956.html Richard Cummins Gurvich Museum on Plaza Constitucion in the Old City District, Montevideo, Uruguay, South America - Image ID: 2BTKH1A Eric Franks CIUDAD VIEJA GATEWAY, MONTIVIDEO, URUGUAY - CIRCA DECEMBER 2015. Until 1829 Ciudad Vieja (Old Town) was surrounded by a wall th - Image ID: FT95GY ——————————————————— EL PAIS - CATALUNYA 21/09/2020 (online) https://cat.elpais.com/cat/2020/09/21/catalunya/1600683526_207051.html MISCELLANEOUSTOCK Platja de Tamarit in Altafulla of Tarragona at Catalonia and Castle - Image ID: T0NNN3 ——————————————————— Revista AD - Architectural Digest magazine 23/09/2020 (online) https://www.revistaad.es/lugares/articulos/un-recorrido-por-la-casa-de-la-infancia-christian-dior/27187 Joel Douillet House and garden, museum, Christian Dior at Granville, villa "les Rhumbs" (Manche, 50, Normandy, France). - Image ID: C8E65B
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  4. I used to own a very old thatched cottage in Dorset, The ceilings were very low with solid oak exposed beams, amazing how after the third head collision you learn to walk around the house with an old mans stoop. (which I now have coz i'm old 😁.)
  5. And I just got the Rolls back from the Garage. 😄 (Your horse and cart is a much saner option)
  6. Horse and Hound online 23/09/20 https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/plus/features-plus/leicestershire-great-place-for-horse-riders-to-live-725740 Horse riding over open stubble fields, Leicestershire, UK - Image ID: BNEB9H/Tom Gilks https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/epsom-downs-horse-accident-police-warning-to-drivers-725752 Police tape at a uk crime scene - Image ID/Thrive Images https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/owners-warned-to-be-vigilant-in-laminitis-perfect-storm-725812 Horses grazing on the cliffs above Whitby North Yorkshire - Image ID: A7B0RC/GothMeister Imaging And from yesterday https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/features/building-stables-37300 A stable yard with a horse tied up outside - credited to Alamy but I can't find
  7. Similar predicament, No. 1 son had an attic room with sloping beams as a guest bedroom, should have worn a crash helmet 😣 Slippers on feet, kneepads and crash helmet, what could possibly go wrong?
  8. I'm terrible at tagging - live news pics go into stock without having to have tags so goodness knows how many of my pics aren't tagged...😳
  9. They certainly sell. My best 2 sales this month are macro shots of insects. Having said that, there is a lot of competition with some subjects, such as butterflies and bees, so it can be hard to stand out. Of course there are a lot of insect species, so it's worth trying to find and photograph the rarer species, and life stages, etc. As with photography of people, it can help if the bugs are doing something!
  10. Try aquarium fish doing things. Most aquarium fish and a lot of others are straight side shots. Plants that aren't necessarily flowers seem to get zoomed and purchased, just not for very much money: two licenses on one Maranta, an oregano plant licensed to China, and a double blossom African violet. Other thing to consider would be craft people's hands doing something (zoomed but not bought, so searches exist, but my examples were not compelling enough). I think that the key for any bugs, spiders, or plants is complete scientific name(s) and as many common names as you find on Wikipedia. Also, making sure you have photos that allow people to use them for identifying other examples of the plant or bug.
  11. Love your polar bear pics, Paulette. From what I've read, there currently seems to be quite a bit of confusion about how polar bears in northern Canada are really doing (perhaps we should ask the bears). One thing is for sure, though, the polar bears, along with many other species, are going to have to do a lot adapting in order to cope with climate change and global warming, both the natural and man-made varieties. Personally, I've never thought of polar bears or seals as being cute and cuddly. However, they have as much right to be here as we do. Animals are our friends. P.S. A lot of online info about polar bears in Canada is out-of-date. This piece is short but fairly recent. It appears that while some populations are increasing, others are decreasing. It sounds complicated: “Confusion over polar bear numbers is justified, as some populations are increasing, while others are declining,”...
  12. It's supposed to wane all week here as well. Hope you found some waterproof shoes. 👞
  13. Always batch tag in LR before uploading but not captions. Fine tune once passed QC. Always try to take another look later to pick up the inevitable typos and omissions. Still find some mind, years later. Had a few nice sunny days this week so made the best of it with the camera. Today it has rained continually, with more promised for tomorrow.
  14. That's my method too. Basic info to get them on sale, then go through them again and add details etc John.
  15. I remember when I was in Churchill the local guy said that the seals were thriving in the warmer temperatures so the bears actually had more to eat. Nature is very complicated and it is annoying when articles become propaganda for one point of view. A friend of mine who gets very upset if animals are hurt sent me an article about a colony of penguins in Antarctica that was disappearing. Actually, in the last paragraph it mentioned that a nearby colony had grown ten-fold. So why was that not the headline? Didn't fit the narrative. I often become saddened by how hard the wild creatures have it but, I'm afraid, that is the nature of nature. Paulette
  16. Polar bears are thriving in the arctic today. The conventional wisdom was that they would not be able to survive because they needed lots of sea ice to hunt. In Canada bears used to wait until the shore ice froze over, and therefore loss of sea ice due to global warming would mean that they would wait forever and starve to death. Environmentalists continue to mislead the general public by publicizing images of the occasional bear sick by other means, and attacking scientists that assert polar bear are not endangered by the loss of sea ice due to global warming. The scientific facts are that the bears have adapted their hunting methods to the loss of sea ice. Polar bears are thriving in an age of loss of sea ice due to global warming. With the loss of sea ice, the bear population is increasing. Anti fur activists made the white big eyed seal pup their mascot, and shut down the Newfoundland seal hunt. Environmentalists chose the white cuddly polar bear as their mascot, but it has not worked out. Global warming is a real problem. To continue to mislead the public and attack science, only hurts environmentalists important cause. It really annoys me when I see a good cause hurting that cause by using fake news. Paulette, as to the insulting price of your fantastic bear photo, we all share your pain.
  17. Groundhog day? Or is it déjà vu all over again.
  18. Well they do eat well..... Polar Bear Cub dining in the Svalbard Archipelago Paulette
  19. I do most of my tagging before uploading, but I have nothing to tag at the moment. Motivation waxes and wanes these days. It's waning at the moment. 🌜
  20. Same here, but not for the left/right brain thing. It's because I didn't have LR when I started so I couldn't have, and as I'm unlikely to submit elsewhere I don't think it's too important. Anyway, if Ed does it that way, I'm in good company. That's not flattery.
  21. I am too far behind captioning and tagging. After editing a shoot in Photoshop I save only the chosen images as raw, sidecar file and jpg in a dated descriptive folder. Years back I used to save every image I shot, just incase I ever needed them, I never did. Some images require research, other just need more time. With images on a similar theme I use Photo Mechanic to apply captions and tags, then when uploaded and available customise the captions and tags. My WIP folder is getting bigger.
  22. I have others with snow and mountains from the same roll of film - only a small number from each roll for some reason - and I had hoped that getting the location of this place would act as a key to the others with just snow and mountain peaks and no human geography clues. I will probably go ahead and do them sometime because there are such knowledgable people to turn to. Thanks to everybody for helping.
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